Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 30: Dramatic

Lu Lin took a deep breath as if to swallow the bitterness in his heart: “Back then, when Xiaoyu was born her mother died of dystocia after seeing her face. Before she died, I swore to her mother that I would never wrong my daughter. half a point.”

   “I was afraid that Xiaoyu would be mistreated so I never remarried. I worked hard as a mother and a father to raise my daughter. Xiaoyu is the lifeblood in my eyes.”

“I am not afraid to become a joke in the Emperor’s eyes. In other people’s homes, fathers are kind and daughters are filial. In our Lu family, Xiaoyu has the final say. From the age of seven or eight, she has been in charge of the family. I am obedient to her, and if she just wants heaven or the moon, I have to borrow a ladder and pick the moon for her.”

   “She’s getting older, and she’s at a marriageable age. When I think of her going to marry into someone else’s house as a daughter-in-law,  and then it won’t be easy for me to see her in the future, it’s as uncomfortable as having my heart taken out.”

  It was originally an acting role, but when he talked, it moved his true feelings.

  Lu Lin’s eyes were completely red, and the water flashed: “So, I made up my mind early on that I would not marry my daughter out, but would invite a son-in-law to enter the house. In the future, I would have a grandson named Lu and pass on the Lu family.”

   “This is also a little selfishness of me as a biological father. I beg the emperor to forgive me.”

After saying this, Lu Lin got up and bowed.

  Emperor Yongjia had not recovered from the shock and sighed, and reflexively stretched out his hand to support Lu Lin: “Please get up quickly.”

  Lu Lin refused to get up, insisted on bowing, and after getting up, he looked at Emperor Yongjia: “In this way, Wei Chen is ashamed of the emperor’s favor.”

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

   Even with his thick skin, Emperor Yongjia felt hot on his face at this time.

   Yes, the Xingyang King has a bunch of adopted sons and daughters, but there is only one true bloodline. People are reluctant to marry their daughter, and want to recruit a son-in-law to enter the house and continue the Lu family’s incense, what’s wrong?

   But, in this way, Lu Mingyu would never be a princess.

  Emperor Yongjia calmed his mind and slowed down his voice: “Zhen and minister are in love with each other in private. I originally thought that I have a few sons who are not good enough, and it would be a great joy to have you as a relative.”

   “You have the intention of recruiting, but you have never mentioned this matter.”

  Lu Lin’s eyes showed emotion, gratitude, guilt, and self-blame, and his voice choked: “Wei Chen thanks the Emperor.”

  According to common sense, it is a great blessing for the emperor to marry a girl from whom the emperor has a crush. In the past two hundred years, there have been more than a dozen emperors, and it is not uncommon for marriages to be granted. But there was none that resisted the decree.

  Today, when Emperor Yongjia opened his mouth, his words were blocked.

   If you change to a narrow-minded emperor, it is inevitable that they will be angry and unhappy and hold grudges in their heart. If your heart is not small, you will feel embarrassed and ashamed.

  Emperor Yongjia was truly magnanimous. He was not unhappy at all, and even took the initiative to open his mouth to appease Lu Lin: “I was too rash. I opened my mouth without asking.”

   “You don’t need to pay attention to my two sons.”

  …Wait, there are two bastard sons!

   Lu Lin’s expression froze.

Emperor Yongjia coughed and said in a low voice, “You heard that right. My Second and Third princes all fell in love with Fourth Miss Lu. I originally thought that if I ask your heart, it doesn’t matter which one you like. Some marriage gifts can also completely dispel the other’s mind.”

  Lu Lin: “…”

  The Third Prince, Li Hao, he knew about his feelings for his daughter.

   What is the matter with the Second Prince?

“Don’t worry, what I said to you today is only known to you, and will never be passed on to a third person.” Emperor Yongjia’s voice sounded again: “I will only tell you about this matter. I won’t say anything about this even to the Queen.”

   This kind of thing if it spreads out, will damage the reputation of the woman in the boudoir.

  Lu Lin suppressed the messy thoughts in his heart, cupped his hands, and bowed again: “Your Majesty treats Wei Chen with all his heart, and Wei Chen is deeply grateful.”

  Emperor Yongjia laughed loudly: “Forget it, let’s not talk about that. I will prepare a meal for you, and you will accompany me for dinner today.”

   In the military camp before, there were not so many rules as in the palace, and it was common for rulers and ministers to eat together.

   Lu Lin readily responded.


   Jingren Palace.

  Li Hao stood by the window with his hands behind his back, with a hint of anxiety in his eyes.

  The young servant entered the dormitory lightly and reported in a low voice, “The emperor called King Xingyang alone and gave him a royal meal, and ordered King Xingyang to eat together.”

  Li Hao’s eyes lit up, his frowning brows stretched, and the corners of his mouth raised.

  The master was in a good mood, and Xiao Nian dared to joke and joke: “Your Highness finally got what you wanted.”

  Li Hao glanced at Xiaonian with a smile: “The imperial edict for marriage has not been issued, so it is too early to say this. In front of other people, don’t talk nonsense.”

 He then paused and then said: “Even if concubine mother asks, don’t say it.”

   For some reason, Su Zhaorong was frightened and hostile to Lu Mingyu… It must be because Lu Mingyu’s amazing strength scared the weak Su Zhaorong.

   When Lu Mingyu gets married in the future, Su Zhaorong will know what kind of good daughter-in-law she has.

   As for Lu Mingyu’s indifference to him… The girl’s mind is unpredictable, and it is inevitable to get angry at times. She always has him in her heart.

   After the marriage is decided, he can go to the Xingyang Palace with integrity. When the time comes, bend over and bow your head to accompany her, so I can coax her.

   Xiaonian replied with a smile: “Don’t worry, Your Highness, the servant’s mouth is very tight.”

  Li Hao was in a good mood, and suddenly felt hungry, opened his mouth, and commanded: “Xiao Nian, go to Chuanshan.”

   Xiaonian responded loudly.

  In Chengqian Palace, the servant Xiaoxi walked in quietly and reported the news to the Second Prince.

   The Second Prince nodded slightly and said lightly, “Continue to watch the movement in the Wenhua Hall.”

   The small congratulations sounded, and before retreating, he quietly raised his eyes and glanced at the master.

  Bright sunlight shone through the window lattice and fell on the Second Prince’s indescribably handsome face. Those dark black eyes shone with inexplicable light.

  What is the master thinking?

   Are you happy or unhappy now?

  Xiaoxi silently backed out.


  Lu Mingyu waited all day, calmly and was not in a hurry.

   Of course, she believed in her own father.

   She also trusts Emperor Yongjia.

   In the past life, among the five daughters-in-law, Yongjia Emperor admired and loved her most. She also respected this father-in-law very much.

  Emperor Yongjia was shrewd and decisive, brave and good at fighting, and what was even rarer was that he was broad-minded, sympathetic to his officials, and cherished the soldiers and the people. Although he had a favorite concubine, he had not killed his wife.

   Leaving aside the problem of loving the eldest son, Emperor Yongjia was indeed a good emperor.

   As long as Lu Lin expresses his intentions and wants to recruit a son-in-law, with the temper of Emperor Yongjia, he will not blame the Lu family.

   In the evening, Lu Lin finally came back from the palace.

  Lu Mingyu hurried forward to meet him and asked in a low voice, “Father, is the matter done?”

   Lu Lin nodded.

  Lu Mingyu breathed a long sigh of relief.

  Lu Lin looked at her with a strange look: “Xiaoyu, are you familiar with His Royal Highness the Second Prince?”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

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