Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 31: Missed

Being caught off guard, Lu Mingyu was a little guilty when asked, and answered without hesitation, “Of course, we don’t know each other.

No one knows the father better than the daughter; no one knows the daughter better than the father.

   Just one look was enough to tell she wasn’t speaking the truth. 

  Lu Mingyu is reluctant to marry into the heavenly family as a princess consort. Could it be that she is also related to the Second Prince?

  Lu Lin, the king of Xingyang, who loves to read storybooks, suddenly made up a poignant and beautiful story of dog blood drama.

   He likes her and he likes her too. She liked him at first but later found out that she liked another man. The two of them are still brothers. For her, the brothers turned against each other. It was difficult for her to make a decision, so she simply cut off her love with a knife and cut both of them with one stroke…

   “Stop!” Lu Mingyu’s funny and helpless voice interrupted Lu Lin’s imagination: “Father, it’s not what you think, stop thinking about it.”

  Lu Lin blinked, a man in his thirties, a terrifying iron-blooded general, was so mischievous in front of his beloved baby daughter: “How did you guess what I was thinking?”

  Lu Mingyu smiled and gave his father a blank look: “You like to read books in your spare time. What kind of beautiful woman falls in love with a poor scholar, a pretty widow loves a scar-faced general, and a brothel singer redeemed herself to marry an oil seller.”

   “I thought it wasn’t enough to read, so I wrote two storybooks by hand. Then secretly printed them out and sold them in the bookstore. Can’t I guess what you’re thinking?”

  Lu Lin: “…”

   Lu Lin’s old face was a little red, he coughed and rubbed his hands: “So you always knew!”

  Everyone has preferences. Some people love food and wine, some people like antique calligraphy and painting, some people are greedy for beauty, and some people like to collect war horses. There are also some dark and twisted hobbies, not to mention strange ones.

   In contrast, Lu Lin’s preference is something that does not cost money and does not hurt the body, and it is also good for brain exercise and prolonging life.

  Lu Mingyu smiled leisurely: “How come I don’t know.”

   “However, the book written by my father is too exaggerated, and it is not easy to sell. I sent someone to buy it all privately. I found an unused warehouse to store it!”

  Lu Lin: “…”

  Lu Lin thought that the secret that he had been hiding all along was mercilessly exposed. Instead of being angry, he was moved to tears: “No wonder those books sold out overnight. It turned out to be my daughter’s eyes and pearls!”

  Lu Mingyu was amused and laughed again and again.

  Lu Lin also laughed, the doubts in his heart were quickly forgotten.

  The second prince, the third prince, etc. are not important. As long as the daughter is happy.

  Lu Mingyu smiled for a moment before asking, “For no reason, why did 

Father suddenly asked about the Second Prince. Could it be that he met the Second Prince in the palace?”

  Lu Linshun nodded to Lu Mingyu’s voice: “Today’s great court meeting, except for the young Fifth Prince, several princes all went to the court. When the court was ended, the Second prince took the initiative to exchange a few words with me.”

  The daughter doesn’t want to mention it, so don’t get to the bottom of his father. Let my daughter heal her wounds silently, forgetting the handsome, affectionate, and gentle one and the domineering, handsome, and dedicated one.

  Lu Lin thought so, reduced the dialogue with Emperor Yongjia a little, and relayed it to Lu Mingyu.

   No matter how powerful Lu Mingyu was, she couldn’t see what Lu Ling was thinking at this moment.

   As a result, Lu Mingyu missed a very important thing.

   Knowing that Emperor Yongjia would not grant marriage again, the burden on Lu Mingyu’s heart fell, and the corners of her mouth curled up, smiling brightly: “Father, I will prepare meals for you, and call the Elder sister, Elder brother-in-law, and Second Brother.”

  Lu Lin nodded happily.


   Soon, Lu Mingfang and others gathered in the dining hall.

  The Lu family has no rules for separate seats for men and women. Everyone sits around the pear wood round table, and the Lu family does not have a rule of not talking while eating. All of them were very lively.

  Zheng Zhong winked at Lu Mingfang. Lu Mingfang nodded slightly and said softly, “Father, I have lived in the mansion for a long time. I will take Dabao and Xiaobao back tomorrow.”

  Zheng Zhong is very close to the Yue family, and he is very comfortable living with the Lu family. However, it is impossible to live in the Xingyang Palace for long.

  Lu Lin smiled and said, “It’s really time to go back. Your father-in-law is fighting outside, and you don’t know how much he thinks about his two grandsons.”

  Lu Mingfang pursed her lips and smiled.

  After dinner, Lu Lin said to the children, “You are all here, I have an important announcement to make.”

  Lu Lin was like a God of War when he was fighting, but at home he was a standard loving father, loving his adopted sons and daughters as much as his biological daughter. Rarely has it been so solemn.

   Lu Fei was a little surprised and opened his mouth to take over the words: “What’s the matter with Father, just talk. We all listen to Father.”

  Lu Mingfang and others responded together: “Yes, if there is anything, just tell us.”

   Lu Lin’s eyes passed over the concerned faces of his children, and his expression softened a little: “Don’t be nervous, what I want to say is Xiaoyu’s lifelong event.”

   The five brothers and sisters all looked at Lu Mingyu.

   Lu Xuan, the youngest, blurted out, “Fourth Sister, are you going to marry the Third Prince?”

  Lu Mingyu’s expression did not change: “No.”

  Lu Mingyue stretched out her hand and patted Lu Xuan on the back of the head: “Don’t interrupt, just listen to Dad.”

  Lu Xuan just shut up.

  Lu Lin said seriously: “Xiaoyu doesn’t want to marry outside, let alone be a princess consort. The emperor called me for an audience today, and I have expressed my heart to the emperor.”

   “Xiaoyu will not marry out, and in the future, she will recruit a son-in-law.”[1]When you marry outside, a woman goes into another family and lives with them. But when a son-in-law is recruited, the man lives with the woman. Most importantly, his children can become a part of his … Continue reading

  People: “…”

   Everyone’s eyes widened instantly, and their jaws were about to fall to the ground.

   After the initial shock, Lu Fei was the first to react, and his thick eyebrows twitched: “In this way, isn’t it wronging the Fourth Sister?”

  Which outstanding man will want to join a different family?

   In that case, wouldn’t the Fourth Sister be wronged for a lifetime? [2]Since it was seen as shameful for a man to live with his wife’s family, a well-established man from a good family background will never do it. Hence our FL though having all the good qualities … Continue reading

  Lu Mingfang also hurriedly said: “Father, why didn’t I hear your words on such an important matter before?”

   These words have been said in front of the Emperor and cannot be taken back. It is even more impossible to marry another in the future. Otherwise, won’t the family be responsible for deceiving the Emperor?

  Lu Minghua was shocked and at a loss. Although Lu Mingyue and Lu Xuan were young, they knew what recruiting was, so they were also too shocked to speak.

   “This matter is my idea.” Lu Mingyu’s voice sounded faint: “You all know my temper. I have no restraint in my words and deeds, and I can’t bear to be wronged and mistreated.”

   “I don’t want to get married out, I don’t want to serve my parents-in-law, and I don’t have the patience to deal with my husband’s concubines. It’s better to invite a son-in-law to come in. I’ll have the final say in everything in the future.”


   Thinking like this, it seems to make sense!

  The five brothers and sisters who were not strong-willed quickly changed their minds and nodded in agreement: “The Fourth Sister is right.”

   “Yes, you invite a son-in-law to enter the house, and he will listen to the Fourth Sister in everything from now on. It’s also reckless and happy.”

  Lu Xuan hurriedly interrupted: “Isn’t it? It’s not easy to be a daughter-in-law of the royal family. The fourth sister’s violent temper can only be tolerated by her own family… Eh!”


1 When you marry outside, a woman goes into another family and lives with them. But when a son-in-law is recruited, the man lives with the woman. Most importantly, his children can become a part of his wife’s clan and not his own clan. So it was mostly done by wealthy families with just a daughter so that their family line can continue.
2 Since it was seen as shameful for a man to live with his wife’s family, a well-established man from a good family background will never do it. Hence our FL though having all the good qualities desirable in a marriage can’t marry an outstanding man.

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