Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 38: Spring Hunt(2)

Meng Yunluo tugged at the corners of her stiff mouth: “Fourth Miss Lu, you really know how to joke.”

  She did not dare to stay any longer, and immediately kicked her horse and left.

   Shen Lan looked at Meng Yunluo’s slightly embarrassed figure and whispered in Lu Mingyu’s ear: “This Meng Yunluo has more eyes than sieves. Jin Can’er foolishly took her as a close friend.”

   Wan’t it?

   Jin Can’er would not be tricked by Meng Yunluo as long as she had some brains in her head.

  Lu Mingyu shrugged casually: “Ignore them, let’s go hunting.”

  It is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, making it inconvenient to travel on rainy days. Now is the time of the year when the scenery is the best and most suitable for hunting.

  Everyone got off their horses, each carrying quivers of bows and arrows into the woods. Her own guards were left to guard the horses.

   There were five Lu family brothers and sisters, each of whom was followed by three or four guards. There were more than a dozen guards scattered around, vigilant and guarding against sudden beasts and the like.

   After a while, people were divided into two groups. Lu Minghua led Lu Mingyue and Lu Xuan to hunt some small wild animals, such as pheasants and hares.

  Lu Mingyu, Shen Lan, and Lu Fei were looking for deer and leopards.

  Lu Fei entered the military camp when he was a child, led troops into battle, killed people, and saw blood. The arrows are very precise, almost never missing a single target. When pulling the bow and shooting arrows, his expression was slightly stern and his eyes focused.

  Shen Lan secretly glanced at Lu Fei from time to time, and after seeing it, she almost fell into a trance.

  Lu Mingyu smirked inwardly and quietly fell a distance, giving Shen Lan and Lu Fei a chance to be alone.

   Actually, with the guards following him, he wouldn’t be able to be alone. It is impossible to say anything intimate. However, a pair of young men and women who are interested in each other, why do they need to talk?

  You look at me and I smile at you.

  She doesn’t know when, Lu Fei stood beside Shen Lan and whispered, “The clothes I’m wearing today are the same color as yours.”

  Shen Lan’s pretty face blushed slightly, and she hummed softly.

  Lu Fei summoned up his courage and asked, “In a few days, it will be your hairpin ceremony[1]the coming of age ceremony for women. Can I come to the ceremony?”

  Shen Lan blushed slightly and replied in a low voice, “I asked Xiaoyu to be the hairpin holder. You send Xiaoyu to Shen’s house, just in time to stay and watch the ceremony.”

  Girls had their hairpin ceremony telling the world that were women now, which means that they were ready to receive a proposal of marriage.

   Lu Fei felt joy in his heart and wanted to say something, but felt Meng Lang was abrupt. After a long while, he said, “Okay, I will definitely go.”

   The two of them looked at each other, and their hearts were filled with sweetness.

   The affection between each other, was not for others to see. But she had him in her heart, and his heart was full of her. When they looked at each other, emotion flowed.

  Lu Mingyu watched this scene from a distance and suddenly felt a little sour in her heart.

   In her previous life, all her heart was on Li Hao. After the palace banquet, the emperor quickly decreed the marriage. She was immersed in the joy of marrying her sweetheart, but she never knew that her adopted brother Lu Fei liked Shen Lan.

   But later, why didn’t Lu Fei mention it? Why did Shen Lan marry someone else?

   There must be something she didn’t know.

   In this life, she must help this pair of lovers get married.


   At this moment, the treetops several meters away moved.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes narrowed, and he quickly drew the bow. Before the sound of the bowstring fell, the arrow had already flown out.

  A colorful pheasant was shot through the throat and slammed to the ground.

   Shen Lan and Lu Fei were alarmed and soon came over together. Shen Lan glanced at the prey and praised her with a smile: “Xiaoyu, your arrows are really good! The arrows are not missed, and every arrow passes through the throat.”

   Lu Fei said a few words deliberately: “Actually, as long as one arrow kills the prey, it doesn’t matter if it goes through the throat or not.”

  Lu Mingyu smiled leisurely: “Second brother is right. Actually, I didn’t do it on purpose. I just did it casually.”

  Lu Fei: “…”

   Seeing Lu Fei’s deflated appearance, Lu Mingyu smiled very happily.

  Shen Lan also found it funny, and she played the game with understanding: “Actually, Brother Lu’s archery is also extremely good. It hasn’t been an hour since he entered the forest, and he has already hunted a lot of prey.”

  Lu Mingyu nodded in agreement: “Well, only a little worse than me.”

  Lu Fei finally couldn’t help it, and glared at Lu Mingyu with a smile: “In front of sister Shen’s family, you should show some respect for your Second brother!”

  Shen Lan burst out laughing.

  Everyone brought dry food, ate some at noon, and continued hunting. Near evening, they returned with interest.

  On the way in, there were only bows and arrows. On the way back, there was a carriage of prey.

  Everyone was in high spirits, and after returning home, they had to pick some wild animals to send to the kitchen. Fried or braised or stewed or grilled, a delicious meal and everyone’s belly was round.

   After dinner, Lu Mingyu wanted to send Shen Lan back to the house.

  Shen Mansion was not far from the Xingyang Mansion, separated by a few streets, you can get there by two sticks of incense sticks in a carriage.

  Lu Fei said cheekily: “It’s so late, the Fourth sister sees off alone, I can’t rest assured. I will accompany the Fourth sister to send the sister Shen back.”

  Lu Mingyu glanced at Lu Fei with a smile: “Just in time; go to the stables, bring Gale over here, and he will be my mount tonight.”

  Lu Fei: “…”

   In terms of archery, he was not as good as the fourth sister.

   In terms of strength, he was even less than the fourth sister.

  Who gave him the courage to make a bet today and use his horse as a prize?

  Was this any different than giving the horse to the fourth sister?

   Everyone laughed out loud at Lu Fei’s miserable expression.

  Lu Mingyu smiled and said, “Don’t be so bitter. I will ride Gale just for a month.”

   A few brothers and sisters grew up together. Although they are not related by blood, they are like biological brothers and sisters. Lu Fei felt sorry for her sister, and she was also very kind to her brother.

   Lu Fei was refreshed and thanked her again and again. He personally went to the stable to lead his beloved horse out and waited for Lu Mingyu to get on the horse diligently. Then, he logically supported Shen Lan’s arm and help her mount her horse.

  Shen Lan was a little shy but also had a hint of sweetness.

  Lu Fei didn’t dare to be abrupt anymore. After that, he was quite polite, riding his horse behind the two and all the way to the Shen residence.

   Lu Lin and Shen Shilang were quite friendly, and the two can be regarded as good friends.

   Madam Shen greeted them in person and said with a smile: “Thank you for sending Lan’er back. Since you are here, why don’t you go in and have a cup of tea!”

  Minister Shen had a plain appearance, but Madam Shen was a beautiful, gentle and amiable, respectable elder.

  Lu Mingyu replied with a smile: “It’s so late, so I won’t bother you. It’s Sister Shen’s hairpin ceremony in a few days, I’ll be there early.”

   Madam Shen also did not force her to stay.

  Shen Lan pursed her lips and smiled at the siblings, turned around, and entered the mansion.

  Lu Fei reluctantly retracted his gaze, facing Lu Mingyu’s insightful gaze.

   Lu Fei had a slight heat behind his ears and coughed: “Fourth Sister, let’s go back too!”

  Lu Mingyu nodded slightly.

After returning to Lu’s residence, Lu Mingyu raised an eyebrow at Lu Fei: “Second brother, go to the study?”

  Lu Fei knew that he could not escape the questioning, so he obediently went to the study.

   As soon as he entered the study before Lu Mingyu could open his mouth, Lu Fei whispered, “Fourth sister, the girl I have longed for in my heart is Sister Shen.”


1 the coming of age ceremony for women

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