Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 39: Mind

 It was a joy to admit.

  Lu Fei straightened his waist and acted like a man and dared to act: “Actually, I liked her for a long time. It’s just that I never had the courage to say it.”

   “Now that you are aware of it, I will not hide it from you.”

  Lu Mingyu felt more and more distressed for her brother.

  Since he liked Shen Lan so much, why didn’t he ask for marriage in his previous life? Why watch his sweetheart marry him, and stay all alone?

  Lu Mingyu stared at her elder brother and whispered, “Second brother, Sister Shen is elegant and generous, and she is very gracious. Since you like her, after her hairpin ceremony is over, ask our father to invite the official media to propose marriage.”

  Lu Fei: “…”

   Lu Fei, who was ready to be scolded or beaten by his sister, was surprised and delighted, and blurted out, “Fourth sister, are you not mad at me?”

  Lu Mingyu glanced over with a smile, opened her mouth, and asked: “You haven’t gotten married. It’s a good thing that the two of you are interested in each other when Sister Shen is waiting. Why should I be angry?”

Lu Fei grinned: “She is your best friend. I secretly adored her and dare not tell you. I thought you would be angry and unhappy when you found out. I was wrong. My fourth sister, with a broad mind, is the best woman in the world.”

   Lu Fei, who had a headache when he saw a book, actually picked up the text.

  Lu Mingyu was amused: “You and I, brother and sister, what are you doing with these polite words? When Dad comes back, you go and express your heart to Dad immediately.”

   Lu Fei let out a loud snort, the light on his face almost blinding people.

   It was really unseemly.

  Lu Mingyu smiled.

   At this moment, a familiar voice sounded outside the study: “What are you two brothers and sisters talking about?”

   Lu Lin is back.

   The two brothers and sisters looked at each other.

  Lu Mingyu winked at Lu Fei, clenched her right fist, and cheered for Lu Fei.

  Lu Fei’s black face turned dark red and nodded vigorously.

  Lu Mingyu went out of the study first and thoughtfully left the study to her righteous brother.

  The cool night wind is blowing, mixed with the faint fragrance of green grass.

  Lu Mingyu leaned against the pillar under the eaves of the corridor, her eyes wandering at will. Time was silent in her heart, and Lu Fei with smiling eyes came out before a stick of incense had passed.

  Lu Lin’s work is the most straightforward, never sloppy. With Lu Lin’s temper, the adopted son opened his mouth and he would never refuse.

   What’s more, Shen Lan’s family background is very outstanding, elegant and graceful, and generous. Lu Lin is definitely happy to see this marriage happen.

  Lu Mingyu smiled knowingly: “Dad agreed?”

  Lu Fei nodded heavily, and the corners of his mouth stretched to his ears: “Yes. I said that when Sister Shen finishes her hairpin ceremony, the official media would be invited to the door.”

  The Lu family was not hindered at all. Come to think of it, the Shen family must have made a mistake in the past life…

  Lu Mingyu pondered in her heart, opened his mouth, and said with a smile: “Just wait patiently for a few days. When Sister Shen arrives, I will try to test Sister Shen quietly first.”

   Lu Fei was overjoyed, clasped his fists with both hands, bent over, and bowed deeply, “Thank you Fourth Sister.”

  Lu Mingyu stared at her high-spirited brother, and said softly, “Second brother, you don’t have to thank me. I look forward to you marrying someone you like as a wife, becoming a loving husband and wife, and working together for a long time.”

  Don’t be alone and lonely for half your life like the previous life.

   In the cold moonlight, Lu Mingyu’s black eyes revealed a hint of pain.

   Lu Fei, who was immersed in joy, didn’t notice any strangeness in Lu Mingyu and left with a look of joy.

   That night, Lu Fei tossed and turned because of joy and excitement, and it was difficult to fall asleep. In the early morning of the next day, he appeared in front of everyone with a pair of panda eyes, which caused everyone to joke.

  I haven’t gone to propose a marriage yet, so I can’t talk about such things at will.

  Lu Fei allowed his younger siblings to joke and occasionally exchanged a knowing smile with Lu Mingyu.


  Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

   It was not yet dawn, and the sound of the clapper at the fifth watch came from afar.

  Lu Mingyu was used to waking up early, so she got up and did her morning cleaning, and went to the martial arts training ground first.

  The generals and guards of the Lu Mansion had begun to practice one after another. As soon as Lu Mingyu came, the guards tacitly gave her an open space. Lu Mingyu drew out the long sword from her waist.

  This sword is three inches longer than ordinary swords and twice as heavy. The body of the sword was dark, and the edge of the sword flashed a faint cold light.

   At a young age, she showed amazing strength. Lu Lin didn’t want outsiders to look at his daughter in a weird way and privately told her not to use all her strength in front of others.

   When she was ten years old, Lu Lin found a piece of black iron. With a lot of money, he asked the most famous swordsmith in the world to make an epee. On the day of Jiancheng, Lu Lin deliberately found a heinous gangster to try his sword. The sword has spirituality.

  Unfortunately, her amazing martial arts have been hidden in her previous life.

  She is dressed in palace attire and sits dignifiedly on the phoenix chair, being the queen of the world.

  The sword remained in a pearl box covered with dust.

   In this life, she does not need to hide. You don’t have to hurt yourself or anyone. All she wanted was to live happily and wantonly, so she can live life to its fullest.

   The blade of the sword flashed, and the awe-inspiring sword intent emerged from the blade.

   A group of guards silently retreated more than ten meters to avoid accidental injury.

   After half an hour, Lu Mingyu sweated slightly and went to bathe and change.

   Today was Shen Lan’s hairpin ceremony, she is an attendant so she has to go to Shen’s house earlier.

  Lu Fei had already changed into new clothes, and he was looking handsome and suave. When Lu Mingyu saw it, she couldn’t help but secretly laugh. It’s like a peacock with open wings…

  Lu Fei saw Lu Mingyu’s sly smile and knew that there was nothing good to say, so he didn’t ask any questions and turned on his horse.

  Lu Mingyu was wearing a long skirt today, and it was quite inconvenient to ride a horse, so she had to take a carriage.

   The two brothers and sisters went to the Shen residence together.

   Shen Mansion has already opened the main entrance to welcome distinguished guests.

  Shen Lan’s personal maid, Dongxue, stood by the door with a smile and saluted: “Miss, the servant is waiting here, please come in with the servant, Fourth Miss Lu!”

  Lu Mingyu smiled and nodded.

   As for Lu Fei, of course, he couldn’t enter the girl’s yard. He was led to the main hall by the steward, and the sons of the Shen family would greet him.

   Shen Lan was sitting in the boudoir, and Mrs. Shen was also there.

   As soon as Lu Mingyu came, Madam Shen smiled and said, “Xiaoyu came just right, you accompany Lan’er. I’ll go out to greet the guests.”

  Lu Mingyu replied with a smile: “Auntie go get busy! I’ll be watching Sister Shen today.”

  After Madam Shen left, Lu Mingyu’s eyes fell on Shen Lan’s face, and she was a little surprised: “Sister Shen, did you sleep last night? Why is it so dark now?”

   For a girl, the hairpin ceremony is the most important day in her life, second only to getting married.

   Shen Lan’s face did not show any joy, and the blue shadow at the moment showed a little haggard color.

  Shen Lan gave a wry smile, hesitating to speak.

  Lu Mingyu frowned slightly and swept her eyes: “You guys stand back for now.”

  The maids quickly withdrew, leaving only the two of them in the room.

  Lu Mingyu sat beside Shen Lan and held her hand: “Sister Shen, what happened?”

  Shen Lan’s eyes were slightly red, she bit her lip, and after a long while she said in a low voice, “The Fang family is going to come to the house to propose marriage, and the father and mother are very satisfied with the other family.”

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