Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 42: Propose Marriage

Civil servants often don’t place military generals in a high positions.

   In fact, as a civil official, he may not be willing to marry into a general’s family. In case of good or bad on the battlefield, their daughter will become a widow.

Madam Shen’s heart was a little shaken, but she immediately became firm: “Master is right. We have four sons, but only one daughter, Lan’er. I don’t ask her to marry into a high-level family, I only hope that she will grow old safely and happily. “

   “When the Fang family comes to propose marriage, we will agree to the Fang family. It’s better to decide on the marriage earlier!”

   Minister Shen nodded.

   At this moment, the door was knocked, and the familiar girl’s voice sounded: “Father, Mother.”

  Daughter Shen Lan was here.

  Minister Shen got up and went to open the door himself, with a kind and soft smile: “Lan’er, you’ve been tired all day, why aren’t you resting?”

  Minister Shen was plain-looking but married a beautiful wife. Shen Lan looked like her biological mother, elegant and beautiful. Shen Shilang cherished his daughter extremely, from childhood to adulthood, let alone punishment, he was reluctant to say a heavy word to her.

  Shen Lan entered the room, summoned up her courage, and said, “Father and Mother, I have something important to tell you.”

   Shilang Shen and Madam Shen looked at each other, and a subtle premonition flashed in their hearts at the same time.

   Their intuition was very good.

  Shen Lan blushed slightly and said softly, “Today was this daughter’s hairpin ceremony. Once today is over, we can talk about marriage. I know that my father and mother like the Fang family, but what I like in my heart is Lu Fei.”

  Minister Shen: “…”

   Madam Shen: “…”

  What they were dreading, came true.

Minister Shen also felt a headache, stretched out his hand and rubbed his forehead, and sighed: “Lan’er, it is not that your father is a snob. The Lu family is good at everything, and Lu Fei is brave and calm. But he is a general and a leader. Someone who will be on battlefields now and then. If you marry him, you will have to guard the vacant room every night, worrying about his safety every day.”

“Your father is right.” Madam Shen took over the words: “Second son Fang is different. He is going to sit for the Imperial Exam this spring, and will surely be selected as a top candidate. After staying in the Hanlin Academy for a few years, he can find a good posting outside or in the capital as an official. If you marry into the Fang family, your life will be comfortable.”

  The husband sings and the wife sings, and the piano and the melody were melodious. Wasn’t it beautiful?

  Why do you have to marry a general who kills people with swords and guns?

  Shen Lan raised her head, her eyes clear and firm: “I know, you are all thinking about me. However, I would rather marry someone I like, even if I am alone in an empty room, even if I am worried day and night, I am willing.”

  Shen Shilang frowned even more: “Lan’er, you are too young to understand…”

   “I know everything.” Shen Lan opened her mouth and interrupted her father: “Father, I’m not a child who doesn’t understand things. I know what this choice means.”

   “My father has always loved me, and I am sure you will want your daughter’s views on this very important decision of her life!”

   Facing his daughter’s earnest face, Minister Shen retreated steadily.

   Madam Shen opened her mouth to persuade: “Lan’er, it’s not as simple as you think to live as a husband and wife. The two, husband and wife, should be from the right household, have the same preferences, and have similar temperaments. The most important thing…”

Shen Lan looked at her mother and whispered, “Mother, you once told me that many people came to propose marriage back then. My father’s background was not that good, and his appearance was ordinary. Grandfather and grandmother were not happy with this marriage. Why did my mother insist on this marriage?”

   “Because my mother and my father had known each other since childhood and had affection for each other.”

   “In the eyes of others, my mother married low. But these years, my father has shown his potential and has been gentle and considerate to my mother. Whoever made fun of and ridiculed my mother back then could they dare to compare to my mother’s life now?”

   Madam Shen: “…”

   Madam Shen was very regretful now, she really shouldn’t have told her daughter these old things.

Shen Lan continued: “What my father and mother are worried about is that the Lu family is a general family, and Lu Fei is going to fight, which is a bit dangerous. In fact, being an official in the court is also risky. Forgetting the public, misusing power, and going to prison.”

   “You can’t forget to eat because of choking!”

  Shen Shi Lang rubbed his forehead again: “Okay, don’t talk about it for now. You have to allow your mother and I to think carefully about these important matters for a few days.”

   “Furthermore, the Lu family didn’t come to propose marriage. It’s useless to discuss these things at this time.”

   Shen Lan’s eyes lit up: “My father means that as long as the Lu family comes to propose marriage, my father will nod and agree to the marriage?”

   Why does this sound a little wrong?

   Minister Shen twitched the corners of his mouth, and his eyes swept across Shen Lan’s hopeful face: “I will think about it.”

   Shen Lan looked at Madam Shen.

   Facing her daughter’s pleading face, Madam Shen couldn’t say a word and sighed for a long time: “This matter came suddenly. You have to allow us to think about it for a few days.”

  Shen Lan came full of anxiety and left happily.

  Shen Shilang and his wife who was left behind looked at each other and sighed.

  When a girl was of age, she must be married off!

   “Master, what should we do now?” Madam Shen asked with a frown.

  Minister Shen calmed down: “It’s so late, let’s rest first! Let’s put this matter aside for the time being.”


  Minister Shen and Madam Shen, who were full of worries, didn’t sleep well all night. The next morning, both of them had blue shadows around their eyes. The couple looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

   Minister Shen cheered up and prepared to go to the court.

   Before taking a step, the concierge hurriedly came to report: “My Lord, the king of Xingyang, and the second son are here to visit.”

  Shen Shilang: “…”

   Madam Shen: “…”

   This was too fast!

  My daughter’s hairpin ceremony had just passed, and you can’t wait even a day to come.

  A visitor was a guest, so you can’t turn away.

   Minister Shen had to get up to greet the distinguished guest. By the way, someone sent a letter to the government office to take a day off.

   Go to the main entrance and meet the guests as hosts.

   As a junior, Lu Fei wanted to see them first, and when he bowed, he almost fell to the ground: “Lu Fei has met my uncle and aunt.”

  I’m here to propose a marriage today, shouldn’t I be diligent?

  Lu Lin deliberately shaved his beard to reveal his handsome and tough face. Today, he deliberately wore a new dress, with a tall, handsome, and mature figure.

  Lu Fei was also a handsome young man with high spirits, and he immediately became a stinky young boy beside his auspicious adoptive father.

   Madam Shen, who came out to meet them, couldn’t help but look at Lu Lin frequently.

  Men love to see beautiful women.

  Similarly, when a woman sees a handsome man, she must take a second look.

  Minister Shen glanced at his beloved wife, took a step forward quietly, blocked his wife’s eyes intentionally or unintentionally, smiled, and cupped his fists: “The King of Xingyang is here, it’s really bright!”

  Lu Lin clasped his fists in return, and said with a loud laugh, “Sir Shen, don’t dislike me for being presumptuous.”

   Madam Shen took a step away and said with a warm smile, “King Xingyang is too polite, please come into the main hall and speak!”

   Shen Shilang coughed and moved again, blocking Madam Shen’s sight: “Please come in King Xingyang.”

   Madam Shen: “…”

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