Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 43: Diligence

“Fourth sister, when will father and the second brother come back?”

  It was already noon, and Lu Lin or his son Lu Fei had not returned to the house. The lively Lu Mingyue couldn’t sit still, looked around from time to time, and urged the maid to go to the concierge.

  Lu Minghua pursed her lips and smiled: “Fifth sisters, don’t worry. It’s already this hour, how could the Shen family let them leave without lunch.”

   They came to the door to propose marriage, if they come back early, it can be said that the woman was not willing to marry. Being asked for lunch is a good thing.

  Lu Mingyu was in a happy mood and laughed: “Don’t wait. Let the kitchen prepare the meal!”

   It was not until noon that Lu Lin and his son returned to the house.

  Lu Mingyu came forward, her eyes swept across Lu Lin’s face, and then fell on Lu Fei’s face. Compared with Lu Lin’s confidence, Lu Fei’s worries were almost written on his face.

  Lu Mingyu smiled and asked about the trip: “Second brother, how was your trip to Shen’s house today?”

Lu Fei smiled calmly and said, “My adoptive father led me to Shen’s house, and Minister Shen was quite polite to our father and son. Madam Shen treated us warmly. However, Madam Shen didn’t stay long before Minister Shen let her go back to the inner courtyard. “

   This was strange.

  Lu’s father and son came to propose marriage, why was Minister Shen not happy that Madam Shen showed up?

  Lu Mingyu couldn’t understand for a while, so she asked Lu Lin: “Father, do you think this marriage can be done?”

  Lu Lin raised his eyebrows and answered confidently: “Although Minister Shen didn’t answer on the spot, I am confident this marriage is 100% done.”

  Lu Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Where did the adoptive father see that he was sure of everything? I felt that Minister Shen and Madam Shen were not very satisfied with me.”

   “How could this happen.” Lu Lin patted his adopted son on the shoulder, almost knocking Lu Fei down on the spot: “You are such an outstanding young man, unless they are blind, they will fall in love with you as a prospective son-in-law.”

  Lu Fei: “…”

   If only he could have the confidence of his adoptive father.

  Lu Mingyu thought to herself, that her father didn’t know that there was a young and tall second son in the Fang family.

   As soon as he passed the Spring exam in her previous life, the Shen family and the Fang family decided to marry. Counting the days, there are not many days left. It’s not easy to impress Minister Shen and his wife in just a few days and get them to change their minds.

  Lu Mingyu didn’t say these words, she followed her father’s voice and said, “Father is right. Second brother, you have to have confidence in yourself, and more importantly in Sister Shen.”

   When she mentioned his sweetheart, Lu Fei’s dark and handsome face flashed a dark red.

  Lu Mingyu whispered: “Second brother, come over here, I’ll give you an idea. This will make sure you get your wish.”

  Lu Fei immediately put his head close, after listening to a few words, he nodded again and again, his eyes almost lit up.


   For the next few days, Lu Fei went to the Shen residence to “check-in” every day.

   Every time he came to the door, he brought some gifts. It was not anything expensive, just a few boxes of delicate snacks, or a few pots of fancy bonsai.

  Minister Shen was going to the yamen on an errand. Several sons of the Shen family were studying and had no time to accompany him every day. Only Madam Shen and Shen Lan, mother and daughter greeted Lu Fei.

   Madam Shen couldn’t beat her daughter, so she had to show her face from time to time.

   Watching a pair of little children greet each other shyly and speak quietly, look at each other furtively, Madam Shen felt funny and helpless. Soon she sent her daughter back to the yard.

  Lu Fei was not in a hurry, he just sat in the inner hall for half a day.

   He was not a talkative person, let alone say sweet words to make Madam Shen happy. However, his eyes were clear, his words were sincere, and he had something to move people’s hearts.

   When Minister Shen returned to the mansion, Madam Shen sighed, “Master, Second Young Master Lu was here again today.”

  Minister Shen: “…”

   Minister Shen also had a headache, and touched the top of his head, which was getting thinner and thinner: “This bastard!”

  Madam Shen was a little unhappy when she heard it and rolled her eyes at her husband: “People are handsome, and they are sincere in their desire to marry, so they come to court every day. Why is he a bastard?”

   As soon as Minister Shen heard it, he knew that the balance in Madam Shen’s heart had begun to tilt in Lu Fei’s side, and couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth: “You think Lu Fei is handsome!”

   Madam Shen glanced at her husband with a smile: “Lu Fei does have a good face, but it’s not as good as King Xingyang.”

  Minister Shen: “…”

Madam Shen was amused, she stretched out her hand and twisted her husband’s face: “I’m so old, and you still eat such dry vinegar. [1]jealous On that day, didn’t I just look at King Xingyang a few more times? You just slammed me out. I had to go back to the inner courtyard. Are you not afraid of being laughed at.”

   Minister Shen was not willing to admit it, and the dead duck was stubborn: “There’s no such thing. Don’t talk nonsense.”

   Madam Shen smiled and said to him: “It’s human nature to want to look at a handsome man once or twice. If I only cared for external beauty, why would I marry you back then?”

   Many handsome young men came to propose marriage. Yet she still chose him then.

  Minister Shen proudly straightened his waist: “When I was young, I was also a handsome boy!”

   Madam Shen snorted and laughed hard.

  Old husband and wife, it was also a pleasure to play a few flower art.

   After joking and laughing for a moment, Madam Shen said, “Master, the Lu family wants to get married. Lu Fei is also a good man. More importantly, our Lan’er like him in her hearts.”

   This last point was the most important.

   As a pair of parents who loved their daughters, the first thing they consider is their daughter’s heart. What’s the point of forcing her to marry into the Fang family if she doesn’t want to?

   Minister Shen also sighed.

   Madam Shen whispered again: “Today I was gossiping with Lu Fei, and he told me that he would never accept a concubine after getting married.”

   Minister Shen suddenly moved.

   It was a common thing to have beautiful concubines. Not to mention honorable officials and generals, even those wealthy businessmen or those with some assets would buy some young girls to serve them.

   There were very few officials in the capital, like him, who had only his beloved wife in his life. Minister Shen’s requirements for his future son-in-law were naturally very high.

   “This kid has some merits.” Minister Shen’s tone softened a lot.

   Madam Shen said softly, “Just in terms of the sincerity of asking for marriage, it is already better than Second Young Master Fang.”

  The Second Young Master Fang came to the capital a few years ago. Before studying behind closed doors, he never came to the Shen residence. This can be understood that the second son of Fang was devoted to preparing for the exam, and it can also be seen that the Fang family intends to marry, but the second son of Fang himself was not enthusiastic about marriage.

   In this comparison, the hearts of the husband and wife were biased together.

  Minister Shen was still hesitant: “Lu Fei is a military general, and he must lead troops to fight…”

   Madam Shen opened her mouth and interrupted Shelang Shen: “Lan’er is right. It is quite dangerous for military generals to fight. Is there no risk in being an official in the court? How do you know that the second son of Fang will have a smooth and stable career in the future?”

  Minister Shen scratched his sparse hair and paced back and forth. After a long time, he finally made up his mind: “It’s okay! Then let’s meet the Lu family’s marriage proposal!”

   “I’ll go to the study to write a letter and tell the Fang family this matter euphemistically.”


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