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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 51: Secret (2)

It was common for arrows to hurt people on the battlefield.

The long siege battle was particularly intense. Seeing that the city was about to be conquered, all the soldiers were very excited. The sudden death of the Second Prince was shocking.

   No one could tell where the arrow came from.

  Emperor Yongjia, who was already ill, when he heard that the Second Prince was also killed, spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

  Li Hao and the Fourth Prince surrounded the bed with sadness and grief.

   It took three days before Li Hao returned to the military tent.

   After staying up for three days and three nights without sleep, Li Hao’s eyes were red, his chin was full of stubble, and his body still smelled. Looking embarrassed and downcast.

   But in his eyes, there was unspeakable excitement.

   She disguised herself, dressed in men’s clothing. He still hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear: “Xiaoyu, you’ve worked hard.”

   “Second brother died in battle, and my father was very hurt and his condition has worsened. For the past three days, I have been taking care of my father without rest. I couldn’t come back to see you. But in my heart, I am thinking of you all the time.”

   It took her three days to stop the shaking of her hands. At this time, her mood was gloomy and low. His joy was so exciting but it didn’t infect her in the slightest.

Yes! The First Prince died, and so did the Second Prince.

   Next, it was his turn, the Third Prince.

   She pulled the corners of her mouth with all her might and whispered, “The big thing is done. It’s time for me to go back.”

  Li Hao nodded.

  Because he was too tired, Li Hao quickly fell asleep. Sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at the familiar handsome face, she suddenly felt a little strange and dazed.

   For the first time, she felt that she didn’t understand Li Hao.

   Before she could leave, Li Hao was seriously injured in the battle. She was worried and stayed for a few more days.

  The state of Yan and Chu is about to perish, and some ministers will fight to the death. During this great battle many generals died, and her biological father, Lu Lin, was also killed on the battlefield.

  When the bad news came, she was heartbroken and cried all night.

   But she couldn’t show up to collect the body of her father. She had disguised herself and came incognito to the military tent. This secret must not be exposed. She can only continue to hide in the tent.

   Two days later, she quietly rode back to the capital and sneaked into the Third Prince’s Mansion at midnight.

   The only one who knew that she had left the Capital was Qiyun.

   Qiyun was shocked when she saw her for the first time, and she blurted out: “Miss, why are you so haggard? Where have you been these days?”

   With red eyes, she buried her head in Qiyun’s arms and wept bitterly.

   Qiyun has been by her side since childhood. The master and servant grew up together. Though they were masters and servants, in reality, they were closer than sisters. Qiyun had never seen her in such a painful and fragile state, so she couldn’t bear to ask anymore, and patted her on the back lightly.

She didn’t have to pretend anymore, she was sick.

  Qiyun stayed by her side day and night, watching her become thinner and thinner every day.

   It wasn’t until the bad news of the Second Prince’s death in battle came to the capital that Qiyun suddenly realized what was going on. More doubts, but unable to ask more.

Miss Lu, did you go to the battlefield?

  Why do you hide from the public’s ears?

  What did you do?


  Qiyun thoughtfully didn’t ask, and she didn’t mention it.

  The bad news of the tragic death of the Second Prince came into the palace, Empress Qiao was overwhelmed with sadness, vomited blood, fell into a coma, and was unconscious. Concubine Meng Gui was seriously ill because of the death of the Eldest Prince in battle. Empress Dowager Zhao couldn’t help but suffer from these heavy blows, and within half a month, she also fell seriously ill and died.

   Those few months were the darkest time in her life.

   Fortunately, the Great Wei finally conquered the state of Yan and Chu and unified the country. After Emperor Yongjia had recovered his body, he ordered the army to return to Beijing.

  The Third Prince Li Hao made great contributions and became the most admired and respected son of Emperor Yongjia.

There were many important generals with bright eyes and bright hearts, who had begun to secretly surrender to Li Hao.

   Husband and wife reunited after a long absence, it seemed like a lifetime.

  Li Hao was like an unsheathed sword, with sharp edges and unstoppable sharpness.

   And after a serious illness, she was thin and depressed, as if she had changed into a different person.

   “Xiaoyu, my father-in-law died unexpectedly, and I am also very sad.” Li Hao hugged her distressedly and comforted her gently: “The dead are gone, the living must live well.”

   “Let me and you be filial to my father-in-law for a year!”

  The daughter who did not leave the boudoir should be filial to her father for three years. A daughter like her who was married and can be filial for one year. Li Hao was a prince, and he was willing to be filial to his father-in-law. When it spreads, he immediately won a lot of praise.

  The condition of the Emperor was not very good, and he fell ill from time to time. The courtiers asked for a Crown Prince, and Emperor Yongjia agreed. The fifth prince was young, and although the fourth prince had the help of his in-law’s family, Li Hao did not hold back the limelight.

   Soon, Li Hao was established as the Crown Prince.

After they came out of the period of filial piety, she became pregnant. Within two months, Emperor Yongjia returned to the west. Li Hao sat on the dragon chair as he wished, and she, who was pregnant with Liujia, took the back seat.

   Later, when the child was born, Concubine Su entered the palace, and the husband and wife turned against each other.

   She vaguely knew that Concubine Su’s entry into the palace was not just because of Empress Dowager Su. When she shot the Second Prince to death with that arrow, it also planted a shadow in Li Hao’s heart.

  The proud and conceited Li Hao will never admit that he was afraid and jealous of his wife. But his actions to suppress the Xingyang army secretly had already shown everything.

  Li Hao was also a short-lived Emperor. He didn’t sit on the dragon chair for a long time before he suffered from an old illness, and his life returned to the West.

   After that, she was trapped in the deep palace, fighting against the vicious mother-in-law and a sinister brother-in-law, and eventually died of poisoning. Fortunately, before she died, she dragged Empress Dowager Su to go to Huangquan[1]underworld together, which was considered enjoyable.

After her rebirth, she was only thinking of revenge.

   A palace banquet solved Su Zhaorong’s trouble. Afterward, Lu Lin entered the palace to meet the Emperor, rooting out the possibility of marrying into the Royal Family as the Emperor’s daughter-in-law.

   As a result, she and Li Hao no longer have the possibility of being husband and wife. Her fate was also completely different from her previous life.

   She even thought about letting go of the hatred in her previous life. Su Zhaorong and the Fifth Prince; she didn’t want to kill them anymore.

  Otherwise, once she takes action against this pair of mother and son, Li Hao will definitely avenge his mother and brother. The retribution of injustice was endless and can never be truly settled.

   But how could she have thought that God would make fun of her like this?

  The Second Prince stood in front of her so calmly and opened his mouth to say he wanted to marry her.

   She couldn’t jump out of this quagmire completely.


   The cold and pretty face in my memory was as deep as ice at this time, and flames were spraying in her eyes. Like a fiery red lotus blooming in the snow.

   She must not know how beautiful she was at the moment.

  The Second Prince just looked at Lu Mingyu quietly, waiting patiently for her to digest what he just said and for her to recover.

  Lu Mingyu took a deep breath but still couldn’t suppress the flame in her heart. When she opened her mouth, the flames of anger spurted out: “Li Jing, you make it clear to me. Why on earth do you want to marry me?”


1 underworld

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