Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 52: Debt (1)

Why marry her?

  The Second Prince still looked at Lu Mingyu quietly.

   If Lu Mingyu was like a burning flame, the Second Prince was a pool of quiet water.

  Lu Mingyu’s whole body was scorched by indescribable rage, like a beast that had accidentally fallen into a net, and asked again angrily: “Li Jing, why don’t you speak?!”

  The Second Prince finally opened his mouth slowly: “I am sincerely begging for marriage, why are you so guilty? Could it be that you have done something wrong to me, and you are unwilling and afraid to face me?”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

   It was as if a basin of ice water had been poured onto the burning charcoal basin.


   She had something to panic about.

   In her previous life, she secretly shot a cold arrow and killed the Second Prince. The Second Prince died on the spot. Even if he couldn’t rest his eyes, it was absolutely impossible to know that she was the one who really did it.

  The fact was that she was too guilty, so she thought too much.

  Perhaps, everything today was just a coincidence.

  Lu Mingyu suddenly calmed down, and her voice recovered calmly: “Why did Your Highness say this? Your Highness and I don’t know each other at all before, so why did you say that I have a guilty conscience? What dare not face it, it is even more ridiculous.”

“I didn’t know that Your Highness wanted to marry me. I told my father long ago that I don’t want to get married, I just want to recruit a son-in-law to enter the house. Your Highness is a prince, and you can marry any kind of famous lady. Why bother with me…”

   “But, I just want to marry you.” The Second Prince’s eyes were focused and his voice was soft.

  Lu Mingyu smiled coldly: “If I don’t marry, what will happen to Your Highness? Do you want to force the marriage to happen!”

  The Second Prince looked at the girl who was cold and resolute and suddenly laughed.

   He was born handsome and unparalleled. When he smiled, his brows and eyes stretched like the bright moon and the breeze: “How could I forcefully marry you? If I want to marry, I will naturally ask you to nod your head willingly.”

   Everyone loves to see beauty, and Lu Mingyu has to take a look no matter how angry she is: “Then I’ll tell you now, I won’t agree, let alone nod. You can give up.”

   She was so cute looking at him while she was angry.

   The Second Prince’s heart seemed to be slightly scratched by something, and it was a little itchy.

He moved his fingers, suppressed the urge to raise his hand to caress her cheek, and asked patiently and tenderly, “If you don’t marry me, do you still want to marry the third brother? Be the Third Prince Consort again, and then recognize Su Zhaorong as the mother-in-law. ?”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

  Lu Mingyu’s whole body froze, and all her expressions were frozen, like a stone statue.

  The Second Prince felt that she was cuter like this, so he couldn’t help but take two steps forward and get closer. The breath he exhaled almost hit Lu Mingyu’s face.

He opened his mouth slowly, and a low and soft voice came into Lu Mingyu’s ears: “Lu Mingyu, you owe me a life. If you marry me, the previous debt will be wiped out. If you insist on not marrying, then I have to settle the account to on the head of the Lu family.”

   “How many lives do you think the Lu family can offer to offset the debts of past lives?”

   Lightning flashed and thundered in Lu Mingyu’s mind, roaring, dizzy, and the handsome face that was close at hand suddenly blurred and became distant. Gradually turned into a figure riding a horse in a previous life.

   She hid in the jungle, staring at the arrow.


   The figure swayed on the horse and suddenly fell off the horse…

  Lu Mingyu closed her eyes hard, and then opened them suddenly: “You were shot to death by an arrow at that time, how do you know it was my secret hand?”

   Even the Second Prince was reborn. How could a person who was shot by a dark arrow know that she was the one who killed him in his previous life?

  The Second Prince and Lu Mingyu looked at each other.

After a long time, the Second Prince said softly: “After you marry me, I will naturally tell you everything. Otherwise, you and the Lu family are my mortal enemies. How can I tell such an important secret to the enemy? “

   This reason could not be more justifiable.

   No matter how unreasonable people are, they have to admit that this was really reasonable.

  Lu Mingyu gritted her teeth and squeezed out a few words: “I have to think about it.”

  The Second Prince smiled slightly: “This matter is about your lifelong affairs, but also about the future of the Lu family. You should really think about it carefully. I’m not in a hurry, I can wait.”

   “Your hairpin ceremony will be in two months. How about you tell me your decision after the hairpin ceremony?”

  Lu Mingyu hummed from her nose.

   An angry look of being forced to marry.

  The Second Prince was amused by her indignant appearance.

   He finally couldn’t help reaching out and gently touching her face.

  Lu Mingyu responded quickly, and immediately backed a step, her eyes full of vigilance: “I haven’t promised you yet. If you dare to move, I will break your hand.”

  The Second Prince had to withdraw his hand, touched his nose, and sighed helplessly: “Yes, yes, when you nod your head and agree to the marriage, it will not be too late for us to get close.”

   Whether it was skill or strength, she was no match for him.

   If a wife like this was married, I am afraid it will be difficult for the husband to win!

   At this moment, another footstep sounded from far to near.


   People who practice martial arts all year round have much lighter footsteps that were not noticeable ordinarily. But the footsteps they heard were hurried and slightly heavy, showing that the person who was coming was in a disordered mood, and was no longer in the mood to hide the footsteps.

  Lu Mingyu was very familiar with the sound of these footsteps.

  The Second Prince was also familiar with it.

   The two looked at each other and looked over together.

   The person who came did not knock on the door but went straight in.

   It really was Li Hao.

   When Li Hao saw the situation in the side hall, his face was suddenly gloomy, and anger flashed in his black eyes. He walked over quickly and stood beside the Second Prince, his voice stiff and cold: “I didn’t know what the second brother and Xiaoyu are talking about here?”

His face was like that of a man who had caught his wife and a wild man full of jealousy.

   Before the Second Prince said a word, Lu Mingyu opened her mouth first: “Whatever I say to His Highness, what does it have to do with you!”

  She suppressed her anger and went to Li Hao.

   As soon as Li Hao came, Lu Mingyu suddenly felt that the Second Prince was not so unpleasant.

   There was one point that the Second Prince was right.

  No matter what, she will never go back to the old path and repeat the same mistakes.

Li Hao pursed his thin lips very tightly, his voice restrained: “Xiaoyu, I don’t know why you are angry with me. You and I have known each other for two years, and you have always understood my feelings for you. It was not just me who liked you.”

   “I begged Royal Father to give us a marriage. Royal father asked King Xingyang personally, but I never thought that King Xingyang opened his mouth and said that he would recruit a son-in-law for you.”

   “Even if you are angry with me, you can’t make fun of life events.”

  He paused and then softened his voice: “I have been recovering in the palace, and I have not been able to go out to see you. Today I suddenly heard that you have entered the palace, and I was very happy, and I came to see you specially.”

   “Xiaoyu, the second brother has not even seen you before, but he asked you to marry him. It is just because he likes Xingyangjun and wants to keep it for himself. No matter how many sweet words he says, he couldn’t be trusted…”

   “This is ridiculous.” The Second Prince opened his mouth to interrupt Li Hao: “How dare you assert that I am not sincere?”

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