Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 53: Debt (2)

Li Hao sneered and confronted the Second Prince looking straight into his eyes: “Second brother, if you are like this, it’s just a matter of deceiving the girl’s family. You haven’t seen Xiaoyu at all, where is the truth?”

  The Second prince raised the corner of his mouth and a mocking look flashed in his eyes: “The truth does not need to be on the lips. A long road tests a horse’s power while time tells what exactly is in one’s heart. Whether it is true or false, after a long time, she will know.”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

   These words were so f**** piercing.

   The two brothers looked at each other, and the flames flew everywhere.

   The memory of being beaten by their father with a whip was too vivid. The two brothers fought back and forth with their eyes, but they each endured it.

Li Hao looked at Lu Mingyu again, with sincere eyes, even with a hint of humble prayer: “Xiaoyu, what did I do wrong to make you so angry? You tell me, I will definitely change. We are still the same as before, okay? ?”

How to change it?

   Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed with sarcasm, and she said lightly: “I don’t like Su Zhaorong, and I hate the Fifth Prince. Can you leave your mother and brother behind?”

  Li Hao: “…”

  Li Hao was stunned and speechless, and the flames in his heart also jumped up.

   How could he not have his own mother or his younger brother?

  Xiaoyu said that it was really too much!

   Li Hao got angry and opened his mouth to fight back: “If I tell you and your father to separate everything, can you do it?”

   “It’s impossible.” Lu Mingyu said indifferently: “It’s also impossible for you to leave your mother and brother. Since that’s the case, it’s never possible between us.”

  Li Hao: “…”

   What logic is this!

  Li Hao was so angry that he suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Lu Mingyu’s wrist.

   As soon as his fingers touched the sleeve, Lu Mingyu quickly stepped back and kicked him with her legs.

   Li Hao was caught off guard, was kicked straight, suddenly screamed, staggered back a few steps, and fell to the ground.

  Lu Mingyu’s strength was impressive. If she used all her strength, she can break Li Hao’s right leg with just a kick.  Even when she reserved some strength, Li Hao was in a cold sweat from the pain and couldn’t get up at all.

Looking at Lu Mingyu again, there was no pity, let alone regret, but there was a sneer in her eyes: “Li Hao, I told you before, don’t see me again. Otherwise, I will beat you every time I see you. .”

   Second Prince: “…”

   He suddenly felt worried about the future.

  Lu Mingyu turned to look at the Second Prince again, her eyes were bright and sharp: “Li Jing, you also listen to me. You must not tell anyone about us. I have to consider carefully whether I will marry you or not.”

   “When I’ve figured it out, I’ll meet you. Before I make my decision, you’re not allowed to appear in front of me.”

   After saying that, she walked away with no expression on her face.

  The Second Prince didn’t make a sound and watched her figure going out of the side hall.


  Li Hao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, supported the pillar on one side, and stood up slowly.

  The Second Prince did not pretend to help him get off the ground, but stood there, staring coldly.

  Li Hao took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Second brother, what is going on between you and Xiaoyu?”

The Second Prince said lightly, “This has nothing to do with you.” After a while, he said, “When she nods her head and agrees to the marriage, I will marry her soon. At that time, you will have to call her second sister-in-law instead.”

   “There are many people in the palace, and it’s easy to gossip. You should also avoid suspicion. Don’t always yell Xiaoyu Xiaoyu, it is best to avoid misunderstandings.”

  Li Hao: “…”

  Li Hao stared at the Second Prince with anger flashing in his eyes.

   The Second Prince looked back calmly.

After a long time, Li Hao said solemnly: “It’s not the end yet, the second brother, don’t talk too much.”

  The Second Prince glanced at Li Hao’s right leg and said pointedly: “Her attitude is clear enough. Seeing how she is beating you again and again, shows how much she hates you.”

Li Hao was stabbed in the sore spot, and his pupils shrank, but he was not willing to give in: “You don’t know her too well. She is fierce and straightforward in nature. The more she cares, the more she will be herself with that person. If she is indifferent to someone, it means she has no interest in that person. The second brother will understand the truth of deep love and hatred. “

  The Second Prince twitched the corners of his mouth and said meaningfully: “There are some things that you will understand in the future.”

   With Su Zhaorong and Li Chang’s mother and son there, how could Lu Mingyu marry Li Hao again?

   What’s more, Li Hao had lost her affection in his previous life.

   She was such a proud woman.

  She was someone who loved a person with all her heart and was willing to do anything for him. When her true heart was betrayed, no matter how much pain she was in, she cut off her love with one stroke, and never looked back.

  Li Hao, I don’t have to fight you.

  Because you have already lost.

  Li Hao said nothing, turned around, and walked out slowly.

   The place where the right leg was kicked was still excruciatingly painful, and he couldn’t use force. He didn’t want to show it in front of the Second Prince, and he walked extremely slowly.

  The Second Prince stood in the side hall for a long time, not knowing what to think, a gentle ripple flashed in his deep eyes.


   Lu Mingyu, who was in a chaotic mood, quickly walked out of the side hall.

   Her head was buzzing like a mess. It was like being pressed by a boulder, and it was unspeakably suffocating.

   Now, she didn’t want to see anyone at all, she just wanted to stay alone and calm down her thoughts.

  Unfortunately, in the palace, she can’t help herself.

   Cailan had been waiting outside for a long time, and when she saw Lu Mingyu coming out, she immediately greeted her with a smile, and bowed: “Miss Lu, the Empress asked the servant to ask Miss Lu to go to the main hall to see her.”

  Lu Mingyu paused.

   Cailan muttered in her heart.

   I don’t know what the Second Prince said to Fourth Miss Lu after he entered. Look at Miss Lu’s face full of anger, she was really angry!

   Cailan waited for a while, but she didn’t see Lu Mingyu move, so she could only repeat the words: “The Empress has been waiting for a long time, please go with the slave girl.”

  Lu Mingyu suppressed her chaotic thoughts and nodded slightly: “Okay, you lead the way.”

  Cailan smiled and led the way.

  Lu Mingyu calmed down and followed up slowly.

   Empress Qiao, she naturally had a lot of dealings with her in her previous life.

   However, in her previous life, she was on the side of the “mother-in-law”, and had no less competition with Empress Qiao. After the death of the Second Prince, Empress Qiao became seriously ill. Not long after Li Hao ascended the throne, Empress Qiao died of illness.

   Her death, of course, was due to Empress Dowager Su’s various shady methods.

   She had a magnanimous nature and didn’t like those dark tricks. There had been many disputes with Empress Dowager Su. Empress Dowager Su felt that her daughter-in-law was too difficult to handle and soon came up with the idea to bring her niece into the palace…

  Old things, don’t want to think about them.

  Lu Mingyu waved away her chaotic thoughts, stepped into the main hall, and saluted: “I have seen the Empress.”

   The dignified and beautiful Empress Qiao, dressed in a vermilion palace dress, actually came over and helped Lu Mingyu up: “Please rise”

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