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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 54: Confrontation (1)

On the day of the palace banquet, she deliberately showed her supernatural power, which frightened Su Zhaorong and angered Empress Qiao.

   She didn’t like Empress Qiao. She also knew that Empress Qiao didn’t even want to see her.

   Therefore, she was already mentally prepared to face difficulty when she entered the palace this time. But she never thought that the Second Prince could give her a big “surprise”.

  The sudden change in Empress Qiao’s attitude naturally had everything to do with the Second Prince.

  Lu Mingyu was in a complicated and subtle mood for a while and got up.

  She had been practicing martial arts since she was a child, and she had a heroic spirit between her brows and eyes. So when standing, she was calm and graceful. It was completely different from the beautiful and elegant Qiao Wan.

   Empress Qiao couldn’t help looking at Lu Mingyu carefully and sighed inwardly.

   I never imagined that my son liked such a girl.

   That’s all, the Lu family also had the benefits of the Lu family. Lu Mingyu was a little rude, but she can be slowly changed when she gets married in the future.

  Empress Qiao, who couldn’t beat her son, repeatedly comforted herself in her heart, and squeezed out a kind smile: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, Fourth Miss Lu’s style is even better than when she was at the palace banquet.”

   The future daughter-in-law who was being assessed should be shy and humble at this time, and by the way, show respect and closeness to the future mother-in-law.

  Unfortunately, Lu Mingyu never played cards according to common sense.

  Lu Mingyu looked up at Empress Qiao, and said lightly, “The Empress’s eyes are like torches, and you can tell my temperament at a glance.”

“I lost my mother when I was a child, and I am used to being arrogant and domineering in front of my father. What I like is horseback riding, archery, knives, and swords. The righteous brother and my brother-in-law are not my opponents together. I beat them all over the field when I got to the training ground.”

   “I am so temperamental, my father is really worried about me getting married, so he decided to recruit a son-in-law for me. My father has already reported this to the Emperor.”

  Empress Qiao: “…”

   Empress Qiao was almost unable to hold back no matter how much she had to.

  Lu Mingyu said these words, and the meaning was clear. I have no interest in being the Second Prince Consort at all. I also ask the Second Prince not to entangle in the future, as for the dignified Empress,  there was no need to condescend to show affection to a girl in the boudoir.

 Empress Qiao’s heart was blocked by the indifferent and arrogant attitude of Lu Mingyu.

   If she could beat her son, would she be willing to have such a daughter-in-law?

   Empress Qiao had been a clan wife for many years and had been sitting on the Phoenix chair for several years. She has no shortage of anything. Even when Lu Mingye drove her to the extreme, she could still maintain a dignified and decent smile: “As a woman, you should be more reserved. You should not talk about things like getting married and recruiting a son-in-law.”

  Lu Mingyu raised the corners of her mouth and smiled: “Your Majesty is used to seeing dignified and elegant ladies, so I’m afraid you’re not used to being a general and a tiger girl like me!”

  She was a true Gate’s tigress!! [1]It is used to describe a strong and assertive woman who can hold her own and protect her family or interests. The idiom implies that the woman possesses qualities of courage, determination, and a … Continue reading

The words spoken were really suitable for Lu Mingyu… If nothing else, this outspoken temper was enough.

   Thinking of Lu Mingyu’s terrifying strength, Empress Qiao’s head throbbed faintly.

“Bengong is really not used to it.” It was admirable how Empress Qiao could still laugh: “However, thinking about it carefully, this kind of straight temper is also very good. It’s not like those twists and turns. It is carefree.”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

   She really underestimated the Second Prince.

   She didn’t know how much effort the Second Prince put behind her back, but he even persuaded Empress Qiao to show her favor in person.

   Thinking of the Second Prince’s hateful “creditor” face, Lu Mingyu was full of suffocation.

  It was useless to say anything in front of Empress Qiao. Unless she can “convince” the Second Prince, otherwise, this matter cannot be resolved at all.

Queen Qiao opened her mouth again: “The Xingyang Army made the first contribution to this expedition. Ben Gong was in the palace, and I heard King Xingyang was good at fighting. Second Master Lu was also famous for his bravery. By the way, Ben Gong heard that Second Master Lu and the Shen family’s girl got engaged. Is this true?”

  Empress Qiao put on a friendly and gentle gossip, and Lu Mingyu had to answer: “Yes. The Lu and Chen families have joined Geng Tie. After a while, they will be married.”

   “Second Master Lu is also eighteen this year, so it’s time to start a family.” Empress Qiao obviously came prepared, and even Lu Fei’s age was clearly inquired.

   Next, Empress Qiao asked about Lu Mingfang, Lu Minghua, and others.

  Lu Mingyu was in a bad mood and looked perfunctory, always answering with “um”, “oh”, “really” and “hehe”. ,

  Empress Qiao: “…”

   Soon, the sky was chatted to death.[2]it means they had no more common topic to talk about. T/N I don’t know why it reminded me of that FRIENDS episode where Ross was alone with Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike

  It was not the case with big eyes and small eyes.

Empress Qiao, who originally wanted to keep Lu Mingyu for lunch, couldn’t hold it anymore, she coughed lightly, and she gave Lu Mingyu a few good bolts of fabric from the Palace: “These are the palace materials made by Xingong this spring, they are smooth and soft. The color is bright, and it is suitable for teenage girls.”

   “I heard that you like to wear red. These dresses are rewarded to you. Go back to your home to make some spring clothes and dress beautifully.”

   Entering the palace for an interview, and receiving the reward from the Empress, you can go back from the Palace.

  Lu Mingyu was well versed in the routine, opened her mouth to thank the Empress, saluted, and retired.

   Empress Qiao opened her mouth and agreed.

  Lu Mingyu’s ears keenly caught Empress Qiao’s sigh of relief, and she didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

   At this moment, a palace maid stepped in, walked to Empress Qiao’s side, and reported in a low voice, “Reporting to Your Highness, Lady Zhaorong knows that Fourth Miss Lu has entered the palace and wants to see her.”

   Empress Qiao frowned slightly, a trace of unpleasantness flashing in her eyes.

  It was one thing that she didn’t like Lu Mingyu, but she was equally unhappy when Su Zhaorong came to “fight”.

   Empress Qiao glanced at Lu Mingyu and threw the problem away: “Su Zhaorong wants to see you, what is Miss Lu’s opinion?”

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed, and she said lightly: “Su Zhaorong wants to see me, I have no reason not to go.”

  Empress Qiao: “…”

 She didn’t expect such a direct and to-the-point answer.

   Empress Qiao’s mouth twitched slightly: “Alright. Then you can go to Yihua Palace with the palace staff.”


   From Jiaofang Palace to Yihua Palace, it took about a stick of incense.

  Lu Mingyu had a pair of long legs and walked fast. The palace maid who was leading the way had to speed up, and when she came to the end, she was about to cry.

   Leading the way for Fourth Miss Lu was really not an easy task.

   Entering Yihua Palace, the palace maid Zitan smiled and greeted Lu Mingyu: “Niangniang Su has been waiting for a long time, please requesting Fourth Miss to go with the slaves to see Niangniang.”

  Lu Mingyu was all too familiar with Zitan.

  Zitan was Su Zhaorong’s confidant. Many sinister and vicious things were done by this Zitan.

   For example, doing tricks in Empress Qiao’s soup, for example, secretly bad-mouthing Meng Guifei and Qin Fei. For another example, the snack that was brought to her that day was secretly poisoned…

  Lu Mingyu glanced at Zitan expressionlessly.

  The whole body of Zitan trembled inexplicably, and for some reason, an astonishing chill went through her back.

  If Zitan had practiced martial arts, she could have known that this was a murderous display.

   “Lead the way ahead.” Lu Mingyu said lightly, “I’ll go see Su Zhaorong right now.”


1 It is used to describe a strong and assertive woman who can hold her own and protect her family or interests. The idiom implies that the woman possesses qualities of courage, determination, and a fierce protective instinct. It is often used as a compliment to praise a woman’s strength and resilience. From Chat GPT
2 it means they had no more common topic to talk about. T/N I don’t know why it reminded me of that FRIENDS episode where Ross was alone with Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike

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