Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 55: Confrontation (2)

Su Zhaorong was not prominent in the palace and was humiliated from time to time. It is far from the honorable scenery of later generations as the Empress Dowager.

   Zitan at this time had not yet cultivated the arrogance of the eyes above the top like in the previous life.

  Lu Mingyu’s expression darkened slightly. When she mentioned Su Zhaorong, she didn’t use the honorary title and it was disrespectful, and Zitan didn’t even dare to put a fart. [1]make a sound

   After a while, Lu Mingyu stepped into the side hall of Yihua Palace.

  The beautiful and delicate Su Zhaorong has been worrying too much recently, she had lost a lot of weight, and her complexion was quite haggard. Wearing a simple and elegant pale green palace attire today, she looked very delicate and charming.

   Seeing this face, the past events came back.

  Lu Mingyu’s mood was already worse, and she had no more interest in keeping a calm facade.

   She didn’t salute and just walked in front of Su Zhaorong. The distance was not far or near, just enough for her to kick Su Zhaorong away with a sudden attack.

  Su Zhaorong knew Lu Mingyu’s ability well and subconsciously took two steps back, her eyes full of vigilance.

  Zitan: “…”

   No matter how bad the master is, she was still a royal concubine. How could she be so afraid of a boudoir girl?

   No matter how powerful Fourth Miss Lu was, will she still dare to be rude to Su Zhaorong?

 Zitan was eager, and couldn’t help but opened her mouth and said, “Fourth Miss Lu saw Niangniang Su, why doesn’t she show respect?”

  She couldn’t date to think about it, so Su Zhaorong scolded: “Just shut up! Fourth Miss Lu and I have something to say. You exit and guard the door. No one is allowed to approach without my order.”

  Zitan was scolded, felt a little aggrieved, bowed her head, and withdrew.

   Only Lu Mingyu and Su Zhaorong were left in the side hall.

  Lu Mingyu stared at Su Zhaorong without blinking, and a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth.

  Su Zhaorong was stared at until her face turned pale, cold sweat broke out on her back, and a fine layer of cold sweat was on her forehead. When Su Zhaorong saw Lu Mingyu clenching her right fist, her scalp went numb, and she blurted out, “Lu Mingyu, you can’t do it!”

   “This is the palace. You entered the palace in front of everyone’s eyes, and you were seen entering my Yihua Palace. Now it’s just the two of us here. Even if a hair of mine is hurt, and you can’t get out.”

   “Even if you don’t care about your own life or death, you can’t implicate the Lu family.”

 This was worthy of being many years of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

  Su Zhaorong knew that Lu Mingyu hated her thoroughly, but dared to see her alone, relying on her understanding of Lu Mingyu. For the safety of the Lu family, Lu Mingyu would not act rashly.

  Lu Mingyu sneered ironically: “Su Zhaorong knows me very well. Yes, even if I want to kill you and Li Chang, I won’t be in such a hurry. I just wanted to scare you.”

  Su Zhaorong: “…”

  Lu Mingyu took two steps forward unhurriedly, her eyes still locked on Su Zhaorong.

  Su Zhaorong wanted to straighten her waist and fight with Lu Mingyu, but her heart felt empty, her body’s reaction was one step faster than her brain, and she continued to retreat without thinking.


 She hit the long table with her back.

  Su Zhaorong gasped in pain.

  Lu Mingyu still didn’t stop and walked straight over, the killing intent in her eyes almost condensed into reality.

  Su Zhaorong suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest again, she couldn’t help shaking her whole body, and tremblingly said, “You dare not kill me. Don’t come here again. Come over again, and I will call someone in.”

  Lu Mingyu continued to approach as if she had not heard it.

   She was like a grim reaper.

  Su Zhaorong finally screamed in horror.

   A shrill, almost terrifying cry, penetrated the thick door panel.

  Zitan who was standing a few meters outside the door was startled and ran to the door quickly. Just as her hand touched the door handle, a slightly condensed young girl’s voice was already in her ears: “Go away, don’t get close.”

  Zitan: “…”

  Zitan gritted her teeth and pushed the door.

   Just opened a crack, and before she could see the situation inside the door, Su Zhaorong’s voice came again: “Get out!”

  Zitan: “…”

  Zitan responded with a sullen voice and closed the door again. After walking a few meters away, she drove away the palace maids nearby with a sullen face. This was to avoid any strange news coming out, causing people to be suspicious.


  Su Zhaorong was very embarrassed at this time.

   Her back was leaning against the table, her head was bent back, and she pulled away from Lu Mingyu, who was two steps away. As if by doing so, she could escape the danger of being suddenly killed.

   Such actions were really ridiculous.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes were full of sarcasm, and the corners of her lips curled up: “I want to kill you, but it’s just a matter of raising my hand. Don’t worry, I have no plans to do it today. You don’t have to be so afraid.”

  Su Zhaorong had difficulty breathing and her voice trembled: “You, you stay away from me.”

   Now, she was like prey targeted by a beast, shrouded in the shadow of being slaughtered at any time. This feeling was really terrible.

  Lu Mingyu looked at Su Zhaorong coldly: “This is nothing. I will settle the account between you and me, and get it back one by one.”

  Su Zhaorong’s face was as white as paper, and her chest heaved up and down violently. After a while, she exhaled heavily: “Lu Mingyu, I did do something wrong to you. But, is it all my fault?”

   “Look into your heart and say that you didn’t look down on your mother-in-law.”

   “You despised me for being a dancer, and you despised my behavior.”

   “In the eyes of others, it was my daughter-in-law who supports me. You are very filial to me. But I knew that it was not the case at all. It is for Ah Hao’s sake that you were forced to be nice to me.”

  Lu Mingyu only found it absurd and ridiculous, and said coldly: “A daughter-in-law being good to her mother-in-law, not for her husband, then for whom? Is it because you cry and make trouble?”

   “You say I despised you. That’s true. I do despise you.”

“It’s really disgraceful to be a dancer. Others look down on you, but it’s not all because of this. It’s because you became a concubine in the harem, but you still didn’t change the habit you had when you were a dancer. You have two princes, but you still refuse to straighten your waist. Be a man. You have to stick to the eldest son and cling to him like a vine.”

   “No matter what happens, you always cry and cry, begging Li Hao to support you. Li Hao is embarrassed and ridiculed because of your embarrassing behavior.  But you don’t care about that.”

   “Li Hao and I became husband and wife, and we had to make enemies for you everywhere. This is not the most hateful thing. The most hateful thing is that no matter how much I do, you still think it is only natural, and you are not grateful.”

“You even have jealousy because of the kindness and love of our husband and wife. You don’t want your son and daughter-in-law to have a harmonious relationship, and you are afraid that your son’s heart will completely tilt toward his wife. So you always instigate, use those disgusting tricks to rub your daughter-in-law, and cry and wipe away tears in front of your son. “

   “Li Hao and I were separated from each other because of you.”

   “If it weren’t for you, Li Hao and I wouldn’t have gone against our goals.”

   “If it weren’t for you, Li Hao would pass the throne to Yan’er. I would raise Yan’er to grow up, be a good prince, and be a good Emperor.”

   “If it wasn’t for you, I, Lu Mingyu, could have lived well.”


1 make a sound

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