Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 6: Su Shi

The Fifth Prince, Li Chang, and the Third Prince, Li Hao, were brothers from the same mother. They were naturally much closer than the rest of the princes.

  Li Chang was six years younger than Li Hao and was only ten years old this year.

  Li Hao was tall and handsome, with an impressive bearing. Li Chang’s stature had not yet grown, and his size was only at Li Hao’s chest.

   He was born white and fat, wearing a bright yellow prince’s uniform he looked like a round meat dumpling. A pair of eyes were squeezed into a slit by the flesh on his face.

  His appearance was not ugly, but he was not handsome as well.

   Just by looking at his face, it was impossible to see that Li Chang was actually the younger brother of Li Hao from the same parent.

Li Chang pulled Li Hao’s sleeve: “Third brother! The Concubine mother had a dream! Seeing me was like seeing an evil ghost, she kept screaming, suddenly fainted, and still hasn’t woken up yet. “I am really scared.”

  A ten-year-old half-grown boy, when he encountered something frightening, he habitually hid by his brother’s side.

   Obviously, Li Chang was frightened by his own mother.

  Li Hao’s expression slowed down and coaxed in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll go see how the concubine mother is doing.”

  Li Chang nodded, but he refused to let go of the hand that was holding Li Hao’s sleeve. “Third brother, I’ll go with you.”

   Li Hao was so angry and frustrated that he wanted to pull back his sleeves, but when he saw his brother’s crying face, his heart softened and he let him go.

  Emperor Yongjia had five sons and two daughters. Princess Hui’an and the Second Prince from Empress Qiao were both direct descendants, and their identities were also the noblest.

  The Eldest Prince and Princess Jing’an were concubine-born, and their biological mother was Noble Concubine Meng. Meng Gui Fei was born into a general family, and the Meng family followed Emperor Yongjia to conquer the world.

  The grandfather of the Second Prince was the Shoufu[1]Prime Minister of the Great Wei Dynasty, the head of the civil servants. If there was such a maternal family in a peaceful and prosperous age, no one can shake the status of the Second Prince.

  However, in troubled times, the mansion of the Marquis of Guangping had deep roots. The military generals who follow the emperor to fight with heavy troops were naturally much heavier than the civil officials. Emperor Yongjia’s preference for the Eldest Prince was not unusual.

  The Fourth Prince was also not very high. However, Concubine Qin, the biological mother of the Fourth Prince was a cousin of Emperor Yongjia from his mother’s side. Empress Dowager Zhao in the palace looked after Concubine Qin everywhere.

   With the support of Empress Dowager Zhao, although the Fourth Prince was not the most favored, no one dared to bully him.

   The two Li Hao brothers were at the bottom.

   Their biological mother, Su Zaorong, if it was said that she was low, it could be considered a compliment.

  Su Shi was a dancer back then. After a banquet, she was sent to the bed of Li Yuan, the still-young head of the Li family. Su Shi’s belly was full of energy, and she was pregnant after only one bedding.

  She got pregnant in October, and Su gave birth to a son, Li Hao. The mother was uplifted by the child, and Su Shi finally had a status in the Li family and was carried in as a concubine.

  The fact that Su Shi was born as a dancer was well-known to everyone. Even the servants of the Li family who had some face [2]which means those servants who were very old and were in positions of power, Su Shi had to show her goodwill with a smile.

  Su Shi was born to be delicate, beautiful, and charming, and she was also somewhat petted in the inner house. After six years, a second son Li Chang was born.

   Later, Li Yuan raised his flag to rebel and established a new dynasty. The original wife Qiao Shi was canonized as the Empress, the concubine Meng Shi on the apex of the heart was named a Noble concubine Gu Fei, and the maternal cousin Qin Shi was named a Concubine.

  It was Su Shi’s turn. She had no powerful family, and her background was low, so Emperor Yongjia easily conferred the position of Zhaorong.

  From a humble singer to a Zhaorong in the palace, she gave birth to two princes; a lifetime of honor and wealth. In the eyes of others, Su Zhaorong was also a winner in life.

  Su Zhaorong smiled brightly in front of people, and often shed tears in private: “It’s because your mother is useless, that you two brothers are also humiliated.”

“The First Prince’s biological mother is a Noble Concubine, and the Second Prince is from the Empress. Even the Fourth Prince’s mother is a concubine. When it is your two brothers’ turn, your mother is Zhaorong. You don’t say anything, but don’t think I don’t how they make fun of you in private.”

“Blame me…”

  Li Chang was young and ignorant, all these crying and complaints fell into Li Hao’s ears.

   Li Hao was sore in his heart, and he had to appease Su Zhaorong, who was always crying and pitiful so he became more and more filial to his mother.

   Taking care of his younger brother Li Chang had also become Li Hao’s obligatory responsibility.

   Li Chang also relied heavily on his brother, holding Li Hao’s hand and entering the bedroom together.


   Su Zhaorong, who was unconscious, lay on the bed with a pale face.

   Maybe it was because Li Hao walked to the side of the bed, Su Zhaorong woke up, opened her eyes tremblingly, and Li Hao’s young and handsome face suddenly came into view.

   Su Zhaorong’s whole body was shaken, and then she kept shaking.

   Her eyes were fixed on Li Hao, tears were falling down in a string, and she couldn’t help crying: “Ah Hao… It’s really you… How come you are alive again…”

   Su Zhaorong, who is over 30 years old, has slender eyebrows and full black eyes, delicate and beautiful, and charming. Tears filled her face at this time, which was even more pitiful.

  Li Hao was a filial son, and he couldn’t see his mother cry like this.

   He sat on the edge of the bed, held Su Zhaorong’s hand, and said softly, “Did mother have nightmares again? Why are you talking nonsense? What “came back to life”, your son has been doing well.”

  Su Zhaorong was always brooding about not being sealed as a concubine because of her low status, and she generally can’t hear the word Zhaorong.

  The maids in Yihua Palace all called her Su Niangniang. Li Hao also only called her mother.

  Su Zhaorong stared at her son in a daze, tears falling like rain. She tried her best to grab Li Hao’s hand. All the words were stuck in the throat, not a word could be uttered.

  The long nails pierced into the flesh and stung a little.

   Li Hao didn’t even frown, letting his mother grab his hand.

   His other hand was tightly grasped by Li Chang.

  The concubines in the harem were all the women of the father, and the seven children were the blood of the father. Their mother and son were three, and the situation in the palace was not wonderful.

   For him, the closest people in this world were his mother and brother.

   The only one that his mother can rely on was him.

   The only one whom his younger brother trusted and relied on the most was him.

  Su Zhaorong cried for more than half an hour, her eyes were swollen from crying, and her intense emotions finally calmed down. It was only at this moment that she was shocked to realize that the back of Li Hao’s hand was covered in blood.

  Su Zhaorong released her son’s hand, with tears in her eyes: “I scratched the back of your hand, but you didn’t say anything.”

  Li Hao didn’t look at the back of his hand, smiled, and comforted: “Your son is rough and fleshy, this little injury is fine. How is my mother feeling now?”

  Li Chang stuck out a chubby head from Li Hao’s back and whispered, “Mother, does your chest still hurt?”

   Lifting her chest, Su Zhaorong remembered something, her face suddenly turned pale, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

  Li Hao frowned, and without turning his head, ordered: “Come here, go and ask the imperial physician to come.”

   “No, I don’t need an imperial doctor.” Su Zhaorong shuddered and squeezed Li Hao’s hand again: “Ah Chang, you go out first. I have something to say to your brother alone.”


1 Prime Minister
2 which means those servants who were very old and were in positions of power

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