Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 7: Mother and Son

Li Chang hesitated to leave.

  Su Zhaorong was anxious in her heart, so she couldn’t help but glare at him: “Go out soon.”

  Li Chang let go of his hand reluctantly, turned around, and walked out. At the moment when he was about to go out, Li Chang subconsciously turned his head and glanced.

He happened to see his mother looking at his brother with tears in her eyes, and the light in her eyes was like a dying person grabbing the straw for life: “Ah Hao, if I can see you, it is worth dying for your mother again. .”

  Li Hao’s voice was a little low: “Mother is talking nonsense again…”

  Li Chang turned his head silently and walked out.

   Behind him, the thick door was closed. The whispers of the mother and brother also disappeared.

   He was separated from that world.

   It was not really appropriate to think so. The Mother must have something important to discuss with his brother, not intentionally ignoring him. But since he could remember, his mother had only his brother in her eyes.

   He used to be young and ignorant, that’s all.

   Now, he was growing up day by day, but he was still treated like a child who doesn’t understand things, and he felt a little uncomfortable.

  Unfortunately, no one cared what he thought.

   Li Chang felt bored in his heart, raised his head, and called the servant next to him: “Xiaochun, help me dress.”

  Xiaochun was twelve years old this year, and he was fair and handsome. Being an eunuch Xiaochun’s voice was also a little shrill, and it sounded similar to that of a young girl.

   Although Li Chang was not favored, he had the pomp of being a Prince. There were more than a dozen servants around him. Xiaochun, who served closely, followed him every day and was most trusted by him.

  Xiaochun saw that the master was unhappy, vaguely guessed a few points, and whispered: “Your Highness is not happy, bite the servant and let out a few breaths.”

  Li Chang was silent.

   They entered the room, and after the convenience, Xiaochun took the initiative to roll up his sleeves and put it to the master’s mouth.

   There were a few scars on the bare skinny arm. There were bite marks, scratches, and even a welt. These scars, old and new, are obviously not marks left in a day or two.

  Li Chang slammed into it, and a ferocious and twisted light flashed from his slender eyes. Soon, there were traces of blood in Li Chang’s mouth. [1]T/N he is a psycho through and through

   At this moment, Li Chang was like a beast that wants to eat people, there was no sign of an innocent and honest face like before.

   Xiaochun shuddered, gritted his teeth, and held back, not daring to make a sound.

   After a long time, Li Chang raised his head and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with a handkerchief.

   “You dress up first,” Li Chang said casually and walked out first.

   A piece of flesh was almost bitten off from his arm, blood dripped and the pain was terrifying.

   Xiaochun endured until the master left the door, and only two drops of tears fell. Such an injury should never be seen. He took the wound medicine with him and put some on it.


  In the bedroom, Li Hao comforted his mother in a low voice.

Su Zhaorong finally stopped her tears, took her son’s hand, and choked out: “Ah Hao, I had a nightmare last night. In the dream, I was stabbed in the chest with a sword and killed on the spot. it hurts…”

   “Later, the imperial doctor came and prescribed the prescription of Ningshen. I drank the medicine and passed out.”

   It really was a nightmare.

  Li Hao slightly stretched his brows and said in a low voice, “Mother was shocked by a nightmare. Take a good rest for a few days and you’ll be fine.”

  Su Zhaorong stared at his handsome young son with high spirits. Tears came out of her eyes again involuntarily, and she muttered to himself, “Is this a dream?”

   “It’s a dream, and I’m willing to do it. Ah Hao, you must be good, your mother is useless, and I can only rely on you.”

   When Li Hao heard this since he was a child, he took it without thinking: “Don’t worry, mother. With me, no one dares to bully our mother and son.”

   Hearing the familiar words from a long time ago, Su Zhaorong’s eyes turned red again.

  He was the most reliable and filial eldest son.

   Everything was the fault of that hateful slut Lu Mingyu who stole her son… Wait!

  Su Zhaorong’s eyes lit up and asked eagerly, “Ah Hao, what time is it now? How old is Yongjia? Are you engaged?”

  It was inevitable that people who have nightmares will have some confused memories.

Li Hao replied patiently, “It’s the eighth year of Yongjia, the sixth day of the second lunar month.” After a pause, he continued, “In two days, the Empress will hold a palace banquet, and the daughters or granddaughters of civil and military officials above the third grade in the capital will be invited. All have received invitations to the palace banquet.”

   In the eighth year of Yongjia, in February, there was a palace banquet.

  The long-standing memory quietly emerged in her mind.

  Su Zhaorong was stunned for a long time before letting out a long sigh of relief.

  It’s okay, her son was not engaged yet. He will marry Lu Mingyu next year. It would not be difficult if she opposed it fiercely now or made some problems here and there to mess up the marriage.

  However, without the help of the Lu family, how would the son get on the throne and sit on the dragon chair?

   Therefore, her son must marry Lu Mingyu.

   She has to patiently wait for the throne for a few years, wait for her son to ascend the throne… No, when her son becomes the crown prince, she will kill Lu Mingyu. Marry another gentle and submissive famous lady and give her several grandsons.

  Yan’er that unfamiliar little bastard, no matter how hard she coaxed him, he didn’t get close to her. Such a grandson, not worth mentioning.

   A series of thoughts flashed in Su Zhaorong’s mind, but she quickly adjusted her facial expression, revealing a hint of a smile: “Fourth Miss Lu also received the invitation?”

   “You often mention her in front of me, praising her for her beauty, intelligence, open-mindedness, and outstanding skills. It’s a pity that I can’t leave the palace, and I haven’t seen her. There will be a banquet in the harem two days later, and I will take a closer look at her.”

   When Lu Mingyu was mentioned, Li Hao’s face suddenly sank.

   The anger that was suppressed at the bottom of his heart hit him again.

   What did he do wrong?

  Why did she suddenly turn around?

  Thinking of the coldness in Lu Mingyu’s black eyes, and the sharp sword against his chest, Li Hao’s mood surged and it was difficult to calm down.

  Su Zhaorong’s eyes kept falling on her son’s face, and she naturally sensed something was wrong: “What’s wrong? Why is your face so ugly? Who messed you up?”

  Li Hao gritted his teeth and suppressed his anger: “It’s nothing, I just thought that my father would lead the army to fight, and he only took my eldest brother and second brother. I couldn’t go with him, and I felt bad.”

  The topic turned a little stiff.

   However, it touched Su Zhaorong’s sore spot.

Su Zhaorong whispered with red eyes: “It’s your mother who has implicated you. Your father, the Emperor, blindly favors the Eldest Prince and the Second Prince, and the Fourth Prince, relying on the Empress Dowager, often appears in front of your Royal Father. You are obviously the most outstanding among the princes, but you are treated so coldly…”

  Su Zhaorong squeezed her son’s hand again, gritted her teeth, and said, “Everyone in the palace despises our mother and son. In the future, they will regret it one day!”

   Therefore, no matter how angry you are in your heart, you have to swallow it first.

   No matter what, she must marry Lu Mingyu as her daughter-in-law.


1 T/N he is a psycho through and through

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