Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 8: Planning

Su Zhaorong made up her mind and said softly to Li Hao: “Ah Hao, I know that you have always liked Fourth Miss Lu. Don’t worry, I will give up this face and I will definitely ask for your marriage with Fourth Miss Lu.

After a pause, she said softly: “Some words are not very pleasant, but you have to understand in your heart. I come from a humble background and have no weight in front of the Emperor. You do not have a powerful maternal family, so you must marry a noble girl as your consort. In the future, you will be able to have a capable wife and in-law family to help you.”

   “There are 60,000 soldiers under the command of King Xingyang, and the Xingyang army is famous for being brave and fierce, and the ability of the Marquis of Guangping to lead troops to fight is not as good as that of King Xingyang.”

   “King Xingyang has a bunch of adopted sons and daughters, but Fourth Miss Lu is his only bloodline. I heard that King Xingyang loves his daughter like his life, and he was so afraid that his daughter will be wronged, so he never remarried.”

   “As long as you marry Fourth Miss Lu, King Xingyang will become your father-in-law and will definitely be on your side.”

  Su Zhaorong’s eyes became brighter and her speech became faster and faster: “This marriage has many benefits for you, and you must not miss it.”

   Hearing these words in his ears, he couldn’t say it.

  Li Hao pursed his thin lips and whispered: “Mother, I fell in love with Xiaoyu the first time I saw her. At that time, I didn’t know she was the beloved daughter of King Xingyang.”

   Two years later, he still clearly remembers the scene when they met.

   On that day, she wore a red military uniform and rode a red horse, floating over like a red cloud, with a valiant appearance and a bright face.

   He shot the eagle with her. He wanted to give up the prey, she raised her eyebrows and smiled, raised her bow, and shot.

   That arrow hit the eagle in the sky and also hit his heart at the same time.

   His liking for her had nothing to do with her family background.

Su Zhaorong was well aware of her son’s stubborn temper and never competed with him head-on. She smiled softly: “Yes, yes, I know you really like Fourth Miss Lu. It just so happens that she is the only direct daughter of the Lu family; this is a happy event that kills both birds with the same stone”

   Li Hao’s tense handsome face was slightly relieved.

   He was still very angry with Lu Mingyu. However, with his pride, he would never tell his mother that he was beaten and kicked out of the Lu family.

  The young girl was throwing temper tantrums. As a gentleman, he should let her have her way.

  Li Hao whispered: “As mother says.”

  Su Zhaorong knew nothing about Li Hao’s thoughts, and whispered, “You can study and practice martial arts with peace of mind, and I will plan and manage your marriage for you.”

  Li Hao frowned and smiled at his mother: “Thank you, mother.”

   Looking at his son’s smiling face with hidden joy, Su Zhaorong’s heart was filled with strong bitterness and resentment.

   For the sake of her son’s throne, and to be the Empress Dowager again, she had to bow her head again to show her favor to Lu Mingyu, and she had to beg Empress Qiao in a low voice.

   Whatever, she had been subservient for so many years, just have to bear it for a few more. 

   One day, she will become the Empress Dowager, raising her eyebrows. At that time, everyone will have to crouch at her feet and look at her face to speak and act.

   No matter how powerful Lu Mingyu was, she has to honor her mother-in-law and let her grind her.


  In the blink of an eye, it was two days.

   In the early morning of the ninth day of the second lunar month, Lu Mingyu got up at Yin shi (5 to 7 am) and went to the martial arts training ground.

   Great Wei had just established the dynasty for a few years and followed many of the rules of the previous dynasty. The prince can have 500 personal soldiers, the ranks of the generals vary, and there can be different numbers of personal guards.

   King Xingyang set a precedent for the title of a king who was not from the royal family, and he also had 500 personal soldiers.

   In fact, the entire Xingyang Army was an elite soldier brought out by Lu Lin, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the Lu Family Army. Lu Lin’s personal soldiers were also mostly from the Xingyang Army.

  Lu Lin led the army to fight, leaving 500 personal soldiers in the mansion.

   These five hundred personal soldiers, divided into three battalions, patrolled day and night to protect the safety of the Lu Mansion. Every morning, one battalion of personal soldiers entered the training ground to train.


The roar was deafening. A dazzling long sword flew out with an awe-inspiring cold light!

   “Fourth Sister,” a big head suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, and her eyes twitched: “Aren’t you going to go to the palace for a banquet today? Why didn’t you go get ready but come to practice martial arts instead?”

  Lu Mingyu glanced at the sixth brother with a smile: “Does your stomach hurt?”

  Lu Xuan smiled and came over to act like a spoiled child: “There are so many personal soldiers. Fourth Sister wants to practice swordsmanship, just call a few, don’t beat me.”

  Lu Mingyu couldn’t help laughing and patted the big head hard: “Go away.”

  Lu Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and happily ran to the weapon rack, grabbed a long spear, and fought with Lu Minghua. Lu Minghua, who was known for her gentleness, was also wearing a sassy martial uniform at this time, and a long whip in her hand that roared like a tiger.

  Lu Mingyu pursed her lips and smiled.

   This was the home she is familiar with.

   Unlike the palace in her previous life, whose rules were like invisible shackles that bound her firmly, smoothing out her pride and spirit bit by bit.

   She sat on the phoenix chair, the Empress, mother of the world, but she no longer had the joy and fun of her youth.

   It was all because of that dog man!

   Thinking of Li Hao, Lu Mingyu’s heart fluttered. She took a sword in her hand and ordered a few personal soldiers to come over: “Come and fight with me.”

   An hour later, Lu Mingyu’s cheeks were flushed and her forehead was sweating slightly, and she went to bathe and change her clothes refreshed. Several personal soldiers in the martial arts field got up from the ground with bitter faces.

   “Miss’s skills are really getting better!”

   “Miss was afraid of hurting us, so she didn’t use that jade sword. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be able to get up now.”

   “I don’t know which young man would dare to be the son-in-law of our Lu Mansion in the future. If you make the young lady unhappy, you will lose half your life with one punch… eh!”

   “I told you not to talk nonsense! Whoever can marry our young lady has a blessing that has been cultivated in several lifetimes. In the future, if the son-in-law provokes the young lady even if the young lady does anything, our prince will be the first to forgive her!”

   “Yes, yes, and then there are the Second son and the Sixth son!”

   “No matter how bad it is, there is still our Xingyang Army!”

   The more they talked, the more outrageous it became.

   Lu Yi, the leader of the personal soldiers, laughed angrily and kicked the gossiping personal soldiers: “Shut up for me! If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will pull out your tongues.”

 He paused and added: “The last sentence is quite right.”

   A group of personal soldiers grinned and laughed.

Exactly! With them, no one can bully their young lady!


   After half an hour.

   Outside the Donghua Gate, the carriages waiting to enter the palace lined up all the way.

  According to the rules, carriages not from the palace were not allowed to enter the palace.

  Whether it was a girl from the Empress’ family or a daughter from Hou Ye’s family, you have to get off the carriage honestly and verify the invitation. Then get your identity checked one by one before entering the palace.

   These were noble ladies who received Empress Qiao’s post and were waiting to enter the palace. Whoever caught the eyes of the Empress would become the prince consort.

   The inner servant guarding the palace gate, with bright eyes and a bright heart, was very attentive and did not dare to neglect at all.

   At this moment, a hoof sounded.

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