Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Ominous Signs of Disaster?

‘You’re really good at hiding, huh?’

‘Do you mind the rough texture?’

‘What if your little brother also absorbs the crystal and undergoes a mutation?’

Song Ling carefully examined the crystal in his hand; it was the largest crystal he had ever seen.

Comparing it to first-level and second-level crystals, anyone except a fool would know that the larger the crystal, the better the effect.

If he obtained this crystal, the benefits would be self-evident.

But in front of Song Ling, someone extended a hand.

Chen Luo smiled at Song Ling.

Although he really wanted it, Song Ling knew that if he didn’t give it, his fate would be the same as Jiang Wu’s.

Cut in half.

Reluctantly, Song Ling handed the crystal to Chen Luo, who took it with obvious disgust, finding it more repulsive than being inside a zombie’s head.

Chen Luo first checked the quality and remaining quantity of the crystal before carefully placing it into a prepared, delicate small box. Chen Luo was somewhat disappointed; it was only a Level 6 crystal, and there was not much power left, around a quarter.

The good news was that it was a psychic-type crystal, which should be suitable for someone like Rice, who possessed psychic abilities, possibly in the field of divination.

Chen Luo didn’t know Rice’s specific abilities yet but assumed it was related to divination for the time being.

Zhao Hai, who was watching from behind, stared eagerly. He also understood the value of this crystal but didn’t dare to say anything. There hadn’t been any prior agreement about who should get the crystal, but he didn’t dare to compete with Chen Luo.

In his eyes, Jiang Wu, who seemed invincible, had been effortlessly defeated by Chen Luo. He had expected a fierce battle but it had ended in an instant. Moreover, Jiang Wu’s death was eerie, with his body split in half, not a drop of blood spilled.

Zhao Hai breathed a sigh of relief, glad that Jiang Wu was taken care of, cursing Ma De for being so foolish.

Is the world of the apocalypse about fighting and killing, or is it about social relationships? I know impressive people who can deal with you in an instant.

Zhao Hai had a lingering doubt in his mind. Jiang Wu and Chen Luo were clearly not on the same level, so why was Chen Luo being so cautious and even creating opportunities for him?

In a one-on-one fight, Chen Luo could probably defeat Jiang Wu in an instant, right?

Well, when it came to a group brawl, who would bother with one-on-one duels?

Chen Luo took out Jiang Wu’s crystal once again, and no one dared to stop him. They all watched with a certain level of fear at this seemingly cheerful and handsome man who had actually taken out Jiang Wu in an instant.

Zhao Hai spoke up, saying, “Don’t worry, everyone. I won’t make things difficult for you. Jiang Wu was a fool. At times like this, we should all unite and clear out the zombies as soon as possible.”

“This fool wanted to rule and dominate, but you all know my character. Following me, you definitely won’t be at a disadvantage.”

This group of people had no loyalty to speak of; they were all loyal to themselves. As long as they could survive, it didn’t matter who they followed. Zhao Hai easily recruited them.

However, when it came to real combat, it was hard to say how many would run away.

Chen Luo went around Zhao Hai’s base but didn’t find anything he wanted. There were some sausages and cured meats, though.

Zhao Hai nervously watched from behind, wondering whether he should give in to Chen Luo’s request.

If he gave it to him, what would he and his brothers eat when they wanted to improve their meals? This could be considered a valuable resource.

If he didn’t give it, what if he offended Chen Luo? Could he find a way to evade it if Chen Luo insisted?

But who was kidding whom here? Could Chen Luo be interested in this meager offering?

Although Chen Luo had no fear of offending Zhao Hai and could easily take everything, it just wasn’t worth it for something like this.

Chen Luo checked the time and said, “I should go. There shouldn’t be no one at home.”

Zhao Hai breathed a sigh of relief. “Chen, my friend, thanks again for your help. You’ve come this far, so if you ever need assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Do you want someone to escort you back?” Zhao Hai offered.

Chen Luo waved his hand. “No need, but that golden Bentley, I won’t be polite about it.”

The villa area was inhabited by wealthy individuals, and there were plenty of luxury cars, but that golden Bentley was quite rare, and Chen Luo rather liked it.

Zhao Hai laughed, saying, “If Chen Brother likes it, feel free to take it. If I come across any good cars in my scavenging, I’ll make sure to send them to you promptly.”

Zhao Hai watched Chen Luo as he departed and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Knowing an impressive person has its advantages. Dealing with Chen Luo can even save your life in critical moments.”

As Chen Luo drove, encountering sporadic zombies, he simply rolled down the car window and threw a spatial sphere to clear them away.

Rice, sitting beside him, said, “Give me your phone; I can catch up on the TV series I was watching this morning.”

Chen Luo had no reason to refuse. Catching up on TV shows sounded like a good idea. In the evening, he wouldn’t have to deal with someone crying and clinging to him, disrupting his peaceful life.

Chen Luo thoughtfully fixed Rice’s phone onto a holder, turned on the screen, and resumed playback.

Rice watched with great interest.

Chen Luo glanced over and saw that it was a Historical period drama. He was currently watching a Taoist priest performing divination.

The Taoist priest calmly told the protagonist, “Young one, I see ominous signs in your recent future.”

Sure enough, the protagonist soon found himself in danger.

Rice became intrigued. “This person is even more impressive than I am.”

Chen Luo chuckled. The Taoist priest was acting, but Rice was the real deal.

Rice  imitated the Taoist priest on the phone, shaking his head and moving around, which Chen Luo found quite amusing. He was just too cute.

Rice, with his claws, attempted to practice divination as well.

Rice said, “I’ll divine for Mi Ling.”

Chen Luo chuckled at first but then felt a sudden surprise. Could it be that Rice was actually inspired and could perform real divination?

Suddenly, Rice turned pale and exclaimed, “I foresee that Mi Ling will have… a large chest!”

Chen Luo was taken aback. Ominous signs? Seriously? Was it true? He wasn’t at home right now, so could Mi Ling be in danger?

During lunchtime, Mi Ling wouldn’t usually go outside, especially when the weather was so hot. She had already completed her tasks in the morning, and even if she did go out, she would wait until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The Thunderbolt King was also at home, so what danger could there possibly be?

Chen Luo accelerated the car once again and then confirmed with Rice, “Is it really an ominous sign? Don’t scare me.”

Rice had a serious expression and said, “It really is a sign of a large chest.”

[1]The humor in this passage arises from the confusion between “大凶之兆” (sign of great misfortune) and “大胸之兆” (sign of having a large chest)IDK

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, they encountered a group of people blocking the road up ahead, about seven or eight individuals.

When Chen Luo and the others had arrived, these people had seen them but didn’t dare to act, as Chen Luo’s group was more numerous. However, on the way back to the city, Chen Luo was alone.

This group of people had blocked the two cars in the middle of the road, making it impossible for Chen Luo to drive through.

Chen Luo gave them a cold look but had no intention of wasting time with them. Getting home was the top priority, and he would deal with them once he had the chance.

Chen Luo got out of the car while holding Rice and immediately dashed towards the group at the fastest speed.

As they watched Chen Luo whiz past like the wind, the group of people stood there in shock.

They couldn’t even imagine that a human could unleash such incredible speed.

Chen Luo’s full-speed sprint was easily on par with the speed of a car, and he didn’t have to navigate obstacles like a vehicle.

In just five minutes, Chen Luo had arrived at the villa area.

The members of the group were groaning in pain, with most of them sporting bruises and swollen faces.

As for Mi Ling, it seemed that the divination had been accurate; she indeed had an ominous sign.


1 The humor in this passage arises from the confusion between “大凶之兆” (sign of great misfortune) and “大胸之兆” (sign of having a large chest)IDK

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