Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Great Fortune and Prosperity, Chicken Dinner Tonight

In the morning, the members would go out to kill zombies, and when their psychic abilities were nearly depleted, they would return. However, it didn’t mean they had no other duties; they would usually engage in training.

Back when there were fewer people, they could train on the small roads outside the villa or in the villa’s garden. But now, with 112 people, there wasn’t enough space, so they had moved their training to the center of the villa area, near an artificial lake.

Mi Ling, along with Shu Yun, Su Dazhu, Mi Li, and a few others, had chosen an open space on the side of the mountain.

As lunchtime approached, everyone waited for the moment to end their training and eat.

Everything began as usual, calm and routine.

Suddenly, a swarm of bees descended from the mountain. They were densely packed, larger in size than usual, and their stingers seemed sharper.

In the post-apocalyptic world, both humans and large animals have a chance of turning into zombies. This includes animals like cats, dogs, lions, tigers, and wolves.

A small portion of large animals that do not become zombies undergo mutations. There are also many large animals that neither become zombies nor mutate, like the Thunderbolt King.

Small-sized creatures like flies, mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches, ants, and similar organisms tend to mutate. Their history goes back even further than that of humans, and they won’t go extinct even if humans do. They are constantly adapting to this changed world.

The virus seems to induce genetic mutations in them, resulting in changes such as increased size, heightened toxicity, or enhanced reproductive abilities. There could even be rats as large as elephants.

The oceans have also seen many creatures undergoing mutations.

However, these mutations don’t occur as suddenly as humans turning into zombies; they take some time. Although mutations take time, these small-sized creatures have become highly aggressive.

Even if you don’t provoke them, they might attack you on their own.

A buzzing sound filled the air, causing Mi Ling and the others to turn pale.

If their levels were higher, they could create a flame shield around themselves, and these weaker bees would die upon approaching. But they hadn’t mastered that yet, and no one could cast large-scale spells.

The Thunderbolt King lay on the side, avoiding the attack.

The bees’ stingers couldn’t pierce the Thunderbolt King’s skin, but they aimed for his nostrils and ears.

When he was angry, the Thunderbolt King  could generate electrical arcs around him, but he couldn’t control it actively. He could easily kill a dozen or more bees with one breath, but would that even help?

The Thunderbolt King hesitated and decided to just dodge the swarm of bees.

Mi Ling and the others also hesitated. No one wanted to get stung, so they immediately started running, trying to shake off the bees and make them retreat on their own.

However, this swarm of bees was quite fast, and it was inevitable that some of them got stung. Each person received a few stings.

It was a bit painful, but not injurious. They ran awkwardly and soon reached the artificial lake.

Initially, Mi Ling and her group wanted to avoid the others, but they were surprised to find that these members were fearless. When they saw their leader’s wife and sister-in-law being stung, they were eager to teach the bees a lesson.

The bees looked numerous but were actually not that many, just a little over two thousand. On average, each person had to deal with over twenty bees, which was manageable.

Mi Ling, who had also been stung a few times, was furious and turned to deal with them. Everyone used various methods and eventually managed to kill the swarm of bees after some effort.

However, everyone was uncomfortable. Those who were lucky enough not to be stung were fine, but those who had been stung multiple times were in pain. Unfortunately, most of the stings were on their faces.

One exception was Mi Ling, who had a larger bee target her chest. Seizing the opportunity, it stung her chest aggressively.

Well, it seemed even bees had their lustful moments, and because of that lust, they made a heroic sacrifice.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief; getting stung was one thing, and it didn’t hurt much. However, what they didn’t anticipate was that these bees carried some venom. While the venom wasn’t very potent, the stung areas began to swell.

Those with physical abilities fared better as they had stronger poison resistance, but those with elemental abilities had a harder time.

Many people had swollen faces and looked quite disheveled. Mi Ling often used to say she had a heartache from anger, but this time, she genuinely felt chest pain.

When Chen Luo returned, the battle had already ended. He breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that everyone was safe and sound.

Mi Li hadn’t been stung on her face, and although she looked a bit startled, she didn’t seem upset. If something had happened to Mi Ling, Mi Li wouldn’t have reacted this way, so Chen Luo was relieved.

Chen Luo asked, “What happened?”

Shu Yun explained the situation with a bitter smile.

A swarm of bees?

Chen Luo chose his villa area as their base for two reasons: first, the conditions were indeed excellent, and second, there had been no powerful mutations here, making it a safe place.

Although there might be a butterfly effect, could there really be a swarm of bees here?

Chen Luo shook his head, unable to remember small details from many years ago.

Chen Luo asked Mi Li, “Where is your sister, and how is she?”

Mi Li looked around, saw no one, and then whispered, “My sister got stung in that place. It swelled up, so she went back to her room.”

Which place?

Seeing Mi Li’s embarrassed face and her reluctance to say more, Chen Luo quickly figured it out.

He couldn’t help but laugh. So, the “large chest” sign wasn’t the ominous sign he had thought of. Rice, you really should have been more clear in your words! You scared everyone.

Rice protested, “I did say it was a sign of a large chest!”

Well, you should have specified which “chest” you meant.

It seemed that Rice still needed some more education in basic communication skills.

Mi Ling didn’t come out for lunch; instead, Mi Li brought her food to her room. The bee venom wasn’t very potent, and Mi Li’s healing abilities had some effect against the poison. By the afternoon, Mi Ling had come out of her room.

Chen Luo subconsciously glanced at Mi Ling, he asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Mi Ling’s face turned even redder, and she felt embarrassed under Chen Luo’s gaze. “What are you looking at?” she replied, then promptly retreated back into her room.

Chen Luo muttered to himself in a low voice, “I was just showing concern. No appreciation for good intentions.”

After recovering, Chen Luo, along with some people, went in search of the individuals who had dared to block his way earlier. Fortunately, nothing happened, as wasting time could be fatal at times.

If someone dared to act like a bandit, they should be prepared to face consequences.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find them, maybe they were scared off by Chen Luo’s speed.

Back at home, Chen Luo held Rice and said, “Rice, how about you give me a fortune reading?”

Rice, surprisingly, could do fortune telling?! And it turned out to be quite accurate.

Rice imitated a fortune teller, shaking her head and swaying her body as she tried to give Chen Luo a reading.

After a minute of trying, Rice looked disheartened and said, “I didn’t sense anything.”

Chen Luo pondered, wondering if Rice could only predict something when it was about to happen or if her ability had a time limit.

In the evening, Mi Ling finally came out to eat, trying to maintain her composure as the events of the afternoon had been rather embarrassing.

After dinner, Rice, still concerned about not sensing anything in the afternoon, turned to Mi Li and said, “Let me give it a try for you.”

Mi Li, curious as well, agreed to let Rice attempt to predict something.

After a while, Rice’s face lit up with joy. She exclaimed, “I’ve got it!”

Curious, everyone asked, “What is it?”

Mi Fan shared the result with Mi Ling, Mi Li, and Chen Luo, saying, “Great fortune is coming; tonight, we’ll be winners!”

Everyone was shocked by the prediction.

Today, there will be three updates because the plot is quite interesting, isn’t it…

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