Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Dual Abilities

Chen Luo held Rice in his arms and allowed her to start absorbing the sixth-level crystal.

Rice was his precious little heart, and he couldn’t bear to let anything happen to her. If Rice felt any pain, it would hurt Chen Luo as well.

Under Chen Luo’s protection, Rice only experienced a slight discomfort. Chen Luo immediately removed the crystal from her hands.

After checking the remaining crystal’s power, Chen Luo saw that there was enough for Rice to use for another four or five days, which should be sufficient for her to advance from the third level to the fourth level.

Chen Luo had prepared a fourth-level wind crystal for Rice. The fourth-level crystal that had belonged to Jiang Wu would be given to Su Dazhu. There was still a bit of power left in the fifth-level fire crystal from the zombie, which he intended to give to Mi Ling.

He wanted them to reach the fourth level as soon as possible. It didn’t make sense for cats and dogs to be at the fourth level while his wife and brothers were still at the third level. Advancing to the fourth level would significantly improve their strength and relieve Chen Luo of many worries.

With three individuals at the fourth level, the overall strength of the base would make substantial progress. Chen Luo couldn’t be the only strong one. These crystals wouldn’t help Chen Luo much; it was impossible for them to help him reach the sixth level.

After finishing the absorption process, Rice looked at Chen Luo pitifully. It knew that at this moment, Chen Luo would leave it alone and go find Mi Li.

Chen Luo couldn’t resist those heart-melting big eyes. “How about we get closer and make our connection more accurate in the future?” Besides, if the cow worked too hard, the fields would suffer.

Chen Luo slept with Rice, and although Rice originally slept in the middle, it gradually climbed onto Chen Luo’s stomach. Chen Luo felt it but didn’t want to disturb Rice, so he allowed it to stay there. Rice then moved to Chen Luo’s neck during the night.

As dawn approached, Rice, still half-asleep, started kicking with its paws.

Chen Luo: “What are you doing with your fancy legwork?”

Rice continued its chaotic kicking, showcasing its “combination kicks.”

Chen Luo was subjected to the onslaught.

Chen Luo: “If I let you sleep on me again, I’ll turn into a dog.”


Not far from Chen Luo, the sky was just beginning to lighten. On the street, there were two men, one in his early twenties and the other around seventeen or eighteen.

The older one was lying on the ground, his face a bloody mess, and it seemed like he didn’t have much life left in him. He weakly gasped for breath and said, “Little brother, I’ve observed it. When you join the base in the villa area, it’s very safe there. You don’t need to constantly worry about the people around you turning on you.”

Xu Yang looked at his brother, crying out in anguish, “Brother, please don’t die. You’re the only family I have left. Join us together.”

His brother managed a weak smile and said, “I can’t make it. Right now, we only have two crystals in our possession, but according to the requirements, we need three. We’re still missing one.”

“But it didn’t specify that the crystals had to come from zombies. If I dig out my crystal, we’ll have enough for three, little brother, and you can join,” his brother said, growing weaker with each word, until his head drooped, devoid of strength.

Now, it was only Xu Yang left on the street, overwhelmed with grief.

As Xu Yang eventually dug out his brother’s crystal, his mindset underwent a profound transformation.

Wasn’t unity and mutual aid among survivors a good thing? Why insist on having three crystals?

Though we might have been somewhat timid at first, why not give us a chance to join you in killing zombies together?

Isn’t teaming up to eliminate zombies easier?

Why force my brother and me to kill zombies separately?

If not for your stringent joining requirements, my brother wouldn’t have died.

I hate all of you, and I will make every one of you pay for my brother’s death.

Xu Yang’s plan was to join Chen Luo’s group first and then find a way to infiltrate and sabotage them, eventually avenging his brother by bringing down Chen Luo and his group into the abyss.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Xu Yang, who had finally managed to rein in his anger and bitterness, arrived at the entrance of the villa area. The members on duty didn’t find it unusual. Every day, several, or even seven or eight, survivors who met the criteria joined the base. They presented crystals as proof and let the leader take a look, just to ensure there were no malicious intentions.

Allowing Chen Luo to take a look was mainly to check for any ill will. Since Chen Luo had little to do every day, he would often take a look himself.

Xu Yang, with a submissive demeanor, approached Chen Luo and forced a practiced smile.

The ability of Rice to detect malice was a passive one. As long as there was ill will towards it or someone it cared about, it could sense it.

Rice contributed its power tirelessly.

Rice said, “This person wants to kill you.”

Chen Luo listened without revealing any emotion on his face but felt puzzled. He had never left behind any potential threats; if he could eliminate someone, he did it on the spot. So, who would want to kill him?

As Xu Yang saw Chen Luo dressed casually, cradling a cute cat, his resentment grew stronger. Here you are, leisurely playing with your cat while others are risking their lives. You ought to die.

Xu Yang’s intense malice made Rice uneasy; it had never encountered such strong malice before. Chen Luo sneered; why was there malice here? All he needed to do was ask to find out.

Chen Luo chuckled and personally settled Xu Yang. The members on duty couldn’t believe it. Was this guy special, possessing unique abilities, or did he know their leader personally, escorting him personally? They couldn’t believe their luck.

Chen Luo asked Rice to return first as the scene wasn’t suitable to watch. He then led Xu Yang into the room where Jintao was located. It was a perfect opportunity to set an example.

Poor Jintao had his leg broken by Chen Luo, who then made him summon skeleton warriors for the members’ combat practice. There’s a saying, “Dishonesty breeds suspicion,” and Xu Yang’s arrival was timely.

As Xu Yang entered, Chen Luo wasted no time and delivered a resounding slap to his face. Xu Yang was hit so hard that he stumbled and fell to the ground. If Chen Luo hadn’t controlled the force deliberately, Xu Yang might have lost all his teeth.

Xu Yang was bewildered, wondering why he was being attacked. Jintao watched in fear and trembling. Indeed, why was he being attacked? Everything had seemed fine; he had just broken his leg later on.

Chen Luo smiled and asked, “Tell me, why did you want to kill me, or who sent you?”

Xu Yang was shocked. How could this person know that he wanted to kill him? It was impossible! He couldn’t even look directly at him. Xu Yang complained, “This is our first meeting. How could I possibly want to kill you? I sincerely want to join.”

Xu Yang couldn’t help but wonder if this was a test. Did every new person have to go through such a trial? Chen Luo delivered another resounding slap, and then another, and another. Xu Yang felt like the world was spinning, and he had lost several of his front teeth.

Was this really a test? Who would subject someone to such a test? Who could endure such a trial?

Unable to bear it any longer, Xu Yang decided that if he were hit again, he might be beaten to death. There was only one person here, and he had to give it his all. Xu Yang stood up with a cold expression, one hand crackling with lightning and the other producing a blazing fireball. Chen Luo’s pupils contracted; this man had dual abilities.

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