Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Rice’s Power

The Thunderbolt King was comfortably lying down, vigilantly surveying the surroundings. Suddenly, he felt a chilling sensation on his back and instinctively stood up to see what was happening.

Under normal circumstances, Rice would use its claws to grip onto the Thunderbolt King’s fur to prevent itself from falling or simply jump to the ground. However, the unconscious Rice had fallen to the ground.

The Thunderbolt King turned to look, and in an instant, his dog eyes widened, and his heart felt like it was about to leap out of his chest. He was terrified.

If something happened to Rice, how would he explain it to his owner? Moreover, Rice was alone with him, and there was no one around. What if his owner thought he had harmed Rice? Even with several mouths, he couldn’t explain it.

The Elder Dog was not cut out for this; he was afraid he might end up as dog meat.

Rice had blood at the corner of its mouth, but the King of the Law hadn’t jumped to conclusions about Rice’s injury-faking scheme yet.

The Thunderbolt King, trembling with fear, cautiously approached Rice and gently touched it, but there was no response.

The Thunderbolt King’s heart sank halfway, and he tried a few more times, but still no response.

He needed to inform his owner quickly.

The Thunderbolt King gripped the soft skin on Rice’s neck, placed Rice on a chair, and then dashed outside. When Chen Luo left, the Thunderbolt King had joyfully wagged his tail, bidding Chen Luo farewell. “When the master is away, I am the leader.”

So, the Thunderbolt King knew which direction Chen Luo had gone and was certain he hadn’t gone far. Even if he didn’t see him, the Thunderbolt King could track him by scent.

The Thunderbolt King ran directly towards Chen Luo, his heart filled with anxiety. His speed increased rapidly, soon surpassing that of Chen Luo, who was at the fifth level. It appeared as if a lightning bolt streaked by, and the Thunderbolt King moved dozens of meters in an instant.

It wasn’t teleportation but simply a result of his incredible speed, resembling a lightning strike. In this situation, the Thunderbolt King unexpectedly comprehended a new ability, “Flash of Lightning.”

Meanwhile, after Chen Luo had saved Xu Mingqing and witnessed Rice’s accurate prediction, he marveled at how bizarre this ability was. Could he, in the future, send death notices to people, and they would just drop dead?

If someone who wouldn’t have died otherwise received a death notice from Rice, would they still meet an untimely demise?

Rice had no combat abilities of its own, so this might be its only means of defense. If this were possible, it would truly be an unbeatable power.

Having verified Rice’s ability, Chen Luo saw no need to continue accompanying Xu Mingqing and the others. He turned back and headed in the direction of the base.

Not long after, Chen Luo encountered the fast-moving Thunderbolt King. The dog’s face was filled with anxiety, and he barked twice at Chen Luo before turning and running.

The Thunderbolt King knew Chen Luo would understand its meaning. Indeed, Chen Luo’s expression changed, and he followed the Thunderbolt King, sprinting at full speed towards the base.

In less than a minute, Chen Luo arrived at the base. The Thunderbolt King came to the side of the rocking chair, howling desperately.

It really doesn’t care about my affairs.

Seeing Rice lying on the chair, unmoving, with what appeared to be bloodstains on its face, Chen Luo’s heart sank to the bottom of a pit.

The pain was unbearable.

Chen Luo was genuinely panicked, quickly approaching Rice, picking it up, and checking its condition. He gently shook Rice, but there was no response. Chen Luo then touched Rice’s belly.

The heart was still beating, and the body was warm.

Still alive.

Chen Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

How could this happen? How could Rice be injured like this?

There were no injured members at the entrance, so it was unlikely that someone had attacked. Chen Luo’s eyes filled with a murderous intent as he asked, “Who did this?”

The Thunderbolt King shook its head, its eyes filled with confusion. The dog really didn’t know.

In the base, three Light Element users, Mi Li, Wang Ling, and Liu Qi, had all gone with the team to prevent injuries and provide timely treatment to the members. Chen Luo had no means of treatment and lacked medical supplies.

Mi Li was killing zombies not far from the base, so Chen Luo immediately carried Rice in search of Mi Li. He didn’t dare to run too fast, fearing it might harm Rice with the vibrations.

While running, Chen Luo thought about why Rice had been injured. Suddenly, he shuddered with realization. Rice had predicted Xu Mingqing’s death, and he had intervened to save him. Could this have caused Rice’s injury?

Weren’t they supposed to avoid altering fate?

Did changing the outcome lead to this?

However, Rice had predicted three times before, once for Mi Li and once for Mi Ling  and . When Mi Li was in danger, Chen Luo had intervened to save her. But back then, at the shopping mall, without Chen Luo, Mi Li might not have died since he wasn’t far away. As for Mi Ling, Chen Luo hadn’t intervened, yet Rice’s predictions didn’t seem to have backfired.  

So, despite three predictions, Rice hadn’t suffered consequences?

Soon, Chen Luo saw Mi Li, Mi Ling, and Su Dazhu not far away. Growing anxious, when he was about four to five hundred meters away, Chen Luo directly used Void Walk, instantly moving Rice to Mi Li’s side.

Chen Luo was a bit dumbfounded. Could his Void Walk now bring someone along with him? Not even in his previous life had he been able to do that. But now wasn’t the time to dwell on this.

Suddenly appearing, Chen Luo hesitated for a moment, but when Mi Li saw Rice in his arms, she exclaimed, “What happened to Rice?”

Even Mi Ling’s usually calm face instantly filled with deep concern.

Without waiting for Chen Luo to explain, Mi Li immediately started using healing magic on Rice repeatedly.

To Chen Luo’s great relief, Rice opened its eyes drowsily, though it seemed completely devoid of energy. Even with Mi Li’s continued healing magic, it had no effect.

Rice weakly said, “I’m fine.”

Rice appeared extremely drowsy.

Mi Li and the others didn’t have the heart to deal with zombies any longer and hurried back to the base.

Chen Luo, upon seeing Ma Yu, quickly said, “Make some fish soup for lunch and prepare something nourishing.”

Ma Yu didn’t ask any questions and got to work promptly.

After lunch, Rice’s condition finally improved slightly. Chen Luo cautiously asked, “Rice, how did you get injured?”

In any case, Chen Luo dared not let Rice make predictions casually anymore, and he certainly wouldn’t tamper with the results of Rice’s predictions. Unrelated people, ordinary members, could do as they pleased.

Rice spoke with lingering fear, “I had a feeling that my prediction was altered, and then I passed out.”

Chen Luo felt deeply remorseful for his reckless actions.

Rice carefully explained, “I feel like I’m at the center with three tracks around me, and you, Mi Li, and Mi  Ling orbit me, while the others are outside those tracks. If the three of you deviate from your paths, I can correct it, but if others deviate, I would be at great risk.”

Rice added in a strange tone, “The Thunderbolt King seemed to be desperately trying to enter the tracks, but it was actually the farthest from me. If I were to correct its path, I’m afraid I’d never get to eat fish again.”

Could it be that the Thunderbolt King had the strongest abilities?

How could anyone harm Rice, especially when Rice was so adorable?

This story is meant to be enjoyable, without causing distress to the readers or forcing the protagonist into difficult choices. I learned my lesson from the last book; I almost got roasted alive. *Cough cough* With fewer toxic elements, I can avoid most of them, and in case any do pop up, I can always make edits, can’t I?

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