Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17: The Sad King 17.1

Chen Jing realized from Chen Luo’s reaction that she had been tricked again. But why? Chen Luo had also thrown garlic on himself.

Chen Luo sneered and said, “Trick you? Didn’t you jump into it yourself? Did I force you to pour garlic on yourself?”

“I’ll tell you the truth, you’re doomed. Zombies are extremely sensitive to the smell of garlic,” Chen Luo said.

 Chen Jing was in despair and said, “I just want to survive, what’s wrong with that?”

Chen Luo coldly snorted, “There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s wrong to bully an honest person like my brother. In your own words, we all want to live, so is it wrong to sacrifice you?”

Chen Jing’s tea-making skills only worked on honest people. If someone had a more cunning personality, in the post-apocalyptic world, she could only be used as a tool for venting frustrations. If she could manage to get a little bit of life-saving energy every day, that would be good enough.

In her past life, Chen Jing thought she had found a new ally, but it turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare. Not everyone is like Su Dazhu.

The zombies were about to attack, and Chen Luo didn’t bother to waste any more time with Chen Jing. He took out his armor from the space and skillfully put it on.

Chen Jing was about to become a dead person. Dead people don’t reveal secrets. However, Chen Luo would tell Su Dazhu that his awakened supernatural ability was the ability to manipulate space.

Chen Luo’s armor shocked the two of them.

Chen Jing finally understood why Chen Luo had the confidence to pour garlic on himself earlier.

Chen Luo said, “Dazhu, find a room to hide in. Right now, you will only be a burden to me.”

Su Dazhu agreed. With this kind of armor, the zombies couldn’t hurt Chen Luo at all. He would only drag Chen Luo down if he stayed.

Chen Jing also wanted to find a room. The despair on her face disappeared, replaced by a look of flattery and servility.

“Brother Chen, give me a chance. After that, you can do whatever you want with me,” she pleaded.

Chen Luo chuckled. “I want you to die. Once you’re dead, I’ll let you go.”

The zombies were coming up the stairs. Chen Luo kicked Chen Jing into the midst of the zombies.

This time, Chen Jing completely lost it.

“Chen Luo, what did I do to offend you? Why have you been targeting me since we first met?” she screamed.

“Chen Luo, you will not have a good death,” she cursed.

Chen Luo looked coldly at the situation, indifferent. My heart had long grown cold. Anyone who hurt me or my brother in my past life couldn’t be spared.

My kindness is only reserved for those I care about.

Chen Jing had no more value to exploit. If it weren’t for showing Su Dazhu the cruelty of human nature, there wouldn’t be a need to go through all this trouble just to get rid of Chen Jing.

‘In order to deal with you, I haven’t even finished my dinner yet’” Chen Luo said coldly.

One Chen Jing is obviously not enough for the number of zombies here.”

The remaining zombies rushed towards Chen Luo, but were easily electrocuted by him.

Looking at the mess and blood on the ground, Chen Luo broke down.

“My home,” Chen Luo cried out, feeling helpless and defeated.

He had underestimated the situation, and his home of over a decade had now met with disaster.

Su Dazhu came out and looked at Chen Jing’s remains with a complex expression.

Chen Luo didn’t say much, instead, he told Su Dazhu to move all the bodies of the zombies out of the villa. How could anyone live there now?

After spending almost half an hour, the two of them finally managed to move all the corpses of the zombies to a road further away from the villa.

They had no other choice. Looking at the bloodstains all over the ground, Chen Luo was too lazy to clean it up. At this moment, it would be great if they had a little maid.

Ma Yu is a good choice, she works efficiently, but Chen Luo doesn’t know if she’s dead or not.

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