Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16: Chen Jing: “Did You Trick me?” 16.2

Su Dazhu nodded and said, “I’ll follow your lead, Brother Chen.”

Chen Luo pretended to go rest, but secretly called upon the Thunderbolt King.

“King, please go outside and lure a few zombies, around a dozen or so, and lead them here to us.”

 It is only in times of crisis that we can see people’s hearts. When disasters are imminent, a person’s true face and humanity can often be completely exposed.

The Thunderbolt King looked at Chen Luo with confusion.

 ‘I understand luring the zombies, but I don’t understand why you want to lead them back here to the house.’

Chen Luo glanced at the Thunderbolt King and said, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll understand when you get back.”

The Thunderbolt King obeyed and left.

Chen Luo first went downstairs and quietly opened the doors in the house. Then, he took four large garlic bulbs from his special space and ground them into garlic paste in the kitchen.

Garlic is not effective against zombies and its pungent odor actually attracts them rather than repels them. If someone has a strong and pungent smell on them, low-level zombies will swarm them and tear them apart.

Chen Luo took out two bowls of garlic juice and placed them on the table.

“Dazhu, don’t panic when we go out this time. When I came back from outside earlier, I saw someone tied a string of garlic around their body. The zombies kept retreating in fear,” said Chen Luo.

Chen Jing’s eyes lit up. In the movies, garlic is effective against zombies.

Su Dazhu also looked happy.

Chen Luo said regretfully, “It’s a pity that we only have this little garlic at home, enough for only two people. Let’s go to the supermarket and see if we can get more.”

At that moment, the roar of a group of zombies could be heard in the distance.

Clearly, the number of zombies was not small, definitely more than just one or two.

Chen Luo’s face changed dramatically.

The roar of the zombies grew louder and closer.

Soon, it was as if the sound was right next to them.

The iron door creaked and banged.

Chen Jing’s face turned pale, “Wasn’t the door locked?”

Upon hearing something, Chen Jing turned even paler and said, “The zombies have reached the first floor.”

Without hesitation, Chen Luo poured the garlic juice all over himself and pointed to the other bowl, saying to Su Dazhu, “Dazhu, use this bowl of garlic quickly.”

Despite feeling a bit disgusted with Chen Jing, Su Dazhu was a kind person at heart.

 He realized that if he used the garlic juice, Chen Jing would surely die.

With so many zombies approaching, they couldn’t handle the situation on their own.

If Chen Jing had any doubts about Chen Luo’s words before, she was now convinced that he wouldn’t deceive them.

Seeing Chen Luo pour the garlic juice over his own body, she had no more doubts.

Could it be that Chen Luo would harm himself?

There is only one bowl left, which means only one person can survive.

Chen Jing is very clever and immediately poured the garlic juice that Chen Luo had prepared for Su Dazhu onto herself without hesitation.

Chen Luo could have stopped her, but he didn’t.

Before the apocalypse, Chen Jing wouldn’t even touch garlic, let alone pour it all over herself. The smell was too pungent.

But now, she was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough garlic juice on her body. Seeing this, Su Dazhu was stunned for a moment.

Chen Luo instead laughed and said: “You see that, Dazhu? After the apocalypse, don’t be too nice to people because some of them are not human.”

In his previous life, Chen Jing not only had excellent tea-making skills, but was also ruthless.

When Su Dazhu and Chen Luo were injured, she stole all the supplies and sided with another person.

It almost made Chen Luo die of anger

Chen Jing’s face changed dramatically: “Did you trick me?”

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