Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16: Chen Jing: “Did You Trick me?” 16.1

Many girls have the habit of carrying snacks with them wherever they go.

Chen Jing is one of them.

As soon as she sees a zombie, she understands that a disaster has occurred, and many disasters are long-lasting, so supplies are crucial.

Having food and drink can greatly enhance survival time and wait for the country’s rescue.

Although Su Dazhu saved her, Chen Jing was not willing to share her snacks with him.

After hiding with Su Dazhu for a long time, she also became hungry and uncomfortable. Originally, she wanted to find an excuse to avoid Su Dazhu and secretly eat some by herself.

But she didn’t know how long this disaster would last. Chen Jing thought it would be better to wait until she was really hungry and had no food left before eating her snacks.

Unexpectedly, those two scoundrels, King and Chen Luo, exposed the snacks in her backpack.

Before that, Chen Jing had always claimed that she didn’t have anything on her.

Chen Jing’s mind went blank. It wasn’t the exposure of the snacks that was the most important thing, but rather the fact that she had offended two men. In the future, it would be unlikely for her to get any supplies from them for free.

Especially this Chen Luo, who seemed to be intentionally targeting her.

As Chen Luo looked at the backpack full of snacks, he couldn’t help but feel pleased. To be fair, he knew that Chen Jing would hoard supplies in the future, but he didn’t expect her to have so many snacks on her before the apocalypse.

Her ugly face was exposed a little bit more.

“Hehe, just looking at it makes me hungry. I won’t be polite then,” Chen Luo said.

He immediately inserted a straw into a bottle of Wahaha and gulped it down after a few sips.

 He also handed some beef jerky and potato chips to Su Dazhu and said, “Dazhu, are you still hungry? Take these and eat until you’re full. Once we’re full, we can go get some supplies.”

This time, Su Dazhu didn’t show any politeness towards Chen Luo. He immediately took the snacks and gave Chen Jing a cold look.

Earlier that morning, he had risked his life to save Chen Jing. When she couldn’t climb over the wall into the villa, he had climbed back over and helped her over.

He had almost been caught by zombies in the process. And yet, even though she had snacks, she had lied and said she had none. It was clear that she didn’t want to share with him.

Su Dazhu wasn’t naive, but he didn’t have a suspicious mind and wasn’t naturally inclined to think badly of others. However, in this situation, there was no reason to be polite to Chen Jing.

Upon realizing what was happening, Chen Jing screamed and rushed towards them. “That’s my stuff, give it back to me!” she exclaimed. But Chen Luo pushed her down to the ground.

Chen Jing fell to the ground and started crying, “You two men are bullying a little girl, what kind of men are you?”

Chen Luo sneered, ‘Go ask the zombies if they care whether you’re a man or a woman.’

 Though Chen Jing’s true colors were exposed a bit, it wasn’t enough for Su Dazhu to deeply understand human nature.

He needed to teach Chen Jing a lesson. Soon, Chen Luo had a plan.

Instead, Chen Luo comforted Chen Jing: “Why are you crying? We need to eat to have the strength to search for resources. You don’t have to come with us this time. We will return what we’ve eaten and double it when we come back.”

Chen Jing also realized that no matter what, she couldn’t argue with Chen Luo and Su Dazhu. It would do her no good and might even lead her to a worse situation. She had no one to speak for her if things went wrong.

Chen Jing, with tears in her eyes, said apologetically, “It’s my fault. I had a traumatic experience when I was young, and I know my personality is not good. I’m sorry, it’s just my instinctive reaction.”

  She continued to babble on, making up a story about how miserable she was in her childhood.

Chen Luo couldn’t help but admire Chen Jing’s ability to come up with such a story on the spot.

 He ate a few jelly candies and gave the rest to Su Dazhu.

Chen Jing looked on with a heartache as her food supplies were all gone.

Chen Lu said, “Dazhu, let’s take a one-hour break and then go check out the supermarket at the entrance.”

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