Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15: King’s Bread 15.2

Given Su Dazhu’s personality, if he gave him something good to eat, Su Dazhu, who hadn’t seen Chen Jing’s real face clearly, would definitely share it with her.

It’s absolutely impossible, Chen Luo already felt very distressed when he gave Chen Jing the trump card bread.

They needed to quickly take care of Chen Jing, otherwise, it would become inconvenient for them.

Chen Luo clapped his hands and the three of them sat down on the sofa.

Chen Luo spoke in a deep voice: “We have run out of food, we must quickly get some. Let’s take advantage of the fact that no one has gone to the supermarket at the entrance of the community and take as much as we can.”

Su Dazhu said: “Brother Chen, let’s go now. I’ll cover you, and you can use the electric baton. As long as I’m not dead, the zombies won’t be able to harm you.”

Chen Luo shook his head, “That won’t work. Even with this electric baton fully charged, it can only kill four zombies. I’ve checked, and there are more zombies at the supermarket. But I have a better plan.”

Chen Luo pointed to Chen Jing, “Little sister, you are petite and fast. You can lure the zombies away while Dazhu and I go to the supermarket to get supplies. Then we can meet back at home.”

Chen Jing was stunned, asking her to lure the zombies away?

Chen Jing said with a hint of grievance, “Brother Chen, I’ve been weak and sickly since I was young, and I’m not really fast. Won’t I be sent to my death?”

Chen Luo snorted, “Then I’ll be responsible for luring the zombies away. You and Dazhu can go get supplies.”

Chen Jing didn’t want to do it either. It was too dangerous.

Chen Jing spoke in a teary voice, “Brother Chen, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but I only had one slice of bread that you gave me this morning. I’m afraid I won’t have enough strength and will only become a burden to you and Brother Su Dazhu.”

Chen Luo was unhappy and said, “Then what can you do? You can’t just sit back and let me and Dazhu take all the risks while you reap the benefits.”

Chen Jing was completely taken aback. She never thought that Chen Luo would not show any mercy or chivalrous spirit towards her. Shouldn’t men take care of women?

Chen Jing was surprised that she was also expected to go along.

 She could only look pitifully at Su Dazhu, hoping he would say a few fair words for her.

Chen Luo did not give her a chance and coughed, “I haven’t had water since morning, and my throat is smoking. It’s my fault for not stocking up on bottled water, and I don’t know if the tap water is contaminated.”

He continued, “Why don’t you try it, Chen Jing? If it’s okay for you, then I won’t need you to come with us.”

Chen Jing was already angry.

Wasn’t this something a man should do?

Using her as a guinea pig?

 Even she didn’t dare to drink water because she was afraid it might be contaminated.

 Su Dazhu was there the whole time, and she didn’t even dare to drink the bottled water in her backpack, afraid that Su Dazhu would ask for it.

Why do I have to do something?

If I could do it, why would I need them to do it for me?

Chen Jing whispered, “I can help you guys with the laundry and take care of your daily needs. Chen Ge, please don’t make things difficult for me.”

Coincidentally, Chen Jing caught a glimpse of King and exclaimed in delight, “I have an idea! We can let dog try the tap water and see if it’s drinkable.”

The Thunderbolt King looked at Chen Jing in confusion. ‘Even though I’m not human, you’re really a dog,’ he said.

“You want me to be your guinea pig?

Damn it, I want to bite you.”

The furious King angrily pounced on Chen Jing, who was holding onto a backpack she had been carrying all along.

She screamed in terror and clung tightly to the backpack, which revealed its contents and exposed her true identity.

The Pope barked towards Chen Luo.

 Chen Luo’s eyes lit up.

“Is there something good? Let me take a look.”

Can Chen Jing win against a person and a dog working together as a team?

“Chen Luo forcefully opened Chen Jing’s backpack.

Wow, there’s a lot of food inside.”

“There was a large bag of beef jerky, two chocolate bars, a bag of potato chips, a dozen small jellies, and two bottles of Wahaha in it.”

(Wahaha is a brand of bottled water in China.)

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