Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15: King’s Bread 15.1

“Brother Chen, my name is Chen Jing, maybe we are still related, perhaps we were even one family 500 years ago.”

In a world where appearance matters, even if someone is skilled in tea making, others may not want to drink from them if they are ugly.

This Chen Jing has a petite and delicate quality, and she looks pretty good, almost reaching the level of a school beauty.

Chen Luo interrupted, “Let’s not talk about this. Let’s hurry and go. It’s always troublesome to encounter zombies.”

Chen Jing was calculating in her mind. She needed to strengthen her relationship with Chen Luo. With two men protecting her, she could wait for national rescue as much as possible.

In the early stages of the apocalypse, almost everyone held on to the fantasy that the disaster was only temporary. But the longer they waited, the more desperate they became.

On their way, Chen Luo encountered two zombies and killed them with his electric baton. Chen Jing was thrilled to see this, and the more powerful the electric baton was, the more reassured she felt.

Upon entering the house, Chen Jing was surprised by the layout and decoration of Chen Luo’s home.

The location, environment, and size of this villa were obviously much better than the one they had previously stayed in. If she could wait for national rescue at the same time win over Chen Luo, wouldn’t that be killing two birds with one stone?

Besides, Chen Luo was neither an old grump nor a weirdo. He was even more handsome than those so-called ‘little fresh meat’ idols.

At that moment, Su Dazhu’s stomach growled in protest.

If the apocalypse was caused by a certain virus, it could turn people into zombies, awaken superpowers in them, or even alter their physical attributes.

Su Dazhu was one of those who had undergone physical transformation. In fact, the virus had many benefits for survivors, but the cost was an increased demand for energy in the body.

Poor Su Dazhu hadn’t eaten much in the morning and now it was approaching evening, he was starving and his stomach was growling.

To their surprise, the previous villa they had stayed in had no food at all. The owner of that villa was usually not around, so there was nothing to eat.

Chen Jing also looked up at Chen Luo with a shy expression on her face.

Chen Luo said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go get some food.”

He walked towards the refrigerator and left three slices of bread. He then stored everything else in his special space ability.

Chen Luo divided the three slices of bread into two portions. One portion had one slice, while the other portion had two slices. He had a mischievous smile on his face, as if he had a plan in mind.

‘Isn’t it too cheap of me to just give this to you like this to eat?’

Chen Luo called for the Thunderbolt King and rubbed a piece of it deep in King’s butt.

King was completely unhappy about it.

Chen Luo smirked, ‘Let me add some spice to it for you’.

 He approached the two of them and regretfully said, “Ah, there’s only this much food at home, so please make do with it.”

Su Dazhu hesitated and said, “Chen Ge, you should keep it for yourself.”

 Chen Luo replied indifferently, “Hey, it’s fine. We can go to the supermarket to get some food when we have the chance.”

Then Chen Luo said to Chen Jing, “You’re a woman and have a small appetite, so it’s not unfair to give you just a piece, right?”

Although she was dissatisfied, given Chen Jing’s personality, she would never openly say such a thing.

Besides inwardly, she also thought that Chen Luo was right: Su Dazhu needed to be full of energy to find food for her.

Su Dazhu was really hungry and devoured the two pieces of bread in three bites, but it was clear that he still wanted more.

Chen Jing also didn’t want to show weakness and stuffed the whole piece of bread into her mouth.

Suddenly, Chen Jing’s expression became strange.

Something was off about the taste of the bread?

 The Thunderbolt King looked at Chen Jing in horror. How could she dare to eat the bread that had touched his butt? ‘I think I left a piece of something in the bread.’

Chen Luo had a smile on his face and seemed calm, but he was actually ecstatic inside.

‘It’s your honor to be able to smell the Thunderbolt King’s butt.’

As he watched Su Dazhu rubbing his stomach from time to time, Chen Luo realized that while tormenting Chen Jing for a long time was certainly enjoyable, Su Dazhu would also suffer alongside her

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