Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14: Green Tea 14.2

Just as the Thunderbolt King returned with a smug face, eagerly seeking recognition, Chen Luo chuckled and patted the dog’s head.

Holding an electric baton, Chen Luo loudly called out, “Su Dazhu, where are you?”

The vision of zombies is not very good, but their hearing and sense of smell are exceptionally developed, and shouting loudly can attract them.

But is Chen Luo afraid of this?

In a room in a villa, Su Dazhu was hiding with a quiet girl. When he heard Chen Luo’s shout right next to him, he couldn’t help but complain.

“This guy must be crazy. He’s not afraid of attracting the zombies and getting himself killed, but he better not get us killed,” Su Dazhu couldn’t help but stand up in frustration.

It was Brother Chen.

With Brother Chen’s intelligence, he should have known that this was very dangerous.

But Brother Chen actually used this method to find him?

Su Dazhu’s relationship with Chen Luo wasn’t that close, but he was still moved by this.

Su Dazhu walked to the window and saw Chen Luo, and the quiet girl also came over.

Just as they looked, a zombie was attracted, but Chen Luo calmly electrocuted it.

Su Dazhu and the quiet girl witnessed this scene.

The quiet girl was not the owner of this villa, but had escaped with Su Dazhu when the apocalypse broke out.

The quiet girl was shocked by the power of the electric baton. If she had one of these for self-defense, she wouldn’t be afraid of encountering zombies anymore. No wonder this person had such great courage.

Su Dazhu shouted, “Brother Chen, I’m here.”

Chen Luo also saw Su Dazhu and couldn’t help but smile. Good brother, you’re doing well.

But when he saw the gentle and delicate girl, Chen Luo’s expression darkened.

Damn it, how could he forget about that green tea b*tch, Chen Jing?

(In case your wondering, Grean tea B**ch is an internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain way in order to portray herself as pure and innocent.)

In his past life, he and Su Dazhu had been quite miserable because of Chen Jing.

Chen Jing was very scheming. When the purified water ran out, she was afraid that the tap water was risky and might turn her into a zombie if she drank it.

As a result, she used Su Dazhu as a guinea pig.

“Brother Dazhu, have some tea,” she said in front of Su Dazhu without any warning.

Since they teamed up, Chen Jing had always told Su Dazhu that she felt safe with him around. With Chen Luo, she said, “Brother Chen, I don’t know why, but I feel familiar with you the moment I see you.”

When it came to distributing food, Chen Jing always hid a portion for herself. She pretended to be hungry and in pain, but never asked for food. She would act pathetic, such as fainting from hunger.

After Su Dazhu shared his food with her, she would thank him with tears, claiming that he had saved her life, while still having a backpack full of food.

With her impressive tea-making skills, Su Dazhu was played by Chen Jing.

As he remembered all this, Chen Luo’s anger flared up. He wished he could slap Chen Jing to death right now.

However, Chen Luo calmed down and realized that he couldn’t kill Chen Jing yet.

If he did so, Su Dazhu, who was unaware of her actions, might become distant from him, ultimately causing their relationship to deteriorate.

It’s fine, it’s a good opportunity to use Chen Jing to let Su Dazhu understand the treacherousness of human nature.

Beating Chen Jing to death with one slap won’t solve anything, I’ll find a way to deal with her.

Chen Luo said, “Dazhu, come with me to my house, so we can have each other’s backs.”

Su Dazhu nodded eagerly. Two men together would indeed have each other’s backs, and he had a feeling that he couldn’t go wrong by following Chen Ge.

In the morning, Brother Chen warned him about the potential danger, but he didn’t expect it to actually happen.

Chen Jing also agreed thinking that it was safer to stay with this Brother Chen who had an electric baton.

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