Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14: Green Tea 14.1

The closer they got to the city center, the more zombies there were.

 Along the way, there were more and more vehicles that had crashed due to sudden loss of control.

In the capital, there were so many cars that they had to implement even-odd license plate restrictions to control the traffic.

On the bustling streets, hundreds of cars were piled up, blocking the entire road. Even if Chen Luo drove a heavy truck or a tank, it would be impossible to pass without moving the obstructing vehicles.

Fortunately, Chen Luo’s villa was located in a relatively quiet area with mountains and rivers nearby and fewer people and vehicles. He deliberately chose less congested routes, even if it meant taking a longer route and spending more time on the road.

Sometimes, when encountering a situation where two or three cars were blocking the road, Chen Luo would simply accelerate and crash through them.

The small cars would be sent flying, and he would continue his bumpy journey back home.

After finally arriving, Chen Luo let out a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that it was not an easy task.

Looking around, Chen Luo decided to park his heavy truck by the side of the road instead of driving it into the villa area.

Despite its power, the heavy truck had its drawbacks – it lacked flexibility and had difficulty navigating certain roads that smaller cars could easily pass through.

The roads within the villa area were not wide enough to accommodate the heavy truck, and even if he managed to drive it in, it would be difficult to get it out again.

Let’s not mention Chen Luo’s reverse driving skills.

 “King, get out and lure the zombies away, then wait for me inside the villa area,” Chen Luo said, pointing in the direction of the villas.

King understood and jumped out of the car, barking loudly.

The heavy truck attracted over 20 zombies, but they were immediately distracted by King’s presence. Being a dog, he was naturally fast, and it was unlikely that any of the zombies could catch up to a healthy, adult dog.

With his awakened abilities, King’s speed was even greater. He was now as fast as lightning and incredibly agile, easily dodging the slow-moving zombies of different sizes.

 As King’s barking faded into the distance, Chen Luo chuckled to himself, realizing that even though King    wasn’t particularly gifted, he was still an excellent partner to have.

At least King wouldn’t betray him.

Chen Luo could easily kill these zombies, but instead, he let King lure them away. The reason was simple: he wanted the zombies to guard his truck while he was inside the villa area.

Without zombies, there was a risk that someone might approach the heavy truck and cause damage, even if they couldn’t drive it away.

These zombies were free labor, and it would be a shame not to make use of them.

Chen Luo walked to the entrance of the villa area and saw two security guard zombies, but there was no sign of Su Dazhu.

 He breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that a butterfly effect might occur, causing the world to change and Su Dazhu to become a zombie. In that case, Chen Luo would have no way to help him.

After easily dispatching a few zombies with his electric baton, Chen Luo began searching for Su Dazhu.

He remembered that when the apocalypse broke out, Su Dazhu had fled to the interior of the villa area and climbed over a wall to hide in a villa.

They hadn’t worked together at that time.

Later, when they ran out of food and went to the supermarket in the villa area to look for supplies, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu coincidentally met and became partners.

Chen Luo couldn’t bear to wait for more than a month to be reunited with Su Dazhu. As brothers, he missed him terribly. (Note “I’m not a fujoshi, my interests are normal.”)

Furthermore, Chen Luo couldn’t bear the thought of Su Dazhu suffering from hunger for more than a month. “You’ll eat what I eat,” he thought.

In addition, Su Dazhu was not aware of the existence of the crystal in the early stages, which caused him to miss the early development time. Chen Luo had to tell him this time.

However, Chen Luo couldn’t remember which villa Su Dazhu had hidden in, only that it was in some peripheral area.

This did not daunt Chen Luo, as he dared to use techniques that others were afraid to use.

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