Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.2

During this period, as long as survivors have the courage, they can obtain some relatively easy-to-get supplies.

They have not yet experienced despair, or in other words, they have not tasted what it’s like to be hungry.

If someone is full, and you run over to them and say, “Come with me,” they may not follow you. However, if they have been hungry for a long time, and you offer them a loaf of bread, it would be like a timely help in their time of need.

Which situation is more effective?

It goes without saying.

Besides, experiencing hunger is necessary for proper training.

Even if it’s Mi Ling and Mi Li that Chen Luo is envious of, they must also experience hunger for a period of time. Chen Luo is not in a hurry.

Why should I take you with me, a person with blonde hair?

What should I do if you come aboard with a stick and hit me while I’m driving?

Chen Luo continued to drive without slowing down.

If you dare to block the road and refuse to leave, I really will dare to hit you.

As he watched the heavy truck that showed no sign of slowing down, the person with blonde hair became stunned.

Even if you’re not going to help, could you at least stop the car and say something?

What do you mean by driving like you’re going to kill me?

People nowadays really have no sense of public morality.

As the heavy truck approached him within just a dozen meters, the person with blonde hair quickly made way.

As the heavy truck brushed past him and was about to drive away, the person with blonde hair cursed angrily.

“CNMD, just wait for me, I’ll get back at you when I have the chance.”

“CNMD” is an internet slang in Chinese, which stands for (cǎo ní mǎ de) in Mandarin. It is a euphemism for a vulgar phrase in Chinese that is considered offensive. A possible English equivalent would be “f*** you” or “screw you”.

Hearing this, Chen Luo’s face darkened, and he stopped the car.

There is no doubt about what the person with blonde hair said. If he has the chance and ability in the future, he will definitely seek revenge.

“I need your help, and you must help me. If you don’t, I’ll hold a grudge. That’s human nature.”

For example, borrowing money.

Normally, holding a grudge means talking behind someone’s back or playing small tricks on them.

But in the post-apocalyptic world, people can die from it.

Chen Luo didn’t want to deal with the person with blonde hair, but he couldn’t just leave him alone.

As he had said before, the person with blonde hair had threatened him, even though it was a very small threat that could be ignored.

Chen Luo said to the Thunderbolt King, “Did you hear what he said? He said he wants to eat dog meat.”

The Thunderbolt King was stunned, “Although I cannot understand all languages, I’m sure he didn’t say those two words.”

When Chen Luo stopped the car, the person with blonde hair rushed over with the wooden stick in his hand.

The car door opened, and the Thunderbolt King jumped directly out of the car.

The Thunderbolt King looked fiercely at the person with blonde hair as if saying ‘Whether you want to eat dog meat or not, if the master says you have to die, then you must die.’

A dog jumped out of the car, leaving the person with blonde hair stunned.

But he remained composed and sneered, “Watch my dog-beating technique.”

The person with blonde hair lifted the wooden stick and was about to strike fiercely at the Thunderbolt King.

The Thunderbolt King’s dog eyes flashed with disdain. ‘I have magic. Do you really think I would engage in hand-to-hand combat with you?’

After more than half a day, the Thunderbolt King had fully recovered the power he had consumed that morning.

A purple electric arc shot towards the person with blonde hair as soon as the Thunderbolt King opened his mouth.

The person with blonde hair was caught off guard and got hit, causing his hair to stand on end.

Although the Thunderbolt King had only recently mastered his lightning ability, it still had considerable lethality against ordinary people and low-level zombies.

Yellow Hair fell to the ground, his hair standing on end from the electric shock.

Chen Luo calmly said, “Finish him off, don’t use the power of thunder and lightning.”

He wanted to train the Thunderbolt King by letting him take action.

So far, they had only encountered minor threats, but they would face more difficult battles in the future.

Chen Luo also knew that using the lightning to finish off the Blonde man would consume the Thunderbolt King’s energy, which was not a wise choice.

Previously, the Thunderbolt King had only killed zombies and had not killed any survivors, except for the incident with Zhang Meng, where he only knocked her down.

Despite being a dog, Thunderbolt King needed this experience.

The Thunderbolt King hesitated for a moment, but under Chen Luo’s gaze, he used his sharp teeth to bite off  the blonde man’s throat.

 Although the Thunderbolt King was a dog, he had to learn how to kill to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

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