Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1

After getting off the car, Chen Luo prepared to start collecting supplies. The watchdog, Thunderbolt King, was stationed outside the cold storage. It would alert Chen Luo if someone approached.

Chen Luo first opened his own meat storage room and collected all the meat he had stored. He couldn’t come here before the apocalypse because he hadn’t paid the final payment of two hundred million yuan.

If the supplies disappeared, it would attract unwanted attention.

With the meat safely collected, Chen Luo felt much more at ease. He didn’t care if anyone else had meat to eat in the future, as he and Su Dazhu had enough to last them a long time.

But there was still more to be done. All the useful supplies in the cold storage had to be taken away.

Chen Luo opened the door to the second cold storage.

The supplies inside made Chen Luo’s mouth twitch in annoyance.

The entire warehouse was filled with garlic, who knows how many tons of it.

What am I going to do with so much garlic?

This is just ridiculous.

Well, garlic is a common seasoning in daily cooking, and with more people around, it wouldn’t take long to use up a lot of it. Stir-fry dishes and other recipes also require garlic.

He decided to take it all.

Onto the next warehouse.

Damn it.

It’s ginger.

A whole warehouse of ginger.

No wonder they have the names “Garlic You Mean Business” and “Ginger You Army”. Could it be that these nicknames were created by you shady traders for marketing purposes?

The next warehouse brought a pleasant surprise for Chen Luo.

There were large quantities of pork trotters and other pork offal, such as pig hearts, lungs, and livers.

It was still acceptable. Chen Luo had hoarded mostly pork meat, so this was a good supplement.

In the next warehouse, there were frozen chicken feet, wings, and legs.

There were also many duck heads, but Chen Luo hesitated since he didn’t eat duck heads.

He decided to take them anyway, as he didn’t want to miss out on anything.

There were also whole chickens and ducks in the warehouse.

In the next warehouse, Chen Luo’s eyes lit up when he saw boxes of frozen prawns. It seemed to be a warehouse storing seafood.

There were all kinds of fish and seafood.

Chen Luo randomly opened a box and found it filled with freshwater prawns.

This delicacy was delicious even with just directly boiling it in water.

Chen Luo happily took them all.

Prawns, we’re taking you with us.

To Chen Luo’s surprise, there was also a significant amount of tea stored in the warehouse, even though he rarely drank tea. He decided to take it all.

What surprised Chen Luo even more was the abundance of ice cream and frozen desserts.

There were also a decent amount of fruits and vegetables that he decided to take as well.

Chen Luo did the math and realized that he had around 60,000 tons of goods.

A full load of cold storage, how satisfying!

It took Chen Luo half a day to store all the supplies into his space ability. There was just too much stuff.

He was satisfied and returned with a full load.

He drove a heavy truck, and as for the car he originally used, he left it behind without a second thought. Cars were abundant in the city, but the heavy trucks that Chen Luo carefully selected were rare.

He hummed a little tune, intending to check on Su Dazhu first before heading to the grain depot at a later time.

The cold storage and grain depot were over a hundred kilometers apart, not exactly close.

If he happened to pass by, he would go straight there.

Along the way, in the half-day since the apocalypse started, there were no zombies that could stop Chen Luo. He drove into a small road and didn’t see any zombies on that path.

As a heavy truck approached on the road, a blonde man hiding behind a tree saw it and looked pleased.

Although this place was temporarily safe from zombies, they couldn’t stay here forever without food and drink. If only he could hitch a ride with this truck, it would be great.

The blonde man clenched his wooden stick and ran to the center of the road, shouting loudly, “Master, please help me and give me a ride!”

Chen Luo remained expressionless and knew that stopping was not an option.

Apart from Su Dazhu, Chen Luo would not take in anyone within the first month of the apocalypse.

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