Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12: Just Passing by 12.2

Zhang Meng blushed slightly, feeling a bit proud. In an environment full of rough men like the cold storage, wasn’t she the only beauty there?

When people hear praise repeatedly, some of them start to believe it.

The three of them went down from the rooftop and headed straight for Chen Luo.

Zhang Meng tried to use a sweet voice and said, “Hello, thank you for saving us.”

Tong Yuanhang and Gu Tao also tried to show a warm and grateful smile.

Before, when they were on the rooftop, the sky was getting dark, and Chen Luo didn’t really notice them.

Chen Luo narrowed his eyes, wondering if they were going to demand that he take them away. If he refused, would they attack him?

He didn’t act hastily and asked, “Are there only a few of you here?”

Zhang Meng’s expression dimmed as she nodded, “Yes, only the three of us survived.”

Suddenly, Chen Luo became alert as Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang began to approach him from both sides. Among strangers, people tend to keep a distance of about three meters, and only those who are familiar with each other will approach within one meter.

Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang decisively acted and each pressed their hands on Chen Luo’s shoulders.

They were very confident as they did heavy lifting work all year round, and their strength was much greater than that of an ordinary person.

Armor was only effective in defending against zombies. If it weren’t for being cautious, neither one of them could easily subdue Chen Luo.

Chen Luo sneered inwardly, thinking, “What the heck, I haven’t even made a move, and you’re the ones acting first?”

They had just thanked him for saving them, but now they were turning on him? If Chen Luo wasn’t prepared and was just an ordinary person in this situation, he would have been in trouble.

In a harsh environment like this, the ugliness of human nature is amplified infinitely.

Kindness is the most worthless and harmful thing in the apocalypse.

As Gu Tao held Chen Luo’s shoulder, he couldn’t help but feel pleased and said, “Brother, don’t resist. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you.”

“Woof woof.”

At that moment, Thunderbolt King who had been running around returned and saw the scene. His face immediately showed a fierce expression.

Gu Tao and his companions were taken aback, there’s a dog too?

It was getting dark, and they couldn’t see clearly.

But the three of them didn’t take it seriously. Thunderbolt King didn’t look big and strong.

However, even before Thunderbolt King move, Chen Luo suddenly pulled out two electric batons, approaching Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang’s bodies.

The dead wouldn’t expose Chen Luo’s secret of being able to suddenly take things.

The power of these electric batons had been tested before, and Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang screamed in agony, their bodies shaking uncontrollably, involuntarily releasing Chen Luo.

Zhang Meng was stunned by the turn of events, and as she watched Chen Luo approach with the electric batons, she screamed in terror, “Don’t kill me!”

What’s wrong with you? Are you too afraid to face the consequences of your actions?

Zhang Meng wanted to run, and with the speed she had mustered during the moment of danger, it wasn’t easy for Chen Luo in his armor to catch up.

But it doesn’t matter, the Thunderbolt King quickly caught up and brutally rammed into Zhang Meng from behind, causing her to fall and roll in a humiliating manner.

Chen Luo stepped forward to finish off Zhang Meng.

Looking at the bodies of the three, Chen Luo suddenly burst out laughing.

So, sometimes you have to strike first. Otherwise if you wait for others to make a move before counterattacking it might be too late

Chen Luo got on the truck and drove it close to the cold storage, then turned the vehicle around, running over the three soft objects in the process.

There was no other meaning, he just happened to pass by.

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