Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12: Just Passing by 12.1

At this moment, three survivors on the rooftop of the cold storage were carefully observing Chen Luo.

They were all employees of the cold storage, two men and one woman.

The two men were the cold storage’s movers, Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang. They were strong and in their thirties.

The woman was the cold storage’s accountant, Zhang Meng, who was in her twenties and had a delicate and pretty appearance.

During the outbreak of the apocalypse, Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang were sitting by the cold storage chatting since they didn’t have any tasks to do. They were a bit far from the others.

When they saw the zombies, they were so scared that they almost wet themselves. They didn’t have the courage to break through the zombie blockade, so they quickly entered the cold storage and climbed the stairs to the rooftop, where they sealed the entrance.

Zhang Meng was lucky because she wasn’t in the office at the time.

After discovering the mutation, Zhang Meng screamed and ran away. She happened to see Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang and followed them up to the rooftop.

The zombies noticed the three of them, but they had no way of reaching them on the rooftop, so they just blocked the area below. When Chen Luo arrived, the zombies attacked him instead.

They witnessed Chen Luo using a truck to crush the zombies, which impressed them.

Zhang Meng exclaimed excitedly, “Let’s ask him to take us with him and leave!”

Tong Yuanhang said, “This truck has a carriage, and the cab alone can accommodate five or six people. I’m really worried about my wife at home. If we drive this truck, we can be relatively safe.”

They had all witnessed how the truck killed over a hundred zombies, and they knew it was a reliable vehicle.

But Gu Tao shook his head while smoking a cigarette and said, “It’s only spacious in some areas. There are a lot of cars in the city, and it’s hard to move quickly. If we get blocked, we’ll still be trapped and waiting for death.”

Zhang Meng expressed her concern, “When the mutation just happened, the internet was still working, and I searched online. Many netizens said they saw zombies. Could it be that the whole world has turned into this?”

Tong Yuanhang said firmly, “Regardless, I have to go home and see. This truck is much better than the other vehicles in our cold storage.”

Zhang Meng agreed with him.

However, Gu Tao disagreed, “He’s not your father. Why would he do whatever you say? This driver is ruthless. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done what he just did.”

“Yuanhang, do you think he will risk his life to escort you home?”

“I think he only came to our cold storage to take some supplies and will leave as soon as he gets them. He won’t even care about you.”

Tong Yuanhang was stunned. If he were the driver, he wouldn’t agree to take a stranger home either.

Without any relation or obligation, why take the risk to help someone?

Gu Tao said fiercely, “Since this heavy truck is in someone else’s hands, it’s better for us to have it instead. Let’s steal it.”

“Even if it’s not the end of the world, what we’re doing is called emergency evacuation. It’s not considered robbery, and we won’t kill him. We’ll just control him,” said Gu Tao.

Suddenly, Zhang Meng said, “Look, he seems to be wearing armor.”

Gu Tao and Tong Yuanhang immediately looked over, and were all shocked, exclaiming how amazing it was.

Although the heavy truck is powerful, it’s not safe when getting off the vehicle. However, with armor, it’s a different story.

Gu Tao became even more determined to steal from Chen Luo: “What do you two say?”

Tong Yuanhang immediately agreed, “Yes, let’s rob him. This guy actually wants to steal supplies from the cold storage. We can’t tolerate that.”

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Meng also agreed. It’s better to have the control in the hands of their colleagues than in the hands of a stranger. At least they are more familiar with each other, and their colleagues would be more likely to help them out.

Seeing that both of them agreed, Gu Tao grinned and said, “Zhang Meng, use your charms to attract his attention. Tong Yuanhang, you and I will take him down.”

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