Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11: Is the King Wrong? 11.2

After moving the van away, Chen Luo arrived at the vicinity of the cold storage without any accidents. He did not rush into the cold storage and instead prepared a heavy-duty truck nearby.

With its broad space, this heavy-duty truck was a more formidable weapon than his armor and electric batons.

On the parking spot, Chen Luo found his prepared heavy truck, smiled, took out the ready key, opened the door, and brought the Thunderbolt King onto the vehicle.

The door of this heavy truck is more than one meter away from the ground, and you need to step on a step to get on easily.

The feeling of driving a heavy truck is not something that a small car can compare to.

The thick steering wheel and tall body gives people a lot of sense of security.

Giving up his car, Chen Luo drove his heavy truck, feeling a bit rusty behind the wheel, to the cold storage facility. The electronic door at the perimeter of the cold storage was tightly shut.

Chen Luo didn’t care at all. He drove the heavy truck and slammed on the gas pedal, accelerating towards the door. If it were a small car, hitting the electronic door might have caused the car to get stuck or damaged.

However, in front of this heavy truck, the electronic door was instantly shattered, and the truck rushed into the cold storage area as if there were no obstacles.

With his mouth hanging open, Chen Luo exclaimed, “Wow, this feeling of destruction is so satisfying!”

The cold storage was very large, and there were usually many workers around, as it was during working hours. Therefore, there were also many zombies inside the cold storage.

There were no less than a hundred zombies inside. While electric batons could kill them, they were also power-consuming. The roaring sound of the truck, combined with the noise of the destroyed electronic door, instantly attracted the attention of a large number of zombies, who began to rush towards Chen Luo.

Chen Luo chuckled lightly and then accelerated and collided with the zombies at full speed.

Anyone who was hit by a heavy-duty truck that was moving at full speed would hardly survive. Currently, the zombies didn’t seem to understand the concept of avoiding danger and instead tried to block the truck.

 Trying to stop a truck barehanded?

Are they out of their minds?

Two zombies were thrown three meters into the air and fell to the ground lifeless.

 This was much more satisfying than using an electric baton.

More and more zombies were coming, but they posed no threat.

Some of them were knocked to the ground but not killed.

Chen Luo just drove over them again to make sure they were dead.

‘I don’t believe you’ll survive after all that has happened.’

Chen Luo was driving recklessly throughout the entire cold storage and enjoying himself immensely. Even the Thunderbolt King, who was beside him, was excited and shouting in delight.

The foolish zombies kept coming one after another to be sent to their doom.

After more than ten minutes, Chen Luo deliberately made a noise but did not attract any more zombies.

He got out of the truck but didn’t rush into the cold storage to collect supplies. Instead, he collected crystals from the zombie brains while observing his surroundings for any survivors.

Chen Luo had just caused such a commotion, so if there were any survivors around, they would have noticed it. In this kind of environment, during the apocalypse, survivors either outran the zombies and escaped the cold storage or hid in solid rooms.

Chen Luo would prefer not to have any survivors around, but if there were, he wouldn’t leave with them.

After all, he had no personal connections with them. Plus, he needed to collect all the useful resources in the cold storage.

He wouldn’t collect them in front of survivors, but if the goods in the cold storage were gone, they would surely suspect him.

The fact that Chen Luo has a large amount of resources must not be leaked out.

He has to be ruthless.

Chen Luo won’t kill innocent people, but if you threaten me, I won’t hesitate to take action.

After the apocalypse, there is no right or wrong in this world, only fighting against zombies, monsters, and even against other survivors, struggling for limited resources.

It’s like when Chen Luo got into a fight with someone over a single sausage.

Is it wrong for Chen Luo to want to eat a sausage and fill his stomach?

Is it wrong for someone else to also want to fill their stomach?

Is it wrong for the King to want to eat the sausage?

Is the King at fault?

He didn’t provoke Chen Luo, yet he was still eaten.

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