Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11: Is the King Wrong? 11.1

Wolves don’t cooperate with sheep. Chen Luo planned to recruit some followers, but not just anyone would do. He only wanted to recruit elites, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Ordinary survivors are somewhat useful if they follow orders at this stage, but in a few years, they’ll only be cannon fodder.

But how much resources will be consumed in a few years?

At least a hundred pounds of pork will be consumed!

Chen Luo has many resources, but they are not infinite. It’s not Chen Luo’s fault for being cold-blooded, it’s just that the world is too cruel.

Furthermore, Chen Luo needs to collect supplies, and it’s not convenient to have someone accompanying him as it would reveal the secret of his space ability.

If Chen Luo was not prepared, he could still bring a cannon fodder with him, such as to attract the zombies. But he really didn’t need to.

As he turned into a narrow path and drove several dozen meters, Chen Luo frowned.

There was actually road construction ahead, taking up half of the road but still allowing for a car to pass through. However, an out-of-control van had crashed into the construction fence, blocking the road.

With a quick scan of the area, Chen Luo counted over twenty zombies, the majority of them wearing worker’s clothes.

This road was the only route leading to the cold storage facility nearby, and taking a detour would waste too much time. Chen Luo had no choice but to deal with the zombies.

The Thunderbolt King also got out of the car, but Chen Luo told him, “You can just go around and just focus on protecting yourself.”

With no living people nearby, the group of zombies rushed towards Chen Luo like dogs seeing feces when he suddenly appeared.

Chen Luo smiled nonchalantly and took out two electric batons, one in each hand.

“Zzzt zzzt” the sound of electric current was heard as two zombies fell to the ground immediately.

However, Chen Luo was also surrounded by zombies. Yet, he remained calm and collected.

Several zombies rushed at him simultaneously, but the electric batons could only shock two at a time.

Chen Luo, clad in his heavy armor, was unable to dodge the attacks of the zombies, but he remained calm.

 He was fully armed with his armored suit made of alloy and a thick helmet on his head.

How could the zombies of the current stage break through his armor made of alloy?

Regardless, the zombies clawed at him or bit him with their teeth.

The ones using their claws were not too bad, as they scratched on the armor, making an unpleasant friction sound. But apart from leaving faint traces, they posed no threat to Chen Luo.

As for those using their teeth, they were in a miserable state. Although their teeth became a bit sharper, and their biting force increased significantly, but they still couldn’t bite through the armor.

The more powerful the bite force, the more damage the zombies would receive.

Suddenly, two teeth with blood on them flew through the air.

 The strong bite force had shattered the teeth.

Chen Luo smirked and said, “There’s no one in the apocalypse to fix your teeth for you.” It’s better not to bite, because if you break your teeth, you’ll have to rely on licking.

Thanks to the protection of the armor, the zombies were completely unable to harm Chen Luo.

Of course, armor alone was not enough. Otherwise, it would not be easy to harm the zombies either.

One of the shocked zombies did not faint like usual and was still quite vigorous.

Instead, it grabbed the electric baton forcefully.

It’s not hard to guess that this electric baton is running out of power. The voltage of this baton is high, but the problem is its short duration. Chen Luo has already used it to kill seven or eight zombies.

“I’ll give it to you.” Chen Luo relaxed his grip and pulled out another electric baton from his space ability. “I’ve got a whole fifty of them.”

With ease, Chen Luo killed all the zombies and retrieved the depleted electric baton. He also extracted the crystals from the defeated zombies. Walking over to the van, Chen Luo noticed that all the windows had been smashed. There was no one inside the vehicle, but the keys were still in it.

Presumably, the owner of the van had turned into a zombie and was trapped inside. Not knowing how to open the car door, they could only break the windows to escape.

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