Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10: Not Needed 10.2

The Thunderbolt King was a bit confused.

Chen Luo chuckled, “King, distract them.”

It was completely unnecessary, but Chen Luo was just trying to get used to working with the Thunderbolt King.

Upon hearing Chen Luo instruction, the Thunderbolt King immediately ran to lure the zombies. The zombies weren’t very fast, much slower than an average person, let alone the lightning-fast Thunderbolt King.

Although the Thunderbolt King could easily shake off the two zombies, it deliberately attracted their attention and hatred, allowing Chen Luo to escape from them.

At the same time, the Thunderbolt King didn’t forget to gather lightning to attack the zombies.

Chen Luo went straight into the supermarket, ignoring the terrifying dead bodies on the ground. His attention was first drawn to the rows of high-end cigarettes and alcohol on the checkout counter.

The cigarettes were all high-end brands, with the cheapest ones costing 31 yuan per pack. There were no cheap cigarettes available.

Chen Luo’s hand quickly swept over them, and soon they were all in his space ability.

He then walked over to the fruit section and cleared out all the high-end apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and cantaloupes.

He didn’t miss anything in the snack section, beverage section, or grain and oil section.

In just a few minutes, almost all the items on the shelves were empty.

A roar echoed through the supermarket, and Chen Luo followed the sound to the storage area.

There, he found a zombie that looked like the supermarket manager, locked inside the storage area. The area contained a desk, which presumably belonged to him.

Chen Luo easily electrocuted him and didn’t bother to check what was inside the boxes and packaging. He just stuffed everything into his space ability without a second thought.

Regardless, the space was large, so Chen Luo was being extravagant.

He took the crystal from the zombie store manager, and also collected the crystals from the two zombies that were previously electrocuted outside the supermarket.

 The two zombies that were being led around by the Thunderbolt King were electrocuted by the Thunderbolt King, with one of them dead and only one remaining.

It wasn’t that the Thunderbolt King didn’t want to kill the remaining one, but since it had just awakened its ability, it had run out of magic and couldn’t emit lightning anymore.

The Thunderbolt King was feeling down, wondering why his master could easily take care of the zombies, while he couldn’t.

  Chen Luo chuckled and patted the dog’s head, “You’ve already been very helpful. Give yourself some time, and you’ll become the most amazing dog.”

  The Thunderbolt King’s eyes lit up, really?

Even if he doesn’t absorb the crystals, the power of his ability will slowly grow, but it’s not as fast as absorbing crystals.

The act of the king hunting the zombies inadvertently attracted two security guard zombies, but they were quickly solved by Chen Luo with just a few moves.

With six zombie crystals in hand, Chen Luo drove out of the villa area. Instead of taking the main road, he planned to take a secluded route to reach the cold storage.

From time to time, zombies would discover Chen Luo, but with their slow speed, they could only trail behind and inhale the car fumes. Sometimes, car owners would suddenly turn into zombies, causing their vehicles to get out of control and crash into everything in sight.

With the outbreak of the apocalypse, the global population decreased by 80% within just a few minutes. All sorts of order and production came to a complete halt.

The traffic lights that had not yet lost power were still functioning, and only those with a mental disorder would continue to wait for the red light at this time. Chen Luo drove straight through the red light.

Behind him, a white car was speeding alongside Chen Luo. A young man stuck his head out the window and anxiously asked,

“Bro, do you know what’s going on? I can’t get through to the police,” the young man asked anxiously.

Chen Luo stared straight ahead without looking at him and calmly replied, “It’s obvious, the apocalypse has happened.”

Chen Luo accelerated and left the young man behind. The young man unwillingly said, “Bro, let’s stick together. It’s good to have someone to watch our backs.”

Chen Luo’s voice came across as indifferent, “No need.”

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