Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10: Not Needed 10.1

The level of superpowers is divided into levels one to ten, and there is also a king-level above level ten.

In a past life, the highest level attained by the Thunderbolt King and the Flame Princess was the King level.

Chen Luo, who absorbed the Thunderbolt King’s crystal, was promoted to another level beyond the King level at that time.

But what’s the use? There is no food to eat, nothing to drink, nothing to play with, and no one to accompany him.

There’s no point in being alive. It’s better to just die and be done with it.

Chen Luo has gained the power of superpowers, but the Thunderbolt King is not used to the power within him, and is unable to control it yet.

Chen Luo instructs, “Try to condense the power within your body into your throat, gather it for a moment, and then project it in the direction you want to spray.”

Chen Luo initially thought that it would take some time for the Thunderbolt King to get used to his superpowers. However, to his surprise, the next second after he gave instructions, the Thunderbolt King tried it out and shot out a purple lightning bolt from his mouth.

The target was the LCD TV on the opposite wall, and the screen immediately shattered into pieces.

Chen Luo was overjoyed and thought that he had found a good dog. “Let’s go and collect some supplies from the cold storage.”

Chen Luo’s meat cold storage was one of the two largest cold storages in the Shendu city, with a capacity of 100,000 tons. It was not just his supplies stored there.

After opening the iron door, Chen Luo sat in the car and drove over the body of the young female zombie. He and the Thunderbolt King left triumphantly.

This was also a villa area with a total of one hundred villas, housing only a few hundred people. At this time, most of the owners were not in the villa area.

Most of the zombies were temporarily locked inside their homes and couldn’t come out, so there were very few zombies in sight. Occasionally, when they did encounter a zombie, Chen Luo didn’t hesitate and just charged past them.

Becoming a level two ability user was not an urgent matter. The increase in power was not significant, and at the moment it was far from being as useful as an electric baton.

In the apocalypse, there was a shortage of everything except zombies.

When Chen Luo reached the exit, he saw a high-end supermarket of over 200 square meters at the entrance. He hesitated for a moment, then decided to stop the car.

As the saying goes, “opportunity knocks.” Chen Luo saw this as a chance to take advantage of the situation.

The supermarket was quite large and had a lot of supplies. It was definitely worth spending a few minutes to clear it out.

It seems like the risk of confronting the zombies in the supermarket is making Chen Luo hesitate.

He could see several zombies inside, including some employees and customers.

Even though he has his electric baton, there is still a chance of getting injured.

Chen Luo is not known for taking risks, so it is uncertain whether he will choose to confront the zombies or not.

What is the purpose of the expensive armor he bought?

Chen Luo immediately put on the armor. Although it was a bit troublesome, it was more secure.

Chen Luo looked at it with satisfaction. Now it was stable.

With the Thunderbolt King, Chen Luo swaggered over.

Chen Luo said to the Thunderbolt King, “Attack if you can, but be careful not to collide head-on. Use agile positioning to dodge them.”

Although he didn’t need the Thunderbolt King to attack, Chen Luo wanted to train it a bit.

Amazingly, the Thunderbolt King nodded like a person.

As Chen Luo approached the supermarket, he saw four zombies gnawing on two people who were obviously dead, with very little left of their bodies and blood all over the ground.

Even though the zombies are full, they won’t ignore the survivors who approach them.

The four zombies rushed towards Chen Luo from both sides.

Chen Luo took out two stun guns, one in each hand, and the two zombies immediately fell to the ground convulsing.

As for the two zombies behind, the Thunderbolt shouted and released a bolt of lightning.

But it missed…

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