Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9: Awakening of Extraordinary Abilities 9.2

Chen Lou was about to take a bite of the apple he had just peeled when a purple electric arc flashed across the black fur of the Thunderbolt king. As he was right next to the Thunderbolt king, Chen Luo was hit by the electricity.

Chen Luo convulsed all over his body, and the apple that had not yet made it into his mouth fell to the ground. Chen Luo was both shocked and delighted. Was the Thunderbolt king awakening his ability?

Chen Luo laughed and cursed, “You stupid dog, I’m the first one you used your awakened ability on.”

He immediately moved further away from the King, not wanting to be electrocuted again.

The King’s body began to emit occasional electric arcs, and his face showed signs of pain.

However, the pain only lasted for a few seconds before the King returned to his calm state.

Chen Luo felt a bit envious. The power of supernatural ability depended on two factors. First was the time of awakening. The earlier one awakened, the more powerful their natural ability was.

Second was the speed of growth of their supernatural ability. It was undeniable that the faster one’s power increased, the more powerful their natural ability would be.

Even if two people with different natural abilities were given an unlimited supply of crystals, their growth rates would still be different.

The King’s talent in electricity is undoubtedly at the top level. Moreover, at this point, Thunderbolt King’s intelligence should have been developed twice.

  Chen Luo cursed inwardly, feeling inferior to a dog.

  At that moment, Chen Luo also felt a sharp pain in his head, as if something was being created in his mind.

  Instead of being worried, Chen Luo smiled. “I’m not too bad either.”

Although his head was pounding, Chen Luo’s face remained calm. He had long been accustomed to this level of pain, as every advancement in his ability would bring about such an experience.

Chen Luo felt a mysterious power suddenly emerge within his body. If this were his past life, he would not have been able to master and utilize this power so quickly.

But now, he was already quite familiar with it.

He stretched out his hand and slowly guided the power within his body to the palm of his hand. A spatial force emerged in Chen Luo’s hand, which was invisible even to himself.

Only Chen Luo could feel that the power of space had been condensed by himself into a transparent sphere.

With a wave of his hand, Chen Luo’s power of space smashed towards the opposite wall.

 Suddenly, a crack with a diameter of a dozen centimeters and a depth of about four to five centimeters appeared on the wall.

The Thunderbolt King beside him widened his eyes in amazement. However, Chen Luo shook his head, realizing that this level of attack would not be enough to instantly kill even the weakest zombie; it would require at least two attacks.

The space sphere he just released had consumed about a quarter of Chen Luo’s energy.

 Although the destructive power of the initial stage of spatial ability was quite weak, it consumed more energy compared to other abilities.

However, under Chen Luo’s precise control, his consumption was actually less than others at this stage.

Spatial ability was not considered powerful in its initial stage and only began to gain strength in the middle and later stages.

Once he mastered Void Walking, Energy Pulse, Dimensional Blade, his destructive power would be no less than that of fire or lightning ability users, and his survival ability would be unmatched.

Chen Luo immediately took out the two crystals he had just obtained and tightly held them in his palm, beginning to absorb their energy.

Although he could not see the crystals in his mind, he could sense their existence.

Five minutes later, he had completely absorbed the power of the two crystals.

Chen Luo felt that the crystals in his mind had grown slightly, by about one-fifth.

After absorbing about twenty more crystals, the crystal in Chen Luo’s mind would undergo a small transformation, indicating that he would be promoted from a first-level ability user to a second-level ability user.

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