Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Little Chen, Little Luo?

One bad news, one good news.

The bad news is that the zombies have evolved to level four, and the gap between levels three and four is significant. Survivors who haven’t reached level four will find it very difficult.

The good news is that some zombies have reached level four and can no longer evolve.

Chen Luo gathered the members and announced, “Starting today, everyone needs to submit three level-four crystals each week. Any extras can be absorbed individually or traded for points.”

Although crystals are still in sufficient supply, Chen Luo is providing the massive stockpile of level-three crystals accumulated earlier. He hasn’t counted, but there are over three hundred thousand of them.

Members can use the level-four crystals to enhance themselves. The atmosphere among the members is heavy, especially for those still at level three.

Chen Luo won’t let them face zombies empty-handed. After all, it’s a fight alongside him. He begins distributing turtle shell shields, having killed 862 sea turtles for this purpose.

Temporary free distribution, with each ten-person team receiving two shields. The idea is for the physically strong members to carry the shields and absorb damage, while elemental users focus on output from behind, not necessarily requiring each person to have one.

There are plenty of shields to go around. A turtle shell is quite heavy, weighing seventy to eighty pounds, but for level-four ability users, it’s like a toy.

For those who want to permanently own one, they can purchase it for one hundred points. Chen Luo isn’t charging too much, after all, they are part of the same group.

The shields are also graded, with a small number capable of withstanding the output of level-five ability users multiple times. These particular shields are not distributed by Chen Luo.

For the high-quality shields, Chen Luo gives one to individuals like Mi Li, Mi ling, Xia Haoran, Shu Yun, Su Dazhu, and others, cautioning them, “Use it only in dangerous situations. In general, engage in battles with zombies to hone your combat experience.”

To be honest, even though Mi Ling enjoys good food and drink while following Chen Luo, with abundant resources, she doesn’t fare as well in a life-or-death battle as she did in her past life at this point.

Living a comfortable life doesn’t fully bring out one’s potential. But what can Chen Luo do? He can’t just let her self-destruct; can he not worry?

Even without a meal, Chen Luo wouldn’t dare let Mi Ling go out.

“Woof woof.”

The Thunderbolt King barks loudly at Chen Luo.

Everyone else got one, so why not give a shield to the dog? Are you not afraid I’ll get hurt?

Chen Luo glances at him, thinking, with your speed and your knack for survival, being the second strongest in the entire base, do you really need a shield? You can’t even handle a staff properly, and you want a shield?

If the shields were for points, the Thunderbolt King wouldn’t want one. But if they’re free for regular members, and the elders get charged for them, wouldn’t that be unfair?

The Thunderbolt King circles around Chen Luo, occasionally rubbing its head against Chen Luo’s leg.

Rice translates, “The Thunderbolt King says it can strap the shield to its back.”

Chen Luo can’t help but visualize the scene.

Strapping it to the back does seem like a good choice.

Before long, the Thunderbolt King is equipped with a turtle shell, covering its entire body with only its head popping out from time to time.

It looks strange, even a bit ugly.

The Thunderbolt King doesn’t mind, questioning, “Does it need to look good? Is that useful? Safety comes first. I can’t let the puppies born soon lose their dad, leaving the Silver Wolf a widow.”

Otherwise, other dogs might sleep with my wife and fight my kids.

A level-four crystal is worth five points; the dog elder is on the move.

Points, here I come.

The members are divided into four teams, each consisting of about five hundred people, heading in different directions to kill zombies.

Chen Luo goes out as well.

Relying on these members, it’s impossible to obtain a large number of level-four crystals in a short time. The natural and light ability users in the base need  advanced crystals to help them reach level four as soon as possible.

Currently, only eight people in the natural ability users have reached level four, which is too few considering there are 329 people in the natural ability users.

Reaching level four is necessary to start large-scale vegetable cultivation.

Chen Luo, accompanied by two men and two women, leaves the base.

These four individuals are chosen by Chen Luo to help him collect crystals, saving time, and mainly because he’s lazy.

Just as they leave the base, Chen Luo is intercepted by a dozen people.

Men and women, all of them seem to be in a miserable situation.

They stop Chen Luo’s car, and with a thud, all of them kneel down.

“Boss Chen, please take us in. We’ll do anything, just give us some food to eat. So we won’t starve; that’s all we ask.”

The treatment and resources in Chen Luo’s group are well-known, and he has the most abundant supplies.

Chen Luo frowns, “Get lost, don’t provoke me.”

But Chen Luo has spoken; would Lin Tian dare not comply? He’s heard that Chen Luo can turn hostile at a moment’s notice.

If he doesn’t comply, he might catch Chen Luo’s attention, and his previous efforts could be in vain.

Chen Luo adds, “How about this, exchange it for a thousand kilograms of seafood, and the bucket is free.”

Lin Tian’s mouth twitches; he reluctantly agrees. The next time I come to exchange supplies with you, I might have a mental breakdown.

The people on the ground continue pleading. After Lin Tian understands the situation, he says, “Get rid of them. They dare block the way for my brother Chen. They’re asking for trouble.”

Lin Tian’s subordinates receive the order and immediately take action.

Lin Tian bends over and explains to Chen Luo, “Brother Chen, if you don’t take them in, they’ll definitely harbor resentment. Keeping them around is useless; they’ll be a trouble in the future. It’s better to eliminate them directly.”

“I’m not on the same level as you, so I’ll handle this kind of thing on your behalf.” Lin Tian said

The dozen or so individuals kneeling down don’t have much strength. Even if they did, there wouldn’t be a need to kneel and plead. They are swiftly taken care of by Lin Tian’s dozens of subordinates.

Lin Tian instructs his men to load the bodies onto the car and even cleans up the bloodstains.

Lin Tian has done this based on his understanding of Chen Luo’s character—he never leaves potential threats behind. It’s a way of pleasing him.

Lin Tian nods and bows, saying, “Brother Chen, in the future, just leave any inconvenient matters to me. I’ll make sure to handle them cleanly and neatly for you.”

Chen Luo learned from Lin Tian not to leave potential threats, and Lin Tian, through personal experience, emphasized the importance of eliminating them.

Chen Luo extends his hand out of the car window, patting Lin Tian’s shoulder. “Xiao Tian, well done.”

Lin Tian, like a son receiving praise from his old father, awkwardly smiles, watching Chen Luo leave with a respectful demeanor.

He keeps this demeanor until Chen Luo’s car is out of sight.

Lin Tian looks at Chen Luo’s base with envy.

If given a choice, who would willingly remain a flattering underling forever? Xiao Tian? I’m older than you, after all.

Winning in the present doesn’t mean winning forever. Someday, I will surpass you, Chen Luo. By then, should I call you Xiao chen or Xiao luo?

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