Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Big Brother, Save Me

Chen Luo drove to the area where Lei Hao was previously located, and there are still quite a few zombies here.

On the streets that were once cleared, many zombies are now moving, searching house by house, a behavior they didn’t exhibit before.

“Is anyone there? Hehe.”

“Don’t hide, let me eat you.”

Chen Luo gets out of the car, his face covered with a black scarf, not to conceal his identity but to prevent blood from splattering on his face.

He wears a hat on his head.

As for clothes, he discards them after the battle.

Chen Luo holds a solid metal stick specially made by Long Yu, ready to deal with each zombie with a single blow.

Chen Luo is determined to kill at least a thousand zombies; using his ability is not as convenient as using brute force.

A zombie, upon seeing Chen Luo, charges crazily towards him.

“Meat, meat, finally found meat.”

Chen Luo swings his stick, smashing its head instantly.

Without a pause, Chen Luo moves towards the next zombie, with someone behind him collecting crystals.

Level-four zombies are quite challenging for others, but for Chen Luo, they are not worth much consideration.

Fourth level against seventh level? It’s like using a head to hit.

Especially if it’s a dual ability one.

The Starved zombies, upon seeing Chen Luo alone, mindlessly come to their death.

However, the efficiency of killing zombies is not high; they are not densely packed, with one appearing every few steps.

In half an hour, Chen Luo has only killed more than eighty zombies.

Suddenly, Chen Luo’s ears twitch, as if he heard a familiar voice.

“Brothers, let’s go, break their waists.”

Following the sound, Chen Luo arrives in a residential area, spotting a familiar figure from a distance.

It’s the burly zombie that enjoys breaking waists.

Chen Luo thinks for a moment and decides to give it a name: Da Zhuang (Big Strong).

Da Zhuang is commanding over four hundred zombies, about to attack a small-scale residential area. Clearly, there are quite a few survivors in that area.

Da Zhuang talks tough but is hiding behind, consistently letting other zombies go ahead.

The zombies, incited by Da Zhuang, howl and charge forward.

Hey, even zombies know how to slack off.

Da Zhuang’s intelligence is quite impressive.

This base is still within the city, relatively secluded but still susceptible to zombies that have learned to search.

Individual zombies are hesitant to attack, so they call in friends, possibly organized by Da Zhuang.

The zombies are genuinely starving, and though they have a bit of intelligence, once they enter combat mode, their minds go blank, devoid of any fear of death.

Except for very few exceptions, like Da Zhuang.

This base is unlucky; Da Zhuang has arranged for some zombies to block the back door.

With an attack from both front and back, retreating is impossible.

Da Zhuang is thrilled; he can finally taste fresh meat.

In the past, these idiots wouldn’t listen to commands, and they’d just wander off. Now they finally qualify for communication.

Fresh meat is on the menu, who wants to eat the meat of a dead sea turtle?

Haha, that fool. If he knew I’d stand him up, I wonder what expression he’d have.

In such a vast world, can he even find me?

By the way, has a week passed? Da Zhuang is a bit confused; he doesn’t have a good sense of time.

One or two days are fine, but what is a week?


Chen Luo chuckles as he walks over. With so many zombies gathered together, he doesn’t need to search all over the place.

“Da Zhuang, haven’t seen you for a few days. Holding up well?”

Da Zhuang shivers all over. Who is it, and why does this voice sound so familiar?

Seeing Chen Luo, Da Zhuang is a bit bewildered. Am I being tracked?

Who is this Da Zhuang? Is he calling me?

Da Zhuang’s eyes show a hint of fierceness. Last time, there was only one big shot, and he inexplicably died. Now, with so many brothers here, should he be afraid?

“Everybody, get him. He has meat on him.”

Chen Luo smirks; this guy still isn’t honest.

However, no zombie listens to Da Zhuang. They all start attacking the survivors in the base.

It’s almost a one-sided crush.

The zombies aren’t afraid of death, and being level four, they are much stronger than the survivors in this small base.

Without tactics, they just rush forward in a crowded manner.

Can survivors without strict discipline be opponents?

Chen Luo uses a spatial cage to control Da Zhuang; struggling inside it is futile.

Chen Luo enters the residential area and starts killing indiscriminately.

In less than an hour, he clears all the zombies, much faster than wandering around aimlessly on his own.

An idea pops into Chen Luo’s mind: why not let Da Zhuang lead the zombies to kill for him?

As for the survivors in the residential area, there are not many left.

Staying in the city is so miserable. Once besieged by a large number of zombies, Chen Luo will be fine, but the members will definitely suffer casualties.

Chen Luo is powerful, but he can’t instantly eliminate all the zombies.

Having his subordinates collect crystals, Chen Luo approaches Da Zhuang.

Among the four people Chen Luo brought, one of the men is harboring ill intentions.

These are level-four crystals, and there are so many. The boss surely can’t remember the exact quantity, right?

I’ll just take a dozen or so for myself. The boss won’t even notice.

With these level-four crystals, I can definitely quickly strengthen myself.

The four people split up to collect crystals, and no one pays special attention to anyone else. So, he secretly stuffs crystals into his pocket.

Chen Luo asks, “Da Zhuang, have you seen any formidable bosses? Introduce me to get acquainted.”

Da Zhuang shivers and says, “No.”

Chen Luo can’t help but feel disappointed. He used to fear encountering mutants, and now he can’t even find one.

You can’t always get what you want.

Chen Luo points at Da Zhuang, saying, “I’ll give you another chance. Go lead the zombies. Bring as many as you can—over a thousand is fine. Just tell them I have several hundred people here, and bring them to me to be killed.”

“If you dare to be dishonest again, I’ll blow up your head.”

Da Zhuang nods like a chicken pecking at rice.

Da Zhuang just witnessed Chen Luo knocking off heads with a single stick, and he’s extremely scared.

Why is this person so terrifying?

Is he implying that I should be a traitor?

But seriously, how did he find me?

Following the orders, Da Zhuang goes out, and a little over an hour later, he indeed attracts over a thousand zombies.

Being a zombie himself, Da Zhuang knows where there are many zombies, especially fast-running level-four zombies.

However, an unexpected event occurs. Da Zhuang’s call not only attracts numerous regular zombies but also a level-six mutant. Hearing there are so many people, the mutant immediately follows.

The zombies are dumbfounded. Where are the hundreds of people? Why is there only one?

The four people collecting crystals hid; Chen Luo isn’t confident about keeping them safe in the chaos.

Regular zombies don’t care, but the mutant isn’t happy. Are you trying to fool me?

The level-six mutant’s intelligence is almost catching up to Da Zhuang’s. It immediately wants to kill him.

Da Zhuang, with a sobbing tone, pleads, “Big brother, save me! I’m your little brother, you know?”

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