Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 173

Chapter 173: The First Tough One

The plea of “Big brother, save me” genuinely amused Chen Luo.

Alright, fine, I’ll reluctantly accept you as my little brother.

After all, Da Zhuang has been helping Chen Luo with tasks. How could Chen Luo just watch it die?

The level-six mutant holds Da Zhuang, who helplessly can’t resist.

Da Zhuang lacks experience; he didn’t expect the level-six mutant to turn hostile suddenly, subconsciously thinking it would behave like ordinary zombies.

Chen Luo uses Void Walk and abruptly appears in front of the mutant.

All the zombies widen their eyes. This person is quite brave.

If level-four zombies are considered ants, then a level-six mutant in front of Chen Luo is just an oversized ant, easily crushed underfoot.

However, Chen Luo refrains from doing so and decides to use time acceleration to deal with it.

Time acceleration.

The mutant starts convulsing wildly, a terrifying sight as it’s fast-forwarded in an instant.

In just six seconds, the mutant collapses and ceases to move, completely devoid of life.

Chen Luo gasps for breath, frustrated. Damn, using time acceleration to kill a level-six actually consumed nearly a third of my ability.

Indeed, the consumption of time acceleration is related to the target’s level and likely tied to the remaining lifespan of the target.

Accelerating dung beetles and potatoes didn’t significantly drain Chen Luo.

There’s a need to refine time acceleration, but how to improve it leaves Chen Luo puzzled.

Da Zhuang’s eyes show an inexplicable fear. Another big shot inexplicably died.

This person is too terrifying.

Chen Luo digs out the crystal from the mutant, a metallic one this time, perfect for Long Yu.

Taking advantage of the moments when Chen Luo uses time acceleration and picks up the crystal, the surrounding group of zombies encircle him, closing in.

Human pyramid.

Chen Luo feels nauseated, muttering to himself, “Do I not have any sense of cleanliness after not showering for a few days?”

Time for slaughter!

Blood splatters, brains scatter.

Chen Luo kills while running towards the residential area.

It’s not that he’s chickening out; he wants to trap the zombies inside the residential area.

“One slash, two slashes, three slashes, 80, 81.”

Chen Luo effortlessly dispatches one child zombie after another, as no zombie can withstand a single blow from him. Thus, each strike equals one crystal.

Previously, it seems he made 478 strikes, resulting in 478 crystals.

“520… 666… 888 strikes.”

Chen Luo is now drenched in blood, his short-sleeved shirt and pants turned into a gruesome blood-soaked attire, resembling a bloodthirsty demon god.

Frowning, he wonders if there’s a way to shield himself from the blood, as it affects his appetite. Experimenting, Chen Luo envelops his entire body with the power of space, as if donning an invisible cloak.

Miraculously, no more blood infiltrates Chen Luo’s body. It’s somewhat like a mutated version of the spatial shield.

Chen Luo chuckles, unexpectedly learning a new skill in this manner.

If a substantial amount of spatial power is infused, this spatial clothing defense is undoubtedly formidable.

Observing Chen Luo, who looks like a god of slaughter, Da Zhuang collapses on the ground, trembling in fear. These are all his relatives and friends; with so many people, not a single hair of his has been harmed.

How many has he killed?

In other words, even a thousand of me are not a match for this person.

Da Zhuang wants to escape, but a glance from Chen Luo makes him freeze, afraid of meeting the same tragic end as the two big shots.

The four individuals brought by Chen Luo to collect crystals are also incredulous. Taking on a thousand by oneself? These are fourth-level zombies, equivalent to fourth-level ability users. If there were ten thousand, could he still manage to kill them?

Ordinary fourth-level zombies would struggle even in a one-on-two situation.

They knew the boss was formidable, but they never imagined it was to this extent.

Jiang Chen, who was secretly hoarding crystals, is also astonished but not frightened. Instead, he becomes more determined to hide a few crystals privately.

With your prowess, does it matter if there are more or fewer crystals? Isn’t it something you can obtain with a wave of your hand? How many you’ve killed, you don’t even keep track.

All the zombies are now on the ground, having lost all reason upon seeing blood. Even though Chen Luo is powerful, he won’t be afraid.

He takes a deep breath. Killing so many zombies in succession makes his arms sore. “I’m not a physical-type, it’s tiring.”

His subordinates are not very capable; he needs to step in personally. Chen Luo waves to Jiang Chen and the others, signaling them to come down and collect the crystals, while they don’t forget to flatter him.

“Boss, honestly, you’re like a god.”

“Boss, I’m following you for life.”

“Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe you, boss.”

Chen Luo smiles faintly, thinking that even a seventh-level dual ability user can be praised like this.

While they collect the crystals, Chen Luo approaches Da Zhuang.

“Da Zhuang, can you bring some more zombies over?”

With Da Zhuang around, killing zombies unexpectedly becomes faster. Chen Luo plans to kill a few thousand more so he can stay at home, read novels, play games, and cook rice without having to go out often.

Da Zhuang cries, “Big Brother, don’t make me do this, I’ll die. Besides, there’s no… good…”

Da Zhuang wants to say there’s no benefit, but it doesn’t dare.

Chen Luo contemplates for a moment. Da Zhuang is not bad; it has value and a clever mind. However, no matter how clever it is, it’s not as clever as me. I need to give it some sweeteners.

Does anyone have diabetes? Give it a little?

No, give it some benefits.

How about revealing the secret of the crystals to it?

If Da Zhuang has good innate talent, it might cultivate into a powerful being. Zombies not only evolve with the virus inside them but also absorb crystals to expedite the process.

However, like survivors, zombies also have a daily absorption limit. Zombies of this kind evolve much faster than survivors. The first one to reach the king level is a zombie.

Believe it or not, this king-level zombie doesn’t massacre survivors. Instead, it keeps survivors captive.

Why kill them all when you can have a constant supply of fresh meat?

Da Zhuang is only at the fourth level now. Can it catch up to my evolution speed?


When it becomes uncontrollable, I’ll kill it.

Cooperating with zombies is like making a deal with a tiger for its skin. They are like iron claws and heads, always looking for a chance to feast on humans. It’s their instinct.

But Chen Luo firmly keeps them in check.

If Da Zhuang is well cultivated, it might have miraculous effects.

Chen Luo smiled and revealed the secret of the crystals to Da Zhuang.

“This way, your strength will improve quickly. With this benefit, if you dare not to work hard, don’t blame me for breaking your clever little brain.”

Da Zhuang widened its eyes. So that’s why they were digging the heads of my companions.

I, Da Zhuang, have a chance to become stronger.

Chen Luo’s eyes turned, and he covered Da Zhuang’s face with his black scarf, blocking its vision. Then, he took three crystals from one of his henchmen and forcefully stuffed them into Da Zhuang’s mouth.

Da Zhuang wanted to resist but couldn’t. Crystals are edible, but consuming too many can cause the body to explode.

Three level four crystals clearly exceeded Da Zhuang’s tolerance. It writhed in pain on the ground.

“Ah, what have you done to me, ooh.”

Chen Luo chuckled, “You’ve fallen victim to my poison. Without an antidote, hehehe.”

When it comes to scheming, who can surpass me?

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