Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 174

Chapter 174: The Second Gu

Chen Luo’s side was extremely relaxed, but for others, it wasn’t so easy.

On the side of ordinary members:

Teams were comprised of ten individuals, with the standard setup aiming for three physical types and seven elemental types. Despite Chen Luo strongly supporting the Light element, the numbers were scarce, and achieving a one-to-one ratio for each team wasn’t possible.

Before evolving, zombies moved slowly, equivalent to a three-year-old child, unable to control their bodies, lacking coordination. As they leveled up, they gradually gained control, becoming akin to eight or nine-year-old children.

Thinking of taking advantage of the slow movement of zombies? Forget about it.

A lone zombie, upon seeing a group of people, would definitely run away to call for reinforcements.

If lucky, one could intercept a lone zombie, easily defeating it. However, there was a high probability of being surrounded by a roughly equal number of zombies.

In such situations, team members would temporarily retreat, using walkie-talkies to call nearby teammates for a pincer attack.

However, this was an ideal scenario. Many times, it was unavoidable to directly confront a similar number of zombies.

Chen Luo’s team had tactical coordination and rich combat experience, allowing them to overcome such situations. However, with the presence of level-three teammates, it often became challenging, injuries were inevitable, and deaths were common.

In unlucky situations, encountering zombies with special abilities or even mutant forms meant a whole team could be wiped out.

The turtle shell shield could only guarantee a significantly increased survival rate.

On the other hand, Xia Haoran’s approach was violent with his iron fists.

Xia Haoran always operated alone, a lone wolf. When encountering zombies, he would directly charge at them.

As a level-five individual, Xia Haoran’s fist strength approached level six. Typically, with a full-force blow, he could decimate a zombie by smashing its head.

Xia Haoran was currently in a 1v6 situation when an ice arrow shot towards him. He directly used his fist to withstand it, and apart from a layer of frost, there were no visible marks on his fist.

His fists were not only incredibly powerful but also exceptionally sturdy, even stronger than Su Dazhu’s defense.

However, in other aspects, he was similar to a normal physical type, or even slightly inferior, as all his abilities were focused on tempering his fists.

Being surrounded by multiple same-level ability users posed a danger to Xia Haoran; that’s how he met his end in the previous life.

When facing a large group of zombies, Xia Haoran wouldn’t engage in direct confrontation; he would run.

Apart from Chen Luo, Xia Haoran had the highest efficiency because he didn’t rely on abilities.

On the other hand, Shu Yun acted in coordination with teammates.

Recently, Shu Yun had learned a crowd control spell.

More than twenty zombies surrounded Shu Yun and the others.

Shu Yun remained calm as a sudden snowstorm swept through the area near the zombies.

A large number of ice crystals grew on the zombies’ bodies. While not completely freezing them, it significantly impacted their speed, making it difficult for them to move.

Teammates swiftly rushed in and easily killed the group of zombies.

Although the power of the Ice element was not as strong as Fire or Lightning, it possessed control and crowd control abilities.

The snowstorm was powerful, but it came at a considerable cost; even a level-five Shu Yun could only use it three times.

On the side of the Thunderbolt King:

As the second strongest in the entire base, the Thunderbolt King’s strength was remarkable, even though there was a significant gap between the first and second positions.

The veteran level-five powerhouse, the Thunderbolt King, operated alone, emitting an excited roar.

The points for killing zombies significantly increased for the Thunderbolt King, earning five points for each kill.

The sea is vast for fish to leap, the sky is high for dogs to venture.

The Thunderbolt King spotted a zombie, squinted his dog-like eyes, moved silently, and emitted an extremely faint sound. Slowly, he approached a zombie.

The zombie was oblivious, happily searching for meat in a supermarket.

Suddenly, the Thunderbolt King burst into action, leaping up and slapping the back of the zombie’s head.

The zombie spat out a large mouthful of blood, slowly falling to the ground. It struggled to turn its head, wanting to see who had ambushed it.

Was it a turtle or a dog?

It died with unanswered questions.

The Thunderbolt King joyfully collected the crystal, completing one percent of the mission. Another 99 kills, and he would earn five hundred points.

When facing a larger group of zombies, the Thunderbolt King didn’t hesitate to use chain lightning or thunderburst to kill them.

Suddenly, a loud thunder spell echoed from a distance, its momentum somewhat astonishing.

The Thunderbolt  King couldn’t help but look over. Was there a battle?

Faintly, there was a wave of heat.

The Thunderbolt  King squinted, sensing a evenly matched battle. Could he take advantage of it?

The dog went to check.

In the pursuit of wealth, one must take risks. For the sake of the soon-to-be-born puppies, he decided to give it a shot. If things went south, he could always run.

A Fire-element zombie and a Lightning-element zombie were in the midst of a fierce battle.

It wasn’t surprising that intelligent creatures would turn on each other.

Around them lay the corpses of a dozen survivors who had just died. For the sake of these fresh bodies, the two zombies engaged in combat.

The Thunderbolt  King silently hid in the shadows, patiently observing.

Fight, beat each other to death. For every one that dies, it’s a win. It would be great if they both ended up dead – a good deal for the dog.

Both zombies were of a high level, and their battle was quite intimidating.

The nearby zombies were scared off by the spectacle.

The two zombies constantly changed positions, and the Thunderbolt King silently lamented.

Suddenly, the Thunderbolt King was discovered.

Originally, he wouldn’t have been noticed, but he was wearing a large turtle shell…

Some dog holes couldn’t be dug into.

The Thunderbolt King was bewildered, thinking, “What the heck?”

The Lightning-element zombie snorted, “Go die.”

The Lightning-element zombie casually unleashed a lightning bolt directly towards the Thunderbolt King.

The Thunderbolt King stared straight at the lightning bolt, and in an instant, an idea crossed his mind.

He couldn’t dodge it; dodging would undoubtedly make them vigilant.

Next was the moment to witness some acting skills.

The turtle shell, capable of withstanding a level-five spell, was pierced through, and the Thunderbolt King was hit.

The Thunderbolt King emitted a piercing, miserable scream, and his body trembled violently.

Slowly, he fell to the ground, even turning upside down.

The Thunderbolt King’s body convulsed wildly, the frequency gradually decreasing.

At the same time, he foamed at the mouth.

The Thunderbolt King closed his eyes, kicked his legs, and hung up.

The Fire-element zombie sneered, “You dare to approach like this?”

Both zombies relaxed, realizing the Thunderbolt King was just a weakling. They resumed their fierce battle.

The two zombies that drew blood became increasingly frenzied, engaged in a life-and-death struggle.

In the end, the Lightning-element zombie had a slight advantage and killed the Fire-element zombie.

However, the Lightning-element zombie didn’t fare much better. Its body was covered in burn wounds, its mouth full of blood, especially its head, almost charred to black.

The Lightning-element zombie chuckled laboriously, “You dared to fight me.”

“It’s me, who gets the last laugh.”

After saying this, the Lightning-element zombie spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The Thunderbolt King had been keeping a small dog eye open, observing the situation. Just in case the big move affected him, he was ready to dodge.

Seeing the heavily injured Lightning-element zombie, he felt ecstatic and was about to take action. However, this zombie unexpectedly walked towards the Thunderbolt King.

“Let’s Eat some turtle meat first.”

The Thunderbolt King pondered, planning to strike hard when the zombie approached.

He didn’t dare to use his claws to gather lightning elemental abilities. Instead, the Thunderbolt King silently accumulated electrical energy in his mouth.

The Lightning-element zombie limped towards the Thunderbolt King, struggling greatly, aiming to bite the Thunderbolt King’s neck.

Little did it know, the dog had been playing possum the whole time.

The Thunderbolt King, with a fierce dog expression, unleashed a well-prepared, highly condensed lightning sphere with a diameter of about twenty centimeters, sticking it firmly onto the face of the Lightning-element zombie.

Even if the zombie had been on guard, at this moment, it couldn’t avoid it, given its difficulty in walking.

The Lightning-element zombie let out a miserable scream, and then its head exploded.

The Thunderbolt King agilely got up, without a word, focusing on collecting crystals first.

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