Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Better Without This Elder

There was a spot on the  Thunderbolt King’s back that, despite the turtle shell, had suffered some damage, with a tuft of fur charred.

The Thunderbolt King also understood now that the turtle shell not only didn’t benefit him but would actually restrict him.

Without this shell, the dog might not have been discovered at all.

No wonder the master was so resourceful, yet didn’t carry the turtle shell on his back. I’m still too young.

I should learn more from the master in the future.

Chen Luo looked at the two crystals in his hand, both at the seventh level, one was thunder-type, and the other was fire-type.

In astonishment, he asked, “Where did these come from?”

The Thunderbolt King’s strength couldn’t possibly have killed two seventh-level creatures.

With the translation provided by Rice, Chen Luo learned the whole story and couldn’t help but sigh.

Undoubtedly, trying to pick up the leftovers from two seventh-level zombies was very dangerous. Despite risking his life, the Thunderbolt King handed over the seventh-level crystals to Chen Luo without hesitation.

Comparing this to what happened with Jiang Chen, it’s even more commendable.

Chen Luo sighed. In fact, did the Thunderbolt King value points?

Well, he really did.

But even without points, he would definitely still hand them over to Chen Luo.

He’s truly a good dog.

Looking at himself again, he did everything he could to obstruct the dog from becoming the leader of the dogs.

When others saw the Thunderbolt King, they called him the leader of the dogs. Isn’t that an insult to me?

Otherwise, why did Chen Luo inexplicably hinder the Thunderbolt King?

Moreover, this is also to give the Thunderbolt King a goal to strive for.

Chen Luo, with a hint of amusement, patted the head of the Thunderbolt King and said, “These two crystals are worth 3,000 points for you.”

The Thunderbolt King couldn’t believe it. Good lord, a dog gained 3,000 points at once, enough to cover the bill for the entire field twice.

He had made significant progress toward becoming the leader of the dogs.

Chen Luo continued, “As a reward for the Thunderbolt King’s diligence, well, let’s reward you with this lightning crystal. No need to use points; consider it a bonus.”

It was time to strengthen the second in command of the base.

This level 7 crystal would undoubtedly elevate the Thunderbolt King to level 6, with some leftover points. After all, it had been over two months since the Thunderbolt King reached level 5.

Chen Luo then turned around and sold the level 7 fire crystal to Mi Ling for 2,000 points.

Although a level 7 crystal had a much better effect than a level 3 crystal for absorbing by level 3 ability users, it was not enough to help Chen Luo reach level 8. Even with a dozen or so level 7 crystals, it wouldn’t be sufficient.

Mi Ling had more than enough points, earning a few hundred points each day by cooperating with others like Mi Li and Su Dazhu to kill a few hundred zombies.

In the evening, everyone returned. Some came back, but some had lost their lives permanently. Life and death had become commonplace.

It was time to deal with Jiang Chen, and at the same time, Chen Luo would publicly promote and commend elite members and elders.

After dinner, they gathered at the training ground. Although it was dark, Chen Luo had specially installed lighting.

Jiang Chen was bound in the center, while the others sat on the ground. Chen Luo took out all the level 3 crystals and placed them in front.

With crystals stacked in the tens of thousands, even elite members like Mi Ling, Shu Yun, and others were surprised. They hadn’t expected to accumulate so many.

Chen Luo’s expression turned serious as he kicked over the level 3 crystals.

“Previously, each person was required to submit five level 3 crystals daily. Some may have wondered, why submit so many? What is it used for?” Chen Luo questioned.

He then asked Mi Ling, Su Dazhu, Xia Haoran, and Shu Yun to report the number of crystals they obtained each day. Xia Haoran had the most, with 132 level 4 crystals today.

Xia Haoran remained calm, while the others were shocked. What on earth was happening? Was this even possible?

The members who followed Chen Luo were secretly thinking, “Let them know that the boss obtained over 3,500 today, and they’d probably be scared out of their minds.” And this was with a large part of the time wasted waiting for Da Zhuang to bring zombies.

Chen Luo continued, “Do I lack the crystals you submit? Or do I need to trade these crystals with others for something? Joke. What I fancy, I can exchange with you when I’m in a good mood, and if I’m not, I’ll just take it. Do I need to use crystals to trade with people? I don’t even know how to handle these many crystals. All these crystals were exchanged through your hard work.”

“My goal is not these crystals. It’s to encourage everyone to fight more with zombies because what I need here are strong individuals, elites.”

“Zombies will get stronger, and if you don’t strive to become stronger, are you waiting to die?”

Everyone fell silent. Indeed, the boss didn’t need these crystals.

“Now, let’s talk about supplies. Half of what you all obtained is stored, and the other half is used as a welfare bonus for everyone. Do I take it for my personal use?”

“I established this base to ensure everyone can survive better. You won’t be bullied by other bases that have more people, and you won’t have to worry about being constantly vigilant even when trying to sleep at night. I want everyone to be united.”

“Some people have their own thoughts and plans, and I understand that. As long as you don’t go too far, I’ll turn a blind eye to it.”

Chen Luo shifted his focus and revealed the incident involving Jiang Chen. “You can choose to submit the opportunities you obtain in exchange for points, or you can keep them for yourself. I won’t force you, but if anyone dares to make underhanded moves under my nose, there will be consequences. The rules here are simple: small mistakes lead to a few days of hunger, while major mistakes result in immediate execution. There’s no expulsion from the base.”

For instance, if someone unexpectedly obtained a seventh-level crystal, they might not want to submit it willingly due to the significant benefits. Forcing someone to submit it would be unfair.

“Who doesn’t have their own selfish motives? I won’t force anyone.”

However, for someone like Jiang Chen, the typical approach might be expulsion from the base, but not for Chen Luo. The purpose of today’s meeting is to let everyone know the consequences of committing a major mistake.

Jiang Chen has been used as an example for others.

Kill one to warn a hundred.

“Next is the promotion of elite members and elders.”

“This batch of elite members consists of 79 people, gathering three hundred points might sound easy, but it’s not that simple. Elite members not only receive honor but also better living conditions and material allocations, one level higher than ordinary members. They can also legitimately serve as team leaders or sub-leaders.”

“Just having a title isn’t enough to attract people. Next are the elders.”

“There are four elders: Mi Ling, Xia Haoran, Shu Yun, and Long Yu.”

“Su Dazhu and Mi Li, among others, are not elders because they serve as attendants. The first three were promoted through point redemption, while Long Yu received a special promotion.”

“Long Yu focused on research at home, with no chance to earn points. If Chen Luo randomly promoted someone to be an elder without reason, people would not be happy. However, when Chen Luo revealed Long Yu’s research achievements, everyone was impressed.”

“Especially those brought in by Long Yu initially, they were delighted. Having Long Yu as an elder would give them some support.”

“Long Yu chuckled, becoming an elder in front of everyone. It felt good to have material satisfaction and encouragement.”

“Mengyin watched from below, feeling envious. When Chen Luo mentioned that if her seeds had produced significant results, she could also be directly promoted to become an elder.”

I can become an elder will depend on the results in the next two days. I, Mengyin, also have dreams.

Thunderbolt King, with wide-open eyes, watched as he wasn’t the only elder. He needed to put in more effort to become the leader of the dogs.

The meeting ended, and Shu Yun, Mi Ling, and others stepped down. Coincidentally, Thunderbolt King, feeling unhappy, was about to return to the dog’s lair to find the Silver Wolf.

Someone complimented, ‘Elder Dog.’

Mi Ling stumbled a bit, her expression changing. Maybe being an elder is not a good thing after all.

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