Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Chen Guang, when did you become so bad, you little rascal?

Chen Luo is currently examining a list.

Jiang Feng and Zhao Hai form the intelligence team, with the primary task of investigating major events in the Divine Capital, gathering intelligence from various bases, and identifying outstanding members.

The compiled information is then presented to Chen Luo.

What concerns Chen Luo the most is identifying exceptional individuals with abilities. If there are any future familiar King-level individuals or well-known Level 9 or 10 individuals, he would consider recruiting them.

Currently, due to limited manpower and the late start of the intelligence team, they have only penetrated less than half of the bases in the Divine Capital.

There are also many new forces that have yet to be infiltrated.

Take it slow.

Two sets of intelligence.

Near one of the bases, a mutant appeared, killing dozens of members. Chen Luo isn’t concerned about such incidents; he used to fear mutants before.

Hmph, now, I’m no longer the old Chen Luo.

At this point, the probability of encountering Level 10 or King-level mutants is very low. With the ability to manipulate time, Chen Luo actually wishes to encounter such mutants.

The second piece of information mentions a certain big shot suspected of obtaining a Level 7 crystal.

Chen Luo isn’t particularly interested. By the time he gets there to snatch it, who knows how much of the crystal has already been absorbed? Moreover, a Level 7 crystal is unlikely to stir much emotion in Chen Luo.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of individuals with abilities.

Most of them are unfamiliar to Chen Luo. As Lin Tian rightly said, winning early doesn’t guarantee true victory; survival until the end is what matters.

Some people may shine in the early stages but could be gone the next day.

However, one cannot give up. Jiang Feng and Zhao Hai’s task is to observe the potential for recruiting these individuals. If it seems possible, they should try to deceive them into joining their side.

Suddenly, Chen Luo’s eyes light up.

Jin Yuanjiang, suspected Level 5, with the ability to control earth and the power of earth explosions. Excellent combat abilities, around thirty years old, and appears rough on the surface.

Chen Luo is familiar with Jin Yuanjiang; he is a future King-level individual, considered to be in the middle range among King-level abilities.

Seems like a decent person, but Chen Luo is not personally acquainted, only heard about him.

Most importantly, he’s not a big shot.

If he can be someone else’s underling, why not mine?

Chen Luo smiles and issues orders to gather information on Jin Yuanjiang. When necessary, he might personally approach him for recruitment.

Upon receiving the instructions, Zhao Hai immediately takes action. Even though he doesn’t know why Chen Luo values Jin Yuanjiang so much, he doesn’t bother asking.

Just focus on doing his job well.

Zhao Hai has been a leader before, so he knows what kind of people leaders like. If Chen Luo wants to say something, he will naturally tell him.

The next day Mengyin’s potatoes were ripe.

To be precise, it was seeds provided by Mengyin, and Ouyang Lu was responsible for planting.

After reaching Level 4, Mengyin replanted a batch of potatoes, but they hadn’t matured yet.

The Level 4 crystals obtained yesterday were distributed to all the natural system individuals upon returning to the base. They were mostly at Level 3, and having Level 4 crystals would significantly accelerate their advancement to Level 4.

As a result, overnight, 32 people reached Level 4 through absorption.

Mengyin nervously watched Ouyang Lu digging potatoes.

Once she becomes an elder, just the thought of Xiao Yu calling her an elder makes her feel delighted.

It would be even better to get Xiao Yu under my command and have her call me Big Sis.

Last night, Mengyin dreamt about this and burst into laughter on the spot.

Just cultivating isn’t enough; there needs to be an increase in yield. Otherwise, Mengyin’s value would be no different from a regular natural ability user individual.

Ouyang Lu said, “Based on my previous methods, one cycle can yield around 150 kilograms of potatoes.”

One cycle takes fifteen days, and that’s because Ouyang Lu can summon grass spirits. Otherwise, for others, it would take at least a month.

Planting 150 kilograms in a month, is that enough for several people?

This is the result of Ouyang Lu doing nothing else but cultivating.

It’s not that they don’t want to plant more, but the abilities to maintain cultivation are lacking.

In a base, only the higher-ups are qualified to eat vegetables.

It’s not the higher the level, the more one can plant. With increasing pollution, it becomes harder and harder to cultivate. Natural ability users individuals with lower levels can’t even cultivate.

Otherwise, would Chen Luo only take a small amount of vegetables each time, making Mi Ling stomp in anger?

Ouyang Lu digs up all the potatoes and exclaims in surprise, “This is much more than what I used to plant. Mengyin is really amazing.”

Chen Luo chuckles, not much.

The group weighs it, 182 kilograms.

In other words, under Mengyin’s improvements, the yield increased by twenty percent.

Others look at Mengyin with envy. Twenty percent, that’s quite something.

Mengyin looks pleased, proudly puffing out her chest. Well, she’s just a kid; she can’t resist compliments.

Then, Mengyin eagerly looks at Chen Luo. Did she become an elder?

Chen Luo, however, delivers a blow, “I put in so much effort to cultivate you, and you only increase by thirty kilograms? Thirty kilograms, barely enough for one person to eat for a month. Is this useful?”

Chen Luo is just joking; thirty kilograms for one person would be ten thousand kilograms for the three hundred plus natural ability users individuals in Chen Luo’s base.

Moreover, eating half a kilogram per person per day would be too much; can we still eat as freely as before the apocalypse?

Chen Luo heard that in Mengyin’s past life, the improved potatoes could yield six thousand kilograms per acre. Converted to the current planting area, it should be able to reach four hundred kilograms.

That’s quite a gap.

Chen Luo can’t give her the sweet reward so quickly; otherwise, she might become complacent.

 Mengyin widens her eyes and then lowers her head in disappointment. Yeah, just thirty kilograms. I’m useless.

Chen Luo coughs lightly; he can’t be too harsh.

“But it’s still worth praising; it does have an effect. So, for the next three days, I’ll give you fried chicken every day as praise. Keep up the good work, Mengyin.”

Mengyin nods vigorously, excited about the big brother’s fried chicken.

It’s strange; he clearly saw only two chickens. Could it be that he’s hiding some?

There aren’t many fried chickens; Chen Luo only collected 1,200 portions. He and Mi Li occasionally have a few portions themselves.

It’s not a lot; he’ll save them to trick the kids later.

Chen Luo continues, “Now it’s potatoes; let’s try developing chili seeds next.”

Chilies can be turned into chili powder and sauce, and a small amount of chili can serve as a dish.

Many people also like to eat spicy food; days without chili are soulless.

The new batch of potatoes begins planting, and this time, the quantity far exceeds the past. There will be a large number of Level 4 natural ability users individuals born.

There may not be high-level natural system crystals, otherwise, Chen Luo could rotate their use, allowing for earlier advancement to Level 4.

But sometimes, fate works in mysterious ways.

While Chen Luo is guiding the vegetable planting, Chen Guang rushes over to report.

“Big Brother, there’s a person being chased, ran to us seeking refuge, and he’s willing to offer a Level 7 natural ability users crystal.”

“Should we provide shelter, or should we take his natural ability user crystal and then drive him away?”

Either way, the crystal must be retained.

Chen Luo exclaims, “Well, well, when did you, Chen Guang, become so cunning? From whom did you learn this?”

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