Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Mr. Iron Legs

Jia Shan is a Level 4 fire-type ability user, and today luck is on his side as he stumbles upon the corpse of a mutant, seizing the opportunity to collect its crystal.

However, his fortune takes a turn for the worse as he is discovered by a group of people at the moment of retrieving the crystal.

What does a high-level crystal signify? Can it still be kept a secret at this point?

Jia Shan is naturally unwilling to let others snatch his findings. After collecting the crystal, he makes a run for it, with the other group in hot pursuit.

Jia Shan’s luck takes a fortunate turn when a dozen zombies appear, engaging the pursuers in a fight.

Seizing the chance, Jia Shan manages to escape, driving away in a car at full speed.

Aware that the pursuing group is from a large base, he dare not stay nearby. In order to completely shake them off, he drives for seventy to eighty miles until the car runs out of fuel and comes to a stop.

Jia Shan, cautious of the pursuers, finds a concealed spot to start absorbing the crystal. However, after finishing one absorption, his expression drastically changes as he discovers that the group has somehow tracked him down.

How could they possibly have found me?

Jia Shan exerts all his efforts to escape, managing to outsmart even the fastest wind-type ability user, but he’s running out of strength.

Coincidentally, he stumbles upon Chen Luo’s base.

Jia Shan looks at it with a complex expression, realizing that with a base like this, the strength must be formidable.

Continuing to run greatly increases the likelihood of being caught, risking not only losing the crystal but also his life.

What I can’t obtain, you won’t either.

Handing over the crystal to this base might be a chance to save his life.

If it weren’t for having already killed a member of the pursuing group, Jia Shan might have tried to give them the crystal. However, having taken a life, it’s unlikely they would spare him.

So, the situation prompts Chen Guang to approach Chen Luo for guidance.

After a brief contemplation, Chen Luo decisively states, “We must ensure the safety of this person.”

It’s not that Jia Shan himself holds significant value, and Chen Luo hasn’t heard of him before. So why protect him?

There was once a Peaceful Inn; anyone who entered this inn, regardless of the crimes committed or troubles caused, the Peaceful Inn would stand up for them.

Be it something dark or something righteous, everyone had to abide by the rules of the Peaceful Inn.

The prerequisite was having enough money.

Chen Luo wanted to emulate this idea. As long as you can offer something tempting enough, anyone causing trouble will be dealt with by me.

Once this example is set and publicized, who knows, maybe in the future, someone will show up at the door with a King-level crystal?

Relying on others to bring valuable contributions voluntarily is wishful thinking.

In Chen Luo’s view, is this not a reasonable approach?

If I vouch for someone, who dares to act against them?

Even if it’s only a Level 5 natural ability user crystal, Chen Luo is willing to set such an example.

The people chasing Jia Shan are extremely wary as they look at Chen Luo’s base. With a base like this, daring to cause trouble with just their dozen people would be suicidal.

One person politely shouts, “We don’t want to offend your esteemed base, but this person stole from us. We kindly request you to hand him over. I, on behalf of our big brother Zheng Jin, express our gratitude.”

Chen Guang, returning from Chen Luo, snorts and replies, “Our big brother has protected this person. You lot should go back to where you came from.”

The simplest way is to claim that Jia Shan is one of their own, putting the other side in the wrong, which would likely avoid trouble.

But how effective will the publicity be?

Regardless of who it is, as long as you can offer something valuable, Chen Luo will protect you.

The group swallows their pride, not daring to threaten openly. If they do, they might be detained on the spot; after all, it’s someone else’s territory.

They decide to report to their big brother when they get back.

Jia Shan, with a lowered head, comes before Chen Luo, feeling a pang of distress as he hands over the Level 7 natural ability users crystal.

Feeling quite bitter inside, he has essentially paved the way for others, but at least, he managed to save his life.

Chen Luo accepts the crystal with a smug smile, “When drowsiness comes, a pillow is at hand.”

Let each person absorb a bit, and somehow, you could expedite seventy to eighty individuals to Level 4.

Allocate half of the crystal to those who haven’t reached Level 4 yet. The remaining portion can be used to elevate Ouyang Lu and Mengyin’s levels.

Chen Luo glances at Jia Shan and says, “Rest assured, what I say stands. Even if the almighty himself comes, he won’t take you away.”

Jia Shan sighs with relief, and as he sees a woman approaching from the opposite side, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ma Yu?”

The person coming is indeed Ma Yu, wanting to ask Chen Luo what he fancies for lunch today.

Unexpectedly, he encounters someone he knows.

Ma Yu furrows her brows, glancing at Jia Shan. After a while, she suddenly realizes, “Your name is Jia Shan, right?”

Jia Shan nods with great joy, never expecting to meet someone he knows here.

Chen Luo instantly becomes alert. Could this Jia Shan be vying for Ma Yu?

That’s impossible.

Seeing that the two don’t seem very familiar, and Jia Shan is dark and thin, Chen Luo relaxes.

Ma Yu explains, “This person is my former colleague, quite skilled in cooking.”

Chen Luo realizes, “Oh, he’s a chef. Perfect. The base could use someone with good culinary skills. Let him join the kitchen staff.”

Jia Shan nods repeatedly, saying, “Cooking, I’m good at that. Although not as good as Ma Yu, I’m still a capable hand.”

Even in difficult times, at least you won’t go hungry with a good chef around. It’s a good position.

After Ma Yu leaves, Chen Luo warns, “Don’t harbor any inappropriate thoughts about Ma Yu. Understand?”

Jia Shan nods, repeatedly assuring, “Of course, I understand.”

Jia Shan acknowledges, “I do have some self-awareness.”

Could it be that Ma Yu has become someone significant’s woman? That’s something he doesn’t dare to think about.

The individuals who were chasing Jia Shan return to their base and promptly inform their big brother, Zheng Jin, about what happened.

Zheng Jin furrows his brows and asks, “How big was the crystal?”

His subordinate describes it.

Having seen a Level 6 crystal before, Zheng Jin speculates that it might be a Level 7 or even an 8.

Good lord, what a valuable item. To let someone take it away like that, who would willingly accept it?

Zheng Jin immediately starts inquiring about the strength of Chen Luo’s base.

The information he receives only deepens Zheng Jin’s frown. A base with over two thousand people that only recruits Level 4 members seems, on the surface, much stronger than his own.

Really not someone to mess with.

However, if he can obtain that crystal, it will undoubtedly help him reach Level 6. Zheng Jin must find a way, no matter what.

After some thought, Zheng Jin sends an envoy.

The envoy arrives at Chen Luo’s base and respectfully says, “Leader Chen, our big brother has spoken. The crystal will be split among us, with only one-third required if you’re willing to hand over Jia Shan, the one who killed our brothers.”

One-third of the crystal would likely still help Zheng Jin reach Level 6.

In reality, Zheng Jin only wants one-third of the crystal. He fears Chen Luo might refuse if he asks for more, and it’s also an opportunity to get rid of Jia Shan.

Chen Luo chuckles, “I’ve guaranteed Jia Shan’s safety. What I say goes. If you’re not satisfied, tell him to come and take it himself.”

Chen Luo leaves no room for compromise, making his stance very clear.

The envoy, having swallowed his pride, returns to the base and truthfully conveys Chen Luo’s words to Zheng Jin.

Zheng Jin slams his hand on the table in frustration.

He isn’t giving me any face at all.

In the martial world, there is a certain degree of courtesy and give-and-take. Why isn’t he giving me any face?

However, he doesn’t dare to engage in a direct confrontation with Chen Luo.

Fuming with anger, Zheng Jin arrives at a warehouse reeking of blood and respectfully says, “Iron Leg, I need your assistance.”

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