Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The Vengeful Law King

“Mr. Iron Leg, it’s time for you to step in.”

In a dimly lit warehouse with a lingering scent of blood, a male zombie lazily rises from a tattered sofa.

A pair of exceptionally long legs stands out, reaching a height of two meters and forty-five centimeters. The thighs alone seem to measure around one meter and sixty centimeters.

Not only are they long, but they also reflect a metallic sheen.

Because the legs of this zombie are incredibly powerful, hard, and sharp as iron, Zheng Jin gave it a simple and catchy name – Iron Leg.

Zheng Jin doesn’t dare to approach Iron Leg during its feeding time; at that moment, Iron Leg recognizes no one.

Every day, Zheng Jin has to capture a few people to feed Iron Leg, and Iron Leg enjoys being cared for by humans.

This is the first time Zheng Jin has attempted to ask Iron Leg for help, having only started caring for it two days ago.

Iron Leg chuckles, “Why should I help you? If I don’t, does that mean you won’t feed me?”

Zheng Jin’s expression remained unchanged, “Mr. Iron Leg, there’s a person acting too arrogantly. He robbed my belongings, and even in the face of my threats, he dared to talk back, claiming that not even the God of War could stop him.”

“I mentioned your esteemed name, but he continued to boast, dismissing the importance of iron claws, iron head, iron arms, and even iron legs. It seems even iron eggs wouldn’t be of any use.”

After observing Iron Leg for two days, Zheng Jin grasped a bit of its personality. While intelligent, it seemed susceptible to provocation, much like an arrogant youth.

As expected, Iron Leg’s expression changed drastically, filled with anger, “Who is it? Who dares to disregard Iron Leg? I’ll devour him!”

Zheng Jin revealed a smile. Despite being powerful, Iron Leg seemed quite foolish. While human combat capabilities might not match those of tigers or lions, human intelligence placed them at the top of the food chain.

In the future, Zheng Jin planned to set a trap or wait until he reached level six to deal with this Iron Leg, which was likely a level six zombie.

Although Iron Leg was only at level six, it was already formidable. Zheng Jin was no match at all, and even a level four was completely overwhelmed, simply crushed.

While Zheng Jin was confident that he could defeat Iron Leg by sheer numbers, the losses would be immeasurable. Relying solely on Iron Leg to kill the entire base of Chen Luo was something Zheng Jin didn’t want, but it could be weakened.

Iron Leg was like a powerful general – a rare find. “A thousand soldiers are easy to find, but a general is hard to come by.”

Zheng Jin didn’t rush to confront Chen Luo; instead, he first went to seek an ally, Wang Long, whose strength matched his own. In this day and age, who fights alone? Zheng Jin promised that Wang Long would absorb one-third of the crystals obtained.

Wang Long readily agreed. The temptation of an eighth-level crystal was too great; it might even help him advance to level six.

Zheng Jin was not a fool; he understood the importance of tolerance, sharing, and had considerable personal strength. It could be said that becoming the leader of a large base was no easy feat.

But why seek death?

Zheng Jin’s face turned cold. Is the world all about fighting and killing? Why not leave room for mercy?

Why should I give even one-third of the crystals? Is my request too unreasonable?

Xiao Hong lay in its nest, unmoving, showing signs of tension and anticipation. It could sense that its chicks were about to be born.

Originally, it wasn’t willing to give birth, but under Chen Luo’s pressure, its mood was now quite complicated.

On the other hand, Xiao Hong’s partner, Xiao Ming, was carefree and indifferent, showing no concern at all.

Every day, Xiao Ming used to chirp at the crack of dawn, repeatedly waking Chen Luo from sleep until it learned to behave under Chen Luo’s stick. So, Chen Luo decided to name it Xiao Ming.

In total, Xiao Hong attempted to hatch 16 eggs, but not all of them were successfully hatched and survived. Chen Luo estimated that the chicks were about to be born, so he had been observing Xiao Hong closely in recent days.

Xiao Hong cooed at Chen Luo, seemingly trying to please him, as if saying, “Please be gentle with my babies.” Chen Luo responded with a kind smile, acknowledging that there was nothing he could do about it.

If you’re not tough, you won’t stand firm, right?

Can you blame me for being stern with you?

Look, if you listen to me, you get a home, a husband, and now soon a child. Isn’t it perfect?

Xiao Hong turned the egg over, and coincidentally, one egg had some cracked shells. Xiao Hong and Chen Luo immediately became nervous.

Before long, a chick struggled to hatch from the broken shell. Its feathers were not fully developed, but its eyes were already open. Chen Luo quickly fed it some cooked rice.

Chen Luo immediately took out study materials, focusing on postnatal care for hens, no, distinguishing between male and female chicks.

It turned out to be a female. Chen Luo was delighted, planning to take good care of her, and she would soon become another egg-laying hen.

However, what saddened Chen Luo was that only the first chick successfully hatched overnight. All the others turned out to be dead eggs.

After the apocalypse, the success rate of reproduction was unusually low, which explained why meat was so scarce. It seemed to be related to the strength of Xiao Hong and Xiao Ming. If their strength was stronger, reaching the fourth level, the success rate of chicks could be significantly improved.

Under Chen Luo’s careful cultivation, Xiao Hong had just reached the third level at this time.

Chen Luo sighed and was about to comfort Xiao Hong when it unexpectedly pecked him. Besides the first meeting, Xiao Hong, realizing its misjudgment, never dared to peck Chen Luo again.

Chen Luo wasn’t angry, comforting, “If you reach the fourth level, the survival rate of the chicks will improve. Just wait for it.”

Chen Luo hurriedly brought the level 7 fire-type crystal that Mi Ling hadn’t fully absorbed yet and gave it to Xiao Hong.

Mi Ling had already finished absorbing today, but there was still a lot of crystal power left.

Xiao Hong, who had always been a “lazy fish,” heard Chen Luo’s words and suddenly developed a strong desire to become stronger.

As a level three hen, Xiao Hong could only absorb a tiny bit of power from the level 7 crystal. It was likely the only hen capable of absorbing a level 7 crystal’s power.

After Xiao Hong finished absorbing, Chen Luo returned the crystal to Mi Ling.

Chen Luo looked at the Thunderbolt King in the dog’s nest with concern. Oh, Thunderbolt King, Thunderbolt King, I wonder how many cubs Silver Wolf will have, and if they can survive.


The sound carried a hint of pain and joyful excitement.

No, it’s already given birth?

It turns out that the Thunderbolt King was calling out; it had just reached level six.

As a level six, Thunderbolt King became even more robust and formidable.

The only downside was the missing ear, which somewhat affected the Thunderbolt King’s image.

Chen Luo smiled; once the Thunderbolt King reached level seven, its size would be suitable for a mount.

The Thunderbolt King followed Chen Luo into the villa, found Rice  for Translation, and asked, “How many points do I get for reaching level six?”

Chen Luo was speechless. The Thunderbolt King was currently being very cautious; besides feeding Silver Wolf, it didn’t dare to spend any points.

Let it accumulate a bit more, and it will soon reach ten thousand points.

Although there is indeed a reward for the first promotion, Chen Luo couldn’t deny it. He gave the Thunderbolt King five hundred points.

Although not much, the Thunderbolt King was already very happy.

Chen Luo squatted down, showing concern, and asked the Thunderbolt King, “How did you lose your ear?”

When Mi Li’s level reach a bit higher, reaching level seven, it could help the Thunderbolt King regenerate the missing ear.

Hearing Chen Luo’s words, the Thunderbolt King’s expression immediately turned dark.

“It was cut off by someone; the dog almost died. I still remember that person’s appearance very clearly.”

“I swear not to rest until this grudge is settled!”

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