Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Xia Haoran vs. Iron Leg

Zheng Jin and Wang Long set out before dawn, bringing all their forces except for a few essential home guards. The earlier they arrived, the fewer crystals Chen Luo would absorb.

This time, they were facing a formidable opponent with over two thousand members, exclusively recruiting fourth-level individuals. Both of them had to approach the situation with utmost seriousness. By the time they arrived, the day had already dawned.

Wang Long marveled at the base, saying, “I’ve heard about this Chen Luo. Rumor has it that his base is quite powerful. If it weren’t for the eighth-level crystal, I wouldn’t want to be his enemy.”

Zheng Jin snorted, “Indeed, he’s strong, but he has no sense of morality. I know I’m not as powerful as him, and I’ve already pleaded with him in a humble manner. I asked for only one-third of the crystals, but he refused.”

“What else can I do? We’ll have to fight, and it’s too late for him to yield. Once Iron Leg is unleashed, blood must be shed,” Wang Long said.

With greed in his eyes, Wang Long suggested, “How about we take over this base? The location is excellent, and he stole it from us.”

Zheng Jin nodded slowly, “Yes, his subordinates are quite capable. After we take down the core, we can swallow the rest.”

Zheng Jin sneered, “Trying to imitate Old Du and establish a peace hotel? Does he have that kind of strength?”

With Iron Leg serving as the vanguard and their group coordinating, as long as they could crush Chen Luo’s morale, victory would be theirs. They didn’t believe anyone would be willing to fight to the death.

However, when Zheng Jin, Wang Long, and their men arrived at the doorstep, Chen Luo would realize that it might as well be seeking death by slamming into a block of tofu.

There were sentries all around the base, and Zheng Jin’s group had long been detected.

Chen Luo, annoyed, got up.

Do you know the most infuriating thing in this world?

Disturbing someone’s peaceful sleep.

Chen Luo said, “Mi Li, you continue sleeping; I’ll go check it out.”

Mi Li replied, “I’d rather take a look too. In case someone gets hurt, I can provide healing.”

At the entrance of the base, Chen Luo heard a loud voice shouting, “Who the hell is it? Come out! Iron claws and iron head won’t work; let’s see if my iron leg does.”

“Alright, dare to call me worthless? Watch me kick you to death with one leg.”

Iron Leg was getting angry.

Zheng Jin’s people were both fearful and curious, watching Iron Leg intently.

The world is truly strange, being able to fight alongside zombies.

However, no one dared to approach Iron Leg, fearing being bitten. Even if they were bitten, it would be in vain. Zheng Jin clearly wouldn’t blame Iron Leg.

Zheng Jin chuckled, “Mr. Iron Leg, they didn’t know how formidable you were before. Now, in your presence, of course, they won’t admit it.”

Chen Luo had no idea who Iron Leg was; it was all a fabrication by Zheng Jin to keep Iron Leg in the dark and prevent any slip-ups. Zheng Jin, of course, had to cover up a bit.

But was it really necessary?

Upon seeing Iron Leg, Chen Luo, who was a bit confused initially, burst into laughter.

Oh my, after Iron Claws and Iron Head, here comes the third unlucky one.

Tsk tsk, this long-legged fellow.

In the realm of physical enhancements, having a prominent feature in a certain area is quite common. In the future, one could expect to encounter even more formidable Iron Claws and Iron Heads.

Chen Luo expressed great anticipation.

Chen Luo immediately said, “I said you’re just a worthless thing, Iron Leg? I wonder which leg of yours is so iron.”

Zheng Jin was genuinely shocked. You’re really bold; shouldn’t you explain a bit?

Maybe he truly didn’t know how powerful Iron Leg was.

Wang Long, with a twinkle in his eyes, shouted, “Leader Chen, how about a one-on-one duel? If you win, we’ll leave without a word; if you lose, just hand over the crystals.”

If Chen Luo engaged in a contest with Iron Leg and got defeated outright, they could almost effortlessly take control of the base.

As long as Chen Luo dared to agree, it would mean the certain death of a formidable subordinate.

Iron Leg was truly formidable.

Zheng Jin instantly understood Wang Long’s intention and said, “Chen Luo, do you dare?”

Chen Luo shook his head, chuckled, displaying the fearlessness of the ignorant. Killing this clearly not very high-level zombie would be a breeze. He stood still, and with a few seconds of acceleration, he could easily eliminate it.

Ah, too bad. Why couldn’t they find a more formidable zombie?

However, Xia Haoran said, “Big brother, no need for you to take action. I’ll go down and face him.”

Chen Luo looked at Xia Haoran, who appeared determined and eager. After some thought, he agreed. Even if there was any danger, he could intervene to save him.

Moreover, one should not underestimate Xia Haoran. Although he was only at the fifth level, just a bit away from the sixth, whether in combat awareness or iron fists, he had the capability to fight beyond his level.

If these iron fists couldn’t overpower opponents of the same level, how could they be called invincible iron fists?

Xia Haoran entered the fray.

Su Dazhu and Mi Ling felt a bit uneasy, thinking, “If he can, I should find an opportunity to challenge myself.”

Zheng Jin and Wang Long looked at Xia Haoran in surprise. He really dared to step up?

Well, killing him first would make things easier later.

Xia Haoran hadn’t brought his turtle shell. It worked well against elemental types, but against physical types, it would only be a burden.

The long legs of Iron Leg imposed some pressure on Xia Haoran due to the difference in size.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Iron Leg lunged at high speed. Chen Luo was even more disappointed; he was just a sixth level.

You guys with the “Iron” moniker clearly aren’t up to par.

Iron Leg’s foot came from the side, viciously kicking towards Xia Haoran’s waist, generating a strong shockwave. If a normal person were hit, their waist would likely break on the spot.

Facing it calmly, Xia Haoran raised his right fist and met the kick head-on.

While Xia Haoran might not match Iron Leg in speed, he could easily predict Iron Leg’s movements by watching his actions.

A loud “bang” echoed.

Xia Haoran’s fist stung a bit, but Iron Leg staggered, nearly falling.

Zheng Jin’s face changed dramatically. How could anyone withstand a kick from Iron Leg?

This was a sixth level? Impossible. Absolutely impossible. Were all of Chen Luo’s subordinates at the sixth level?

Chen Luo, however, wore a slight smile. If it was a sixth level against a seventh level, it would be challenging. But for Xia Haoran, a fifth level against a sixth level, the gap wasn’t too significant. Xia Haoran could compensate with his iron fists and combat experience.

Having suffered a setback, Iron Leg became enraged and launched a series of consecutive kicks.

Xia Haoran swung his fists, effortlessly blocking the attacks.

Xia Haoran thought to himself that Iron Leg truly lived up to the name. Injuring his legs wouldn’t be easy. Being tall also made it challenging to strike his head. The only option was to target vital areas.

Not knowing if the other leg was also as sturdy, Xia Haoran wanted to find out.

This was the easiest vital spot to target.

Bracing against Iron Leg’s kick, due to the difference in height, Xia Haoran easily struck Iron Leg’s vulnerable area.


This punch from Xia Haoran was delivered with full force. Iron Leg immediately opened its mouth wide, expressing pain, bending over, and covering its chest with both hands.

“Why are you hitting me…”

Before the words were finished, Xia Haoran struck Iron Leg’s head again.

Xia Haoran didn’t waste time on words with Iron Leg. Seizing the opportunity, he unleashed a flurry of attacks like a storm.

Iron Leg was knocked to the ground, and Xia Haoran directly straddled its chest, relentlessly attacking its head in a storm of blows.

At this moment, Iron Leg’s long legs were utterly useless.

Iron Leg frantically used its hands to attack Xia Haoran, but its hands were far inferior to its legs.

Ignoring everything, Xia Haoran continued his frenzied assault with his fists on Iron Leg’s head.

In a short while, Iron Leg’s head was smashed, and it was on the brink of death.


The “Iron” generation was obviously not up to par. Would the next one be the “Steel” generation? Steel Claws, Steel Head?

Yesterday, I read a comment from a reader who said that when reading other apocalyptic novels, they dared not do so at night. However, when reading my book, they felt no pressure at all.

Indeed, we aim for a light and humorous tone, with most zombies being here for comedic effect.

Tomorrow, the mystery of the little dog’s background will be revealed!!!

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