Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Level  6 Spatial Manipulation

Iron Leg’s consciousness was hazy after being beaten, lying on the ground with slightly moving lips.

“Stop hitting, stop hitting. Iron Leg is indeed just a worthless thing,” it mumbled.

After giving it some thought, Xia Haoran remembered that his elder brother would usually capture a zombie after a victory. Well, then, he would do the same.

Xia Haoran grabbed Iron Leg’s head and dragged it towards the base.

Bloodstains spread, a mix of Iron Leg’s and Xia Haoran’s.

Xia Haoran himself was not lightly injured from Iron Leg’s counterattacks.

On Chen Luo’s side, there was naturally a burst of cheers.

“Elder Xia is awesome.”

Before the apocalypse, Xia Haoran was a professional boxer with rich combat experience, outstanding talent, and invincible iron fists. He could be considered the third-best in the base.

Well, this was a morale booster.

On the other side, Zheng Jin and Wang Long were utterly shocked. Didn’t they understand Iron Leg’s strength? How could someone be beaten in a one-on-one duel?

This was impossible.

While it was true that a group of people could overpower Iron Leg, Zheng Jin had never considered that someone could actually single-handedly disable Iron Leg.

Looking at Xia Haoran, who was not lightly injured, Zheng Jin’s eyes flickered with a thought of launching a surprise attack.

But he dismissed the idea.

If they made a move, it would escalate into a conflict, and besides, Xia Haoran was just one of Chen Luo’s subordinates. Chen Luo might be even more formidable than Xia Haoran.

The plan fell apart. What to do now?

Xia Haoran, not good with words, dragged Iron Leg back in silence.

If this were in the Thunderbolt King’s territory, wouldn’t he ask for a bounty right away?

Rice Grain and the Light users quickly began treating Xia Haoran.

Zheng Jin and Wang Long exchanged glances, and Zheng Jin chuckled, “Leader Chen actually has such a fierce general under him. I’m impressed. According to the agreement, we’ll leave now, and we won’t cause any trouble in the future.”

Wang Long added with a smile, “We don’t know each other until we fight. We’ll surely cooperate with Leader Chen if there’s a chance.”

Chen Luo gave a faint smile, “Do you think this is your home? Come and go as you please? If you can’t produce enough to buy your lives, you won’t leave.”

Buying lives?

Zheng Jin’s expression remained unchanged, “Leader Chen, if you want to fight, my brother and I have more people than you. Even if we can’t beat you, you won’t have an easy time. It’ll be a mutual defeat. Don’t act impulsively.”

Chen Luo waved his hand, “Full attack, take them down.”

Wang Long couldn’t believe it. You’re really going to fight? Aren’t you afraid of losing people?

Damn, next time, he must not easily provoke young people. They are full of energy, saying and doing things without considering the consequences.

Wang Long shouted, “I’m willing to compensate with twenty tons of rice and ten tons of flour.”

Chen Luo sneered, ‘Sending alms? Since I want to imitate the Peace Hotel, I have to build a reputation. It’s just right to deal with the two blind fools, Wang Long and Zheng Jin.’

Chen Luo didn’t plan to join the fight himself; he let his members take the lead.

What Wang Long and Zheng Jin saw first were enormous turtle shells. Members of the physical enhancement system, holding turtle shells, took the forefront.

Over eight hundred turtle shells, are you kidding?

They formed an indestructible defensive line, with members of the elemental system positioned behind.

Wang Long and Zheng Jin’s group, already demoralized by Xia Haoran, now saw these equipped members. Since they themselves lacked equipment, a sense of unease overcame them.

If they weren’t considered elites and hadn’t experienced the initial stages of the apocalypse, they might have scattered on the spot.

But even so, some were already sneaking away.

Gritting his teeth, Zheng Jin couldn’t retreat. If they withdrew, they wouldn’t be able to organize an effective resistance and would be at the mercy of others.

“Attack! Fight them,” Zheng Jin ordered.

As a fire elemental ability user, Zheng Jin unleashed a large fireball toward the opposite side.

It was promptly intercepted by the turtle shells, without a doubt.

The turtle shells themselves showed some cracks, and the members holding them grunted, pushed back slightly by the force, but the shells remained unscathed.

Zheng Jin was dumbfounded. He was a fifth level, and his all-out fireball couldn’t break through these turtle shells?

Indeed, even a slightly inferior turtle shell would require multiple all-out attacks from a fifth-level ability user to break. The type Mi Ling had needed dozens of attacks from a fifth-level to break.

Zheng Jin’s subordinates were even more bewildered. They were being asked to fight against nearly fully equipped opponents while unarmed?

The opponents seemed to have recruited only fourth-levels, yet their individual strength surpassed ours, and they even had shields?

There was no way to win.

Nobody was foolish. Trying to engage in a direct confrontation at this point would be suicidal. If the leader’s attacks couldn’t break their shields, how could we?

“Brothers, retreat.”

Zheng Jin was in shock, but Wang Long wasn’t. Seeing the situation, he immediately realized that they couldn’t force a confrontation; they were not a match.

Let Zheng Jin’s people bear the brunt.

As soon as this command was given, Wang Long’s group didn’t hesitate at all; they immediately started running.

Influenced by this, Zheng Jin’s people also began to flee.

The grunts didn’t matter, but Zheng Jin and Wang Long would never let their people escape easily. After all, they each had a fifth-level crystal.

Zheng Jin ran slowly and was caught by Shu Yun’s Blizzard.

Zheng Jin couldn’t believe it until his death. He actually died at the hands of a woman, and she was also able to reach the fifth level.

Of course, Wang Long couldn’t escape either. He ran fast, and with his subordinates blocking, Mi Ling and others couldn’t catch up immediately.

But the Dog Killer had targeted him. Could he escape?

The Dog Killer had maintained a 100% success rate since its debut, never failing.

Another group joined in, assisting Chen Luo in chasing down Zheng Jin and Wang Long’s subordinates, although Chen Luo didn’t really need help.

It was Lin Tian.

When else could he better show his prowess?

Convinced that there was no possibility of Zheng Jin and Wang Long turning the tables, Lin Tian joined in with his people.

Lin Tian was incredibly shocked. I only gave Chen Luo two turtle shells, how did he end up with so many more?

Could there be a replication ability?

Lin Tian was well aware of the difficulty in obtaining turtle shells. It had taken him a considerable effort to obtain four.

How did Chen Luo suddenly acquire almost a thousand?

He didn’t see Chen Luo’s large-scale operation at the southern city beach. Those marine creatures were really not easy to deal with.

Lin Tian was utterly perplexed, unable to fathom how Chen Luo, on his own, had obtained so many in just two short hours.

Chen Luo immediately dispatched members to Wang Long and Zheng Jin’s base to transport their supplies back.

At Zheng Jin’s base, there were only about two hundred people left.

As soon as a dozen people appeared, a young man in a white shirt led them.

This group didn’t waste any words and started killing as soon as they entered the base.

The young man in the white shirt wielded a faintly glowing light sword, unmistakably the Void Blade.

Zheng Jin’s subordinates couldn’t even land a hit on him. Those struck by the Void Blade were instantly cut into two.

While the companions of the young man in white couldn’t match his level, they were definitely among the elite.

In a short time, they wiped out all of Zheng Jin’s personnel.

Upon reaching the warehouse containing supplies, some of the items began mysteriously disappearing.

After loading some goods, the young man in white helplessly remarked, “I’ve mastered the ability of the spatial realm for a month now, but I’ve only opened up ten cubes.”

“Let’s burn the things we can’t take with us.”

A woman in blue chuckled, “Boss, your strength should be the best in the world. Not only have you reached the sixth level, but you also possess the rare Spatial ability. And, mastering the divine skill of the Spatial Sword, even against mutants, it’s a one-shot kill.”

The young man in white smiled faintly; indeed, there wasn’t an enemy he couldn’t handle with a single sword stroke.

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