Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Six Treasures in One Pregnancy, Mighty King

Zheng Jin’s supplies were burned, and only Wang Long’s resources were brought back. Chen Luo didn’t pay much attention, assuming it was just an intercepted raid by someone else.

If they found out who was responsible, Chen Luo would undoubtedly make them reveal everything.

In the living room, Mi Li was gently stroking a small yellow chick.

It was Xiao Hong’s daughter.

Newly hatched chicks are adorable, especially this intelligent little yellow one that captured Mi Li’s affection.

Chen Luo smirked, saying that when the chick grew a bit more, it wouldn’t be cute anymore, and at that time, its destiny would be laying eggs.

Even if it’s adorable, don’t we have our rice? Rice was currently lying in Chen Luo’s arms watching TV dramas. Suddenly, she put down her phone and excitedly said, “Chen Luo, Chen Luo, take me to see the Thunderbolt King’s wife later. I sensed that she will give birth in an hour.”

Chen Luo was stunned. Damn, you really are a fortune-teller; you can predict even such things? Well, it seemed there was nothing Rice couldn’t sense.

In an hour, huh?

Chen Luo asked, “The Thunderbolt King’s wife is giving birth, why are you so excited?”

Rice whispered, “I’ve long suspected that the King might be a surrogate, maybe, the cub in Silver Wolf’s belly is from the previous gray wolf.”

“If the Thunderbolt King is indeed raising someone else’s child, think about how pitiful it would be.”

“Take me there later. Otherwise, if I go alone, I’m afraid the Thunderbolt King will bite me.”

Chen Luo was at a loss. Couldn’t you just hope that the Thunderbolt King’s cub turns out well? What if it’s not the Thunderbolt  King’s? He wondered if the Thunderbolt King could handle such a blow.

Chen Luo rubbed Rices’s head hard, “Since when did you become so gossipy? It’s only you who cares so much about whose child the Thunderbolt King’s is.”

Rice pouted, “I sensed that many others are gossiping too.”

Could it be members of the base?

If the Elder Dog finds out, he’ll surely bite you all to death.

Chen Luo felt worried, hoping that the Thunderbolt King’s child would be safe and sound. If it turned out not to be the  Thunderbolt  King’s, well, he feared for their safety.

Chen Luo said, “Rice, let’s go take a look later. In case there are little puppies born, you can use your blessing technique to strengthen them.”

Rice became interested again and went to find Mi Ling. Su Dazhu and Ma Yu also got wind of it.

Everyone was curious and wanted to witness the birth of new life.

The birth of the little yellow chicken was a bit abrupt, only witnessed by Chen Luo. A group of people gathered outside the dog’s nest.

The Thunderbolt King looked bewildered. Why are you all here? My wife is giving birth; what are you doing?

The Thunderbolt King also sensed that his child was about to be born, and the protective instincts for the offspring were already kicking in.

“Get away, get away, no one is allowed to watch!” The Thunderbolt King rudely shooed Su Dazhu away.

However, the Thunderbolt  King was a bit kinder to Ma Yu, the cook. He looked at Mi Ling and seemed to say, “What’s the matter, Elder? Am I not worthy? I am the first elder of the base, with a higher status than you. Are you leaving on your own, or do you want the dog to act?”

The three of them were quite disappointed. Why wouldn’t he let them watch?

Mi Li  hurriedly explained, “I can act as a doctor.”

The Thunderbolt   King found the logic quite reasonable, so he allowed Mi Li to stay. However, he insisted that Mi Li had to stay on the side and not watch until the dog barked.

The Thunderbolt  King glanced at Chen Luo, feeling somewhat disgruntled, “If you want to watch, go ahead.”

The Thunderbolt  King then glared at Rice, wondering why he was staying. Was he here to eat free meals?

The Thunderbolt   King thought about chasing Rice away, but Rice clung to Chen Luo’s neck. The Thunderbolt   King didn’t dare to attack Chen Luo and was helpless against Rice’s shamelessness.

Except for Chen Luo, the Thunderbolt King gave no face to anyone else. Normally, he wouldn’t be this harsh, but now, his child was about to be born!

The Thunderbolt King paced back and forth nervously outside the doghouse. Chen Luo, on the other hand, sat on a small stool in the yard, seeming somewhat absent-minded.

Chen Luo couldn’t help but wonder if the Thunderbolt  King had really taken over the responsibilities. He had lived a shrewd life, and it seemed unlikely for him to play the role of an adoptive parent.

What if the puppies weren’t Thunderbolt King’s? Would he attack them or treat them as his own? What would be the fate of the silver wolves?

Chen Luo turned to Rice and asked, “Can you sense anything?”

Rice  thought for a moment and said, “I can’t determine whose offspring they are, but I can sense that the silver wolf is safe. It seems like there are six little lives about to be born.”

Chen Luo was astonished, “Six little lives? A litter of six, that’s impressive!”

Suddenly, an anxious voice echoed from the doghouse.

“Is it giving birth?” Chen Luo wondered.

The Thunderbolt King swiftly rushed into the doghouse. Chen Luo, not in a hurry, decided to wait until the birthing was complete. Faintly, the sounds of little puppies whining could be heard.

Chen Luo approached the doghouse and took a look inside, where he could see a few little heads beneath Silver Wolf’s belly. Silver Wolf wore a maternal glow on her face, exuding an aura of tenderness. However, as soon as she noticed Chen Luo, her alertness kicked in.

On the side, the Thunderbolt King stood, happily wagging his tail.

Chen Luo sighed in relief. With Rice’s  guidance, he knew there were six puppies, and judging by Silver Wolf’s expression, they were all born safely without casualties.

The King’s strength was remarkable, and Silver Wolf’s innate abilities were impressive, reaching level four. Good genes indeed.

Speaking in a hushed tone, Rice asked, “Are they wolf cubs or puppies?”

Chen Luo chuckled. “Why are you also concerned about this issue? Does the entire base know about the Elder Dog’s romantic affairs?”

Seizing the opportunity, Chen Luo finally got a clear look at the appearance of the little ones. Just as Rice had said, there were six small lives, and all of them had black fur, not a single one was white.

Chen Luo marveled silently at the Thunderbolt King’s prowess; his genes were indeed formidable. It seemed like a confirmation – all of them were the his offspring.

“I told you, the Thunderbolt King is so cunning. How could he possibly raise someone else’s child? He must have made it explicitly clear to Silver Wolf beforehand,” Chen Luo thought to himself.

Rice, with her blue eyes wide open, carefully observed the scene. Shee sighed, “There’s no drama to watch; it seems they are all the  Thunderbolt King’s.”

Chen Luo diligently attended to Silver Wolf, who had just given birth. He urgently needed nutritional replenishment, and it was challenging to find something suitable for her among the others.

But who are we? We can get whatever we want, right?

If these six little puppies are half as awesome as the King, Chen Luo thinks he could pinch himself and laugh himself awake from a dream.

Suddenly, the turtle eggs that Chen Luo had placed for incubation showed signs of movement. It seemed like a chain reaction, and one after another, they started to hatch.

The Turtle King  Eggs was already in the incubation process, snatched away by Chen Luo rather than stolen. It was about time for them to hatch as well.

In the courtyard, Chen Luo, coincidentally, heard the commotion.

“What kind of day is today? Multiple new lives are emerging one after another,” he pondered.

The first baby turtle hatched, and its initial sight was Chen Luo. It hurriedly crawled towards him.

As the turtle eggs were about the size of a soccer ball, the newborn turtle was already quite sizable. It immediately bumped its head against the glass container and aimed to climb onto Chen Luo.

Chen Luo chuckled, lifting it with his hands to examine if there was anything special about it.

Just as it landed in Chen Luo’s hands, the little turtle used its tiny water cannon, spraying water all over Chen Luo’s face.

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