Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Want to Slap My Face?

Are these small splashes enough, or do I need more little turtles to ensure I won’t run out of water??

Wait, what kind of water is this?

It tastes a bit salty.

Chen Luo’s face is full of black lines; if it weren’t for the little turtle’s joyful expression, he might have taken action.

The little turtle has impressive strength from birth, easily shattering glass containers.

Chen Luo, in two lifetimes, never understood why some mutated creatures could experience a sudden surge in strength, like genetic mutations.

Especially marine creatures.

Take, for example, the Sea Turtle King, considered eighth-level in strength, and it won’t die suddenly.

Their descendants won’t be weak either; otherwise, why would Chen Luo bother snatching them?

With a thought, Chen Luo wanted to see the strength of this little turtle and whether it would obey commands.

“Use the water gun on me.”

The little turtle, receiving the command, was perplexed. Why should it attack its mommy?

Chen Luo persisted, and the little turtle suddenly realized, “Oh, mommy is thirsty.”

Chen Luo ended up getting sprayed in the face. Oh my, this taste is too refreshing.

But the force is not bad; it has almost a second-level strength right after birth.

How long will it take to grow to the strength of the Sea Turtle King?

A few years, a dozen years, or several decades?

Chen Luo suddenly realized that even if it gained the strength of the Sea Turtle King in a few years, it wouldn’t be of any use to him.

Mutated creatures grow in strength over time, although there is, of course, a limit to their abilities; infinite growth is impossible.

So, why not use time acceleration to make them grow quickly?

It’s a perfect opportunity to practice time acceleration.

Without hesitation, Chen Luo wasn’t afraid of any danger from the little turtle. First, it had been experimented on before, and time acceleration seemed to have no side effects. Second, there was no emotional attachment.

One down, three to go.

Chen Luo operated swiftly, using up a large portion of his abilities. The size of the little turtle skyrocketed threefold, reaching almost half a meter in length.

From a little guy to a big one.

The little turtle itself was initially weak, and Chen Luo’s time acceleration had a noticeable effect. However, once the turtle’s level increased, unless Chen Luo’s level also rose, the effect would diminish.

Chen Luo was delighted; if, in half a year, the turtle could possess the strength of the Sea Turtle King, it would be a significant help to him.

He decided to give his all to enhance one turtle’s strength first, taking it step by step with the remaining three.

The other three little turtles also hatched in succession.

“Baba, mama.”

The matter of Chen Luo protecting Jia Shan had to be publicized; otherwise, what’s the point if no one knew about it?

But would it be too ostentatious, not in line with Chen Luo’s “low-key” personality?

Yet, being low-key about his strength was not allowed either. Since establishing this base, being low-key was out of the question.

Killing Zheng Jin, defeating Wang Long—neither of these could be kept under wraps.

Furthermore, publicizing the incident could prove the strength of the base and attract talents.

Members distributed tens of thousands of flyers, killing zombies while spreading and posting them. When they encountered other survivors, they would also share the news.

On that day, nearby bases got wind of the incident.

Some people sneered, not afraid to criticize even when the wind was strong.

Others found it normal, as they hadn’t seen any base stronger than Chen Luo’s. Not only did it have more people, but the overall quality of its members was also impressive.

Unless everyone joined forces, there was hardly anyone Chen Luo couldn’t protect.

A red flyer fluttered in the wind, continuously dancing until it landed at the feet of a group of people.

A woman in blue picked it up curiously.

It read: “As long as you pay a sufficient price, we can settle any trouble for you and protect your safety.”

The woman in blue chuckled, “Such arrogance.”

The man in white beside her took the flyer, glanced at it, and a strange smile appeared on his face.

“Any trouble, hehehe, I wonder if I can trouble you. Can you handle it? Interesting.”

The man in white, Mo Ning, narrowed his eyes and said to the person beside him, “Life is too boring. Bros, let’s have some fun. This base is impressive, exuding a domineering aura.”

Another man asked, “Mo Ning, what do you mean?”

Mo Ning, tapping the flyer, smiled faintly, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Let’s give this base a little treatment, cure it of its habit of boasting, and make it behave.”

“I love situations where I get to prove someone wrong.”

The man hesitated, “Isn’t that inappropriate? Offending people for no reason.”

The woman in blue, Jiang Bai, sneered, “Are we afraid of offending people? Mo Ning, a sixth-level power in spatial manipulation, wielding the Sword of Space. Who can withstand his sword?”

“This life is so dull, why not have some fun? Blame it on his arrogance,” Mo Ning remarked.

Others laughed, “This base is in for some bad luck, encountering Mo Ning.”

Mo Ning joked, “I’m an old Chinese doctor, specializing in curing boasting. Bros, let’s go.”

A group of people felt sorry for Chen Luo, being so high-profile.

Including Mo Ning, they were also a bit cautious. Confronting a large base head-on, surrounded by a sea of people, meant certain death.

Ants may bite an elephant, but can a sixth-level face hundreds of fourth-levels?

However, their advantage as solo players was flexibility. They wouldn’t give you the chance to surround them.

He Yu Cheng joined Chen Luo’s base a month ago and was out killing zombies with his team leader, as usual.

His team leader joined four months ago, considered an old member with decent strength, reaching level four almost two months ago.

While searching for zombies, a group of people suddenly approached.

He Yu Cheng and others immediately went on alert.

The team leader politely said, “Maintain a certain distance, whether it’s for us or for you. Don’t come any closer.”

Mo Ning smiled faintly, “I heard your base claimed to handle any trouble?”

The team leader frowned, “Yes.”

It seemed like the newcomers were unfriendly.

Mo Ning smiled, identified his target, and conjured the Sword of Space.

The team leader’s eyebrows twitched. This sword seemed to be a skill only the boss had, something he had seen before.

The team leader was extremely shocked, “Void…”

He wanted to say “Void Sword,” but Mo Ning referred to the skill as the “Sword of Space.”

Without finishing his sentence, Mo Ning swiftly slashed the team leader in half.

Casually taking down a level four opponent, Mo Ning showed no sign of pride; wasn’t this a common occurrence?

Jiang Bai watched from behind, her eyes filled with admiration.

A level six against a level four was a complete domination. In a short time, the entire team of ten was reduced to just two people.

One of them was He Yu Cheng.

He Yu Cheng’s eyes were filled with rage, but he was tightly controlled by others.

Mo Ning patted He Yu Cheng’s face, “I’ll spare your life. Go back and tell your leader that if he wants to save his subordinates, he should come to the summit of Wuyun Mountain tonight.”

“At most, only allow three people to come, or I can’t guarantee the survival of your leader,” Mo Ning pointed to the surviving member.

Mo Ning didn’t expect Chen Luo to dare to come, but his intention was clear—to slap Chen Luo’s face.

“You can’t even protect your own subordinates, yet you want to protect others. What a joke.”

Once this spread, Chen Luo’s reputation would be tarnished.

If Chen Luo brought many people, mobilizing the whole force, Mo Ning would detect it early and leave.

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