Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Let You Run for a While First

He Yu Cheng didn’t easily meet Chen Luo, but after layers of reporting, he finally saw him.

He Yu Cheng cried, “Boss, we’ve always avoided trouble, didn’t provoke anyone. They killed eight of us on sight, and Liu Ge was captured by them.”

After Chen Luo inquired about the situation, he tightly clenched his fists, his eyes revealing a chilling killing intent.

I’ve always been the one bullying others; no one has ever dared to bully me.

Quite audacious, killing those who dare to challenge me, wanting to tarnish my reputation.

Mo Ning didn’t hide his intentions, and Chen Luo easily guessed it.

How many lives do you think you have?

Have I become become a thorn in Mo Ning’s side, someone I offended?

Impossible, I haven’t left any lingering problems.

Or is he acting on someone else’s orders?

Chen Luo didn’t expect that Mo Ning was simply bored and looking for some amusement.

He Yu Cheng said, “Big brother, he has a magical sword, like nothingness. He cut the team leader in half with one stroke, and not a drop of blood was shed.”

Chen Luo, surprised, conjured the Void Sword and asked, “Is it this one?”

He Yu Cheng was shocked; the boss could do it too. He nodded vigorously, “Yes, that’s the one.”

The Void Sword wasn’t a very profound skill. Even those at level nine or ten in the spatial domain could master it. Those with good innate abilities could also grasp it at lower levels.

Chen Luo sneered, “Spatial manipulation, huh? I don’t know what level, daring to provoke the Void  King.”

The Thunderbolt nearby was also furious upon hearing this. His children was born, and he needed to earn points to support the family.

The Dog Killer applied for battle.

Chen Luo patted Thunderbolt’s head, “I’ll go alone; they won’t allow anyone to accompany me.”

Thunderbolt barked, “But I’m not a person.”

Before setting out, just to be safe, Chen Luo found Rice.

Mi Fan lazily said, “Nothing.”

Chen Luo felt relieved; that meant everything was fine.

On the summit of Wuyun Mountain,

Mo Ning and his group were eating and drinking, occasionally feeding peanuts to Bai. They joked and laughed, enjoying the moment. Mo Ning took a few sips of beer, feeling content.

Someone suggested, “Brother Ning,why don’t we go back early? I don’t think they’ll dare to come.”

Jiang Bai, nestled in Mo Ning’s arms, laughed, “They’ll definitely come. I estimate they’ll bring at least a thousand people and try to surround us.”

“But he might not know that Mo Ning has good night vision. Once he notices, we’ll kill his subordinates and slip away,” someone suggested.

Mo Ning chuckled, “That wouldn’t be fun. Bullying the weak with numbers. How about we take the opportunity to establish our own base?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up. They were waiting for Mo Ning to say this. This way, they could be trusted confidants and maybe even leaders.

As Mo Ning was speaking, someone emerged from the darkness, mocking, “Peanuts and beer, is this the best you’ve got?”

It was Chen Luo.

Mo Ning’s pupils contracted, the merriment instantly gone. How did he appear without Mo Ning noticing? Is he skilled in concealment?

Caught by Mo Ning and tied to a tree, Liu Ben shouted excitedly, “It’s the boss!”

Mo Ning calmly stood up, smiling, “You really came, and all alone. That takes courage. I admire it. No wonder you could establish such a large base.”

Chen Luo sneered, “Who do you think you are, admiring me? What position do you think you’re putting yourself in?”

Chen Luo coldly said, “I don’t understand. Why target me? Do we have a feud, or did someone send you?”

Mo Ning shook his head with a faint smile, “None of the above. I just saw you being so arrogant and wanted some fun.”

At first, Chen Luo couldn’t believe it, then he sighed in understanding. It was like his past life when he got fed up and often picked fights with monsters, then ran away.

Maybe you’re also fed up with life, huh?

I dare to be arrogant because I have confidence. Do you?

Mo Ning smiled faintly as he conjured his Sword of Space. The top-level powerhouses nowadays are generally at level five. Chen Luo, as the leader of a large base, might have reached level six.

But whether it’s level five or level six, in front of me, it’s just a matter of one sword.

At night, the ethereal Sword of Space would emit a faint light, however during the day, it was almost invisible.

Indeed, the Void Sword. Chen Luo shook his head, “Rare talent, but it’s a pity.”

“Rare to have someone with decent talent in spatial manipulation, lucky too, but it’s a pity, seeking a dead end.”

Mo Ning was about to sneer when, the next moment, an incredulous expression appeared in his eyes.

This was because Chen Luo also held a Sword of Space in his hand.

Jiang Bai exclaimed, “Impossible, only Brother Mo Ning knows the Sword of Space. How can anyone else know it? I don’t believe it.”

Others were equally incredulous. They had seen firsthand how powerful Mo Ning’s Sword of Space was, placing him in a god-like position in their eyes. To them, the Sword of Space was a divine technique, and if Mo Ning wasn’t a god, what was he?

They had always believed that only Mo Ning knew it.

Chen Luo sneered, “Narrow-minded fools.”

What surprised Mo Ning, Jiang Bai, and others even more was that the Sword of Space in Chen Luo’s hand continuously changed colors.

Sometimes it turned snow-white, sometimes a dazzling green, and at times a desolate blood-red.

Like a glow stick, vibrant and multicolored.

It wasn’t any divine technique or special enhancement, just flashy and aesthetically pleasing.

Chen Luo hadn’t used it before because it was meant for sneak attacks. Displaying such a flashy style, how could he catch someone off guard?

He developed it out of boredom.

Jiang Bai was extremely nervous, realizing that the person in front of him also wielded the Sword of Space. Jiang Bai began to use his own abilities.

A two-meter-tall skeletal horse appeared, carrying a dark knight whose strength was unknown.

Chen Luo chuckled, “Oh, another dark summoner. A useful pawn.”

This Jiang Bai probably had the strength of level five, being able to summon a level six dark knight.

Following in Jintao’s footsteps, Chen Luo wouldn’t kill him temporarily.

After the initial shock, Mo Ning forced himself to stay calm, “It’s a pity, you’re alone. Bros, let’s take him down together.”

Mo Ning wasn’t reckless. Going alone meant whoever got hit by the Sword of Space first would be in trouble. It was too risky.

The others were nervous and began to surround Chen Luo.

The next moment, Mo Ning felt a blur in his vision.

Chen Luo moved so fast that it was nearly impossible to see his figure clearly. He began slaughtering Mo Ning’s teammates.

Mo Ning was shocked. With my level-six reflexes, I could hardly keep up with Chen Luo’s movements?

Including the dark knight, within just four or five seconds, everyone except Mo Ning and Jiang Bai was slaughtered.

All of them fell victim to Chen Luo’s Void Sword, cut into pieces with two strokes each.

You kill my members, and I’ll kill your teammates in return.

Jiang Bai was so scared that he collapsed on the ground. It was too terrifying; the person in front of him was too mysterious and horrifying.

Mo Ning swallowed hard, regret surging within him.

Why did I have to be so impulsive? Why did I want to slap someone in the face?

I ended up hitting an iron wall.

Although Mo Ning was confident that the miraculous Sword of Space could instantly defeat Chen Luo, he wasn’t sure if he could land a hit on him.

The speed was too fast, almost like an afterimage.

“Dark Restraint.”

Jiang Bai concentrated his dark abilities, attempting to control Chen Luo, while shouting, “Brother Mo Ning, run quickly! I’ll hold him back.”

Mo Ning looked deeply at Jiang Bai and without saying a word, started running.

Chen Luo sneered. The Void Sword in his hand extended rapidly, much longer than when dealing with the level-eight Ironhead.

After all, back then, Chen Luo was only at level six.

“Let you run for a while. My four-hundred-meter-long sword is waiting for you.”

Jiang Bai screamed in terror. It was too long, how could this be possible?

Mo Ning looked back and couldn’t help but shiver.

So, it turns out I’m not a genius at all. The opponent’s mastery of the Sword of Space is simply incredible.

The sword is already waiting for me over two hundred meters away.

Mo Ning struggled to say, “Big brother, don’t kill me. I still have the ability of spatial manipulation. I guess you might not know it, but I can teach you.”

“It’s a very useful skill; you can store items with it.”

Chen Luo used spatial movement to appear beside Mo Ning, delivering a powerful slap.

“You think you’re worthy to teach me?”

Directly killing him would be too easy for Mo Ning. After thinking for a moment, Chen Luo grabbed them and brought them back to his base.

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