Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Do You Call This a Tough Dish?

“Ah, ah, ah!”

A series of miserable screams.

Chen Luo broke all the limbs of Mo Ning and Jiang Bai.

Mo Ning’s face turned pale. Regular zombies couldn’t even hurt me, but this person easily broke my hands and feet. What level is he really?

Jiang Bai fared even worse, directly fainting from the pain.

Mo Ning trembled and said, “You’re really ruthless. She’s just a woman.”

In response, Chen Luo delivered a fierce kick.

“You talk about ruthlessness to me? If you didn’t provoke me, would I be ruthless to you? It’s all your own fault.”

“From the moment you killed my subordinates, your fate was sealed.”

Mo Ning was speechless, regret surging within him. Why did he provoke this star of calamity?

Mo Ning was somewhat bewildered. I’m clearly strong. Since I mastered the Sword of Space, I’ve never encountered an opponent. Why, when facing this person, do I not have any resistance at all?

Why does it feel like i’m a dead fish?

Liuben, the rescued member, collected the crystals from Mo Ning’s teammates and handed them over, saying, “Boss, crystals.”

Chen Luo glanced at them. They were all level four. “Keep them for yourself. Consider it compensation for the scare.”

Liuben was stunned. Right, the boss wouldn’t care about these crystals.

Looking at Mo Ning, Liuben’s eyes revealed intense hatred. His eyes turned red, and he couldn’t help but kick Mo Ning fiercely.

“Think You are strong, talk about being arrogant. Are you sick?”

Allowing Liuben to vent for a while, Chen Luo carried Mo Ning and Jiang Bai, who were like dead fish, down the mountain to where the vehicles were parked.

Back at the base, at the entrance, Chen Luo instructed, “Find a hook and hang this guy up. He likes to have fun, right? If he’s bored, he can play with him.”

After hanging Mo Ning up, Chen Luo patted his face. “Hope you have some fun.”

Mo Ning, in fear, said, “Just kill me.”

Chen Luo sneered. Mo Ning’s level six crystals were not particularly tempting. He would play slowly, play until Mo Ning broke down.

The incidents involving He yu Cheng and Liuben had already spread throughout the base, and many people knew about it.

Suddenly, more than a dozen people gathered around Mo Ning, smirking.

Mo Ning, with a trembling voice, asked, “What do you want?”

Chen Luo threw Jiang Bai into a specially built cell.

Chen Luo had a plan. He would take care of Jiang Bai, let her reach level six, and then harvest the level seven crystals. Level seven crystals were quite rare, even though it would take some time.

Jiang Bai had already awakened and weakly apologized, “I’m sorry. Release Mo Ning, and I’ll let you do as you wish.”

Chen Luo patted her face, a bit harder this time, making a loud sound.

Chen Luo laughed like a complete villain, “Then you have to obediently listen. Otherwise, who knows what Mo Ning might experience? If things go well, in a little over two months, I’ll let you and your Brother Mo Ning reunite.”

Jiang Bai nodded, “Alright, come on then.”

What does “come” mean? It’s impossible. I’m not that kind of person.

Chen Luo instructed someone to keep an eye on Jiang Ning and then walked toward Zhao Hai’s location. Zhao Hai had just returned.

Jiang Ning’s limbs were broken, leaving her lying on the ground. She still harbored hatred. Only by surviving could she seek revenge. Even if there were more humiliations, she could endure them.

Zhao Hai was nearby, smoking a cigarette, waiting for Chen Luo. Upon seeing Chen Luo, he immediately straightened up.

Chen Luo smiled, “Old Zhao, no need to be so formal. We won’t talk about that.”

Zhao Hai said, “There are still some rules that should be followed.”

Chen Luo forced a smile, “You did well. In just a short time, you’ve helped the base recruit 65 natural ability users.”

It was said to be recruitment, but it was essentially defection, poached from other bases.

Zhao Hai chuckled, “There’s really nothing to praise. Natural ability users aren’t valued in other bases. Not everyone can grow vegetables. My people just heard about the treatment here and came running.”

Indeed, most people are unaware that natural ability users need to reach Level 4 to grow vegetables. If they can’t, they are no longer valued. Natural  ability users generally have weak combat abilities and low status. When natural ability users disappear, others don’t care at all.

Zhao Hai continued, “A few days ago, a small team of several dozen people arrived in the Divine City. I received intel, and their quality seemed quite good. So, I sent Wang Jun. Wang Jun had a hard time blending in, but the result was quite surprising.”

Several dozen people indeed counted as a small team.

Chen Luo asked, “What happened? What surprised you so much?”

Zhao Hai took a puff of smoke and said, “The leader of that group is very strong. If I guess correctly, he should be at Level 5. He has a sister. Wang Jun only found out after infiltrating, and she is indeed quite useful.”

Level 5 – even without advanced crystals, with consistent crystal absorption, someone with good innate talent could easily reach this level at this point.

Even if they didn’t give Mi Ling advanced crystals, just letting her develop naturally, Mi Ling could have reached Level 5 a little over a month ago.

Zhao Hai continued, “The brother is called Zhao Zichen, and the sister is called Zhao Ziyi. The brother is a wind elemental, and the sister, I don’t know her element. Probably a mental element, capable of mental interference, disrupting the minds of zombies and throwing them into chaos.”

Zhao Hai continued, “Although the number of zombies that can be disturbed is not large, it’s rare. This is the first time I’ve seen it. It’s also a talent. If we can bring them in, they might be very useful in the future.”

Chen Luo’s eyes lit up. Indeed, having someone with mental communication abilities in the base would be extremely advantageous. It would be like having a constant line of communication, enabling instantaneous contact.

If Chen Luo were outside, someone with this ability in the base could instantly convey messages to him—mind-to-mind communication.

This way, he could stay informed about any events happening in the base in real-time.

Mental abilities, a branch of the psychic element. When Chen Luo first encountered Mi Ling, he thought she was a psychic type.

Even if Zhao Ziyi doesn’t have this ability yet, it could be developed.

Chen Luo rubbed his chin, contemplating any devious plans on how to quickly acquire her.

“Little Ziyi, it’s time to eat.”

Zhao Zichen, Zhao Ziyi’s brother, called her for dinner, knocking on her door. The door opened abruptly, revealing Zhao Ziyi shoving a handful of raw rice into her mouth.

Zhao Zichen sighed, “Little Ziyi, why are you eating it raw? Wouldn’t it be better to cook it into porridge?”

Zhao Ziyi puffed up her cheeks and swallowed the raw rice effortlessly. With the physique of an esper, especially at the fourth level, eating raw rice was no big deal.

She playfully said, “Always having porridge, all soft food. Occasionally changing the taste is nice.”

After speaking, Zhao Ziyi stuffed another handful of rice into her mouth, “Mmm, this hard dish tastes really good.”

You call raw rice a “hard dish”?

Zhao Zichen felt somewhat bitter. He thought to himself, “I’m really useless. Can’t even find some good food for my sister.”

Although he was at level five, with a small group under him, he had just arrived in the Divine City. Easy-to-find resources had already been plundered, and there weren’t many supplies left.

  Rice was a bit moldy, but what could they do if they didn’t eat it?

Zhao Zichen said, “I’ve inquired about it. There’s a strong base nearby with excellent treatment. However, I don’t know what the atmosphere is like inside. Sometimes, if you join and find it unsuitable, it’s not easy to leave.”

“I’m thinking of sending someone to go in and explore first.”

Excellent treatment? Does that mean there’s meat?

Zhao Ziyi’s eyes gleamed with anticipation. But, really, at a time like this, would there be any meat?

But it was still better than enduring the “hard dishes” here.

Zhao Ziyi stood up and said, “Let me go. I’ll go check it out.”

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