Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Walking Right into the Trap?

Zhao Ziyi strongly insisted on being a spy, and Zhao Zichen couldn’t resist, so he let her go. Zhao Ziyi’s appearance was considered delicate; otherwise, Zhao Zichen wouldn’t have dared to agree to let her go. Besides, Zhao Ziyi had some self-defense abilities, so there wasn’t too much worry.

Zhao Ziyi possessed the ability of mental transmission, ensuring timely information retrieval. Since Zhao Zichen didn’t go, the team still needed someone in charge. After escorting Zhao Ziyi near Chen Luo’s base and watching her enter, Zhao Zichen left.

Chen Luo’s base had established rules for new members like Zhao Ziyi, who smoothly joined by presenting three Level 4 crystals. Of course, new members had a probationary period; failure to complete weekly tasks meant facing death or handing over crystals.

What appeared before Zhao Ziyi was a scene that sent shivers down her spine. A man hung at the entrance, covered in blood, enduring punches and kicks.

Someone explained, “He was looking for trouble, killed eight of us, and was brought back by the boss.”

Zhao Ziyi sighed; he got what he deserved, finding pleasure in killing people. Today, six people joined, not just her alone.

Zhao Ziyi carefully observed that the atmosphere among the people here was quite positive. People came and went in a hurry, and there were quite a few girls around. In every group of three, there was usually at least one girl, and she even noticed several teams entirely composed of girls.

An elite member approached to give instructions, “You’re all new members. We won’t arrange accommodation for you yet. Join a team and go out to complete tasks. Once you survive, we’ll arrange things. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.”

Zhao Ziyi was inwardly amazed. Oh my, is the mortality rate here so high?

Team leader Shu Yun led the group away, and as they passed by, she casually glanced at the scene. The elite member quickly showed respect, “Elder Shu.”

Shu Yun nodded casually.

Zhao Ziyi, however, looked at Shu Yun with envy. Her clothes were so clean and beautiful, and her hair was well-kept. Can one really lead such a refined life after the apocalypse?

“Hello, Elder Dog.”

“Hello, Elder Dog.”

More enthusiastic compliments were heard for Elder Dog than for Shu Yun, some people even repeated the greetings over a dozen times.

The idea of Elder Dog being unable to treat everyone was strange to the crowd; they wondered why Elder Dog hadn’t treated them in the past few days.

“Cough, cough.”

Zhao Ziyi widened her eyes in surprise. This was Elder Dog? Not Elder Guo? She had thought someone’s last name was Guo. Can even a dog become an elder?

But realizing this was not a laughing matter, Zhao Ziyi forcefully covered her mouth.

The elite member cast a glance but didn’t blame her; it was the initial reaction of most people.

“Alright, let’s arrange your meals first. Even if someone dies, we can’t have starving ghosts. We usually have noodles for breakfast, quite filling.”

Zhao Ziyi subconsciously licked her lips. Noodles, a rare delicacy! Will it be enough? Did he just promise to feed us, not considering my big appetite?

Chen Luo observed from a distance, holding onto Rice. “No spy,” said Rice lazily.

Whether there was a spy or not, Rice couldn’t be a hundred percent sure. Someone like Zhao Ziyi, who was just here to inspect and had innocent intentions, wouldn’t be detected.

How could Rice determine if she was a spy unless she had mind-reading abilities?

Chen Luo checked the time; it was noon, the agreed time to meet Da Zhuang. He wondered if Zhao Ziyi had telepathic abilities. If she was proficient, she could contact Da Zhuang on her own.

“Garlic… garlic… garlic?”

Zhao Ziyi entered the cafeteria, pointing at a bowl of sweet and sour garlic, stammering in disbelief.

Although garlic has a long shelf life, it can still go bad. Chen Luo started with a cold storage unit filled with hundreds of tons of garlic. To avoid wastage, he had instructed Ma Yu and others to make it into sweet and sour garlic, serving as pickles.

An elite member said, “You guys are considered new members, so each person gets one per day.”

Zhao Ziyi opened her stomach and ate. Amid the astonished looks of others, she downed nine bowls in one go.

Superpower users generally have large appetites, and these were large bowls.

The elite member’s mouth twitched. Is she reincarnated starving ghost? Are the three crystals she brought worth these nine bowls of noodles? The boss is shrewd; he won’t lose out, right?

Perhaps it’s time to suggest the boss raise the admission standards.

Zhao Ziyi, feeling a bit embarrassed, touched her mouth. Eating noodles with garlic was truly satisfying. If there were such meals every day, she could endure a less-than-ideal atmosphere.

At this moment, a girl sitting next to Zhao Ziyi asked, “I heard that Light Element users can be directly promoted, is that true? I belong to the Light Element, and I can heal.”

The elite member’s face lit up with a warm smile, “Certainly, welcome aboard.”

Healing abilities meant the guarantee of life.

The elite member shouted, “What are you waiting for? Add some spicy strips to our doctor’s meal.”

New members and regular members received different treatment, and spicy strips were considered an extra for them.

Rubbing her round belly, Zhao Ziyi watched enviously as the girl enjoyed the spicy strips. Even at a distance, the aroma of spiciness wafted over.

I want to eat too. What should I do?

With a pitiful look, Zhao Ziyi asked, “Can only Light Element users eat them?”

The elite member smirked, “If you have any special and useful abilities, of course, you can eat them. But do you have any?”

“Don’t tell me you’re especially good at eating; that doesn’t count.”

After a moment’s thought, Zhao Ziyi gave full marks to eating noodles and garlic; it was the only food she had.

“I have many skills: mental interference, mental communication, mental transmission, mental impact, and a keen sixth sense. Can these skills earn me spicy strips?”

The elite member expressed confusion about these abilities but seemed to consider them valuable.

After a series of experiments, it turns out that her abilities are indeed more impressive than those of the Light Series.

Chen Guang loudly exclaimed, “Big Brother, a talented person has joined us. She actually has the ability of mind transmission.”

Chen Guang brought a girl who was eating spicy strips with oil all over her mouth. Zhao Ziyi was reluctant; what if she finishes eating?

Chen Luo was surprised. Didn’t he just hear about someone with the ability of mental interference yesterday? And now, there’s another one with the ability of mind transmission today?

Isn’t this the person he saw joining this morning?

Chen Luo asked, “What’s your name?”

Zhao Ziyi stared at the nutrition drink that Chen Luo had just taken a sip of. This is my favorite. How long has it been since I had one?

Chen Guang looked at her with disdain and said, “Why don’t you understand, little girl? That’s Big Brother’s. How dare you even think about it?”

Chen Luo chuckled and handed it over.

No valuable person is given a slap by Chen Luo, but hearing that she can do mental transmission?

Dare to deceive me, hmm.

Food lovers are great, just like Mengyin. We have plenty of food.

Zhao Ziyi took the drink and immediately drank it with enjoyment. After a burp, she said, “My name is Zhao Ziyi.”

Chen Luo: ???

I haven’t even started digging yet, and she had just walked into their trap willingly.

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