Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18: Void Sword 18.1

Under normal circumstances, Chen Luo doesn’t drink alcohol.

But to celebrate his true reunion with Su Dazhu, he felt he had to have a drink.

He only had two bottles of chilled beer.

As he watched Su Dazhu eat heartily, Chen Luo felt a sense of guilt. The appetite of people with abilities is generally much larger, especially for those who have awakened physical strength related abilities. They are like bottomless pits.

But how much food is there for them to eat?

At first, Chen Luo didn’t know about this situation. It was only after interacting with other physically gifted people that he understood.

He was afraid of experiencing hunger, and Su Dazhu often shared his food with him. He didn’t know how difficult it was for him to be hungry in secret.

Chen Luo swore that he wouldn’t let Su Dazhu go hungry even if it meant he would have to starve himself.

As he watched Su Dazhu happily eating, Chen Luo smiled like a proud father, feeling extremely relieved that his child could eat his fill.

Due to Chen Luo’s constant urging to not hold back, even eight dishes were not enough for Su Dazhu to eat. Chen Luo then brought out a large plate of chicken, which finally made Su Dazhu completely satisfied.

Seeing Su Dazhu fully fed made Chen Luo feel even more content than if he had eaten a panacea fruit himself.

Chen Luo stood up and went to the kitchen. He took out buckets of purified water from his ability space and began to wash the zombie crystals he obtained.

Chen Luo didn’t count how many zombie crystals he had, but there were definitely over two hundred.

After he finished washing it, Chen Luo saw the Thunderbolt King looking at him expectantly as if saying ‘You promised to give me your leftovers, but you didn’t leave anything for me. That food tank ate it all.’

Chen Luo smiled and took out a portion of braised pork for the Thunderbolt King. “Don’t worry, in a few days, there won’t be many people in the world who eat better than you, my dog,” he said bluntly.

At present, each household only has some reserved food.

Chen Luo called Su Dazhu over and handed him a crystal. “Dazhu, try to absorb the power from these crystals. They can quickly strengthen your abilities,” he explained.

Su Dazhu asked where the crystals came from. Chen Luo laughed and explained that they were dug out from the zombie’s heads.

Su Dazhu made a disgusted face, feeling a little nauseous. Then he asked in confusion, “Brother Chen, how did you know that there’s this thing in a zombie’s brain?”

Chen Luo explained, “When I had a headache in the morning, I felt something was being created in my brain. I guessed it was a crystal being formed and wondered if the same thing could be found in the brains of zombies.”

“Indeed, they have it in their brains too.”

Impressed, Su Dazhu praised, “Brother Chen, you are really smart.”

Chen Luo smiled, knowing that this kind of deduction only required a little bit of intelligence and agility, and was not really a secret.

Even those who don’t know it can easily understand it after interacting with others.

Chen Luo gently said, “Don’t call me Brother Chen anymore, just call me Brother.”

There is a difference between Brother Chen and Brother, even though Su Dazhu is tall and strong, he is actually three days younger than Chen Luo.

Su Dazhu immediately grinned and said, “Okay, Brother, I’ve always wanted an older brother.”

In fact, Chen Luo and Su Dazhu have known each other for more than a year. In Su Dazhu’s heart, Chen Luo is different from other owners who look down on him as a security guard.

Chen Luo is always gentle, polite, and never domineering.

His respectfulness can definitely leave a good impression on people like Su Dazhu.

In their previous lives, the two of them met and naturally became partners.

After letting Su Dazhu settle into a room to absorb the energy from the crystals, Chen Luo went into his own room to do the same.

 After finishing his meal, he threw a handful of crystals to the Thunderbolt King and said, “Eat one at a time, If you feel like you can’t handle eating them anymore, then just stop.”

 The crystals could be absorbed by holding them in one’s palm or by eating them directly.

TN: Have you guys ever wondered how crystals from a zombie head taste like? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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